Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


11. deep deep cut..

It's been days since jake hit me and now I'm depressed Harry won't return my calls. Luke and the boys punished me yesterday for having jake in the house. Not the best day actually..

I walk in the bathroom. And wash my face the Icy cold water touches my skin it feels so good.

- beep-

I look at my phone a text from... Jake.

From: jake

To: Lexi

Meet me at the river and don't bring your sorry attitude with you cause you'll get your bum beat.


To: jake

From Lexi.

Do we have to I'm grounded Luke will kill me!

To: Lexi

From: jake.

Bring your butt here now I want you here in 5 minutes do u understand.?

To: jake

From Lexi

Yes I understand!

I went downstairs Luke and the boys were playing around.

" guys?" I said.

" yeah lex?" Calum answered.

" can I go out? I know in grounded but I need to grab personal things?" I asked.

" Alexis..." Luke said.

" plz." I whispered.

" no sorry but your grounded we can pick up what you need." Mike said.

" guys WWE IS BACK ON!" Ashton yelled.

I went upstairs and jumped out of my window luckily we have a trampoline so I landed on that. I ran to were I was sop pose to meet jake.

" there you are sweet peat. " he stupid smile.

" hi." I said in a annoyed tone.

He came and kissed my neck.

"What's wrong?" He asked smirking.

" nothing is wrong Harry won't return my calls you beat me with a belt and you expect me to not do anything!" I yelled ppl were around so he grabbed my hand and dragged me behind a tree.

" I told you to loose your attitude!" He warned taking off his belt. This time it was slapping me on my thighs. He did it 50 times.

". AHHHH" I screamed tears were running down my cheeks.

" your done. Did you learn your lesson about respecting me?" He smirked.

" ye-es" I cried.

" good now you leave go home now!" He barked.

I turned around and ran home I climb through the window and saw that Michael was in my room.

" you snuck out." He said.

"IM SORRY!" I yelled.

" you will be! How could you!" He yelled.

" it was a accident!" With that Michael pulled me over his lap he removed my skinny jeans and he was shocked oh no he saw! He saw my blood red thighs!

" Michael I can explain!" I cried.


The boys all ran up stairs I grabbed my jeans and slid them on fast.

" what's up mike? What did you do Alexis?" Luke asked.

" Alex pull your pants down." Mike said.

" mike what are u-" Calum said but was interrupted.

" pull them down Alexis!" Mike said. I sighed and obeyed.

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