Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


5. cheater cheater.

I woke up to a text.

To: Alexis

From Jacob.

Meet me at the park in five minutes.

To Jacob

From Alexis.

Kk baby on my way I got to get past Luke tho okay?

To Alexis

From Jacob

Got it babe see u soon :)

I walk down stairs and see Luke and Ashton arm wrestling.

" Luke? Can I pretty please go to the park?" I ask In a adorable tone.

" sure be home by 7 okay?" Luke asked.

" okay!" I ran out the door and walked to the down the street park

I look and I see jake and another girl kissing... He looks at me and runs over.

" how could you do this to me!?! " I yelled.

" let me explain I - " I cut him off.

" your a jerk is what you are we're done good bye Jacob. I turn around and run home I hear his calls behind me but I ignore them I didn't care any more he was a jerk I need my best friends. I call Niall.

" nene? Can u meet me at my-y house and ca-all the other boys too." I say in between sobs.

" sweet heart are you okay?" He asked I bet worried.

" yeah I'm fine plz come!" I. Cried.

" in coming sweet heart on my way!" Niall shut the. Phone I got home and ran upstairs the bis looked at me with worried glances.

Knock knock

Niall Liam Harry Zane and Louis walked in with gifts in there hands.

" hey we heard you were sad so here's a teddy bear" Harry said.

" and I brought you a necklace that says Zane's girl!" Zane announced.

" and I brought you a BFF bracelet" Niall said .

" I brought you a anti spoon t shirt." Liam announced.

" we'll I brought you a carrot! And a stuffed bear that says carrots are my bæ!" Louis said.

I burst into laughter at his gift it was so cute.

" thanks guys." I say smiling.

They walk over and sit on my bed.

" what's wrong baby." Niall said wiping a year away.

" jake jake.. Was cheating on me." I cried into Niall's chest.

" I'll kill him!" Liam yelled.

" I'll hide the body!" Louis called jumping up.

" Louis!" I laughed.

" that's the smile I wanna always see on your face." Harry said.

" they're plenty of fish in the see." Niall explains.

" I feel a hug coming on!" Niall yelled.

We hugged and went downstairs.

" hey guys." I say to the boys sitting on the couch.

" hey sweet heart you okay?" Luke asked.

" yeah I'm fine" I explain.

" you sure" Calum sings.

" yeah what do u guys wanna do?" I asked.

" Movie!!" All the boys yelled.

" Lexi sweet heart the boys and I have to go we'll talk to u in school okay?" Liam says.

" okay bye mates!" I said giving them all a hug.

-the one direction boys leave-

" I love those boys!" I say shutting the door.

" there actually pretty cool" mike says.

-in the morning-

I woke up to mike jumping up and down.

"Wake up wake up wake up!!!" He yelled.

I groaned. " Michael Clifford get off me now!"

" nope up! You have school Alexis Hemming's" he replied still jumping. He stopped jumping and laid next to me and started playing with my hair.

" do I have to." I begged.

" yes now come on!" Mike yelled.

" no." I say finally.

He pulled me over his lap.oh great. Spanking position.

He just sits me there.

" can I get up now? " I asked.

he laughed. " do u promise to get dressed" he asked I nodded

" and be on time " I nodded " and make me pancakes." I laughed " sure Mikey I'll make you pancakes"

" yay!! " he jumped up and down.

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