Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


29. Harry❤️❤️❤️❤️

" mike it's not what it looks like..." I said

" oh really well explain then." Mike retorted.

" Michael it was my fault, please don't punish Lexi for something I did." Harry begged.

" Well you did already get punished today by Luke. So I guess I don't have to tell him. But please be responsible sweetie." Mike said kissing my head.

" thanks Mikey." I said smiling.

" and you. I swear hurt her I will break u." Mike threatened Harry.

" yes sir!" Harry said terrified.

I laughed and hugged Harry. " and no touching!" Mike scolded smacking my bum. I jumped " MIKEEY!" I whined.

" I'm kidding baby. I love you baby sis." He said kissing my cheek.

" I love you too big bro." I told mike. Even though we weren't blood related I still loved him like a brother.

Harry grabbed my hand and took me to the living room.

" Harry were are we going ?" I asked.

" surprise." Harry smirked.

" ugh I hate surprises." I groaned.

" awe babe don't whine! Were almost there." He dragged me outside and into the near park. Wait why are we here..? Then I gasped. He made us a special dinner and roses were all over the floor and a. Chocolate fountain and a. Ice cream bar! OMG we could make our Own ice cream and toppings!

" Harry you didn't have to!" I said flattered.

" yes I did. You deserve the best and I promise you. I will never leave you or hurt you and you will be my life." Harry said.

There were tears in my eyes. " Harry I love you. I have always loved you. Ever since we met I couldn't stop loving you I tried to get over it. But I'm happy I didn't." I smiles telling Harry.

He smiled and we went close and closer and we kissed.

-skip to when they go to the tour bus-

I walked to the bus and Harry was holding my hand.

We knocked on the door and Ashton opened the door.

" lex you better get in here likes beyond pissed. " Ashton said.

" oh wow why?" I said annoyed.

" you didn't tell him were u were going and now he's probably going to spank you..." Ashton said looking at the ground.

" do u want me to talk to him? It is my fault. Shouldn't I get punished.?" Harry said. I could see In his eyes that he was scared of Luke so I decided not to.

" no Harry go home plz. If you don't I won't talk to u." I said. He kissed my lips and went to his your bus.

I walked in and went straight to my room. I was texting Harry on dm.

Harry: What up my luv❤️

Lex: you know just the usual Luke is ganna tan my behind for no reason.

Harry: babe I could've told him it was me.

Lex: no you can't he would beat you to death then later lock me up.

Harry: sorry babe hey gatta go Niall and Louis are fighting and Liam is ganna kill them and I'm dying of laughter.

Lex: lucky your having fun. Bye my love❤️.

Then I logged off.

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