The Mutterings

Everyone thinks Kimberly Colin's sister, Katie, went crazy. She sort of did. She heard voices and saw things. But Kim knows better. After being sent to Dr. Keller, the girls parents decided Katie should stay there. But Katie was found dead, hanging from a roof by her toe. Sophie is starting to hear the muttering too, along with the images dancing around the edge of her vision.


1. Chapter 1: The Funeral

I sit in one if those metal chairs. The ones no one likes. My mother say beside me, crying, her hand in mine. The body was being brought in and I could feel my mom shake with renewed sobs. I keep trying to hide my emotions, to stay strong, for my mom and for my dead sister. The word hurts to even think of. He man started speaking. He was a tall man with a trench coat.

I am wearing white jeans, white shoes, and a white shirt. My mother absolutely hates black, so she wouldn't let anyone wear it. She wore gold at her wedding and she is wearing white at a funeral. Strange, isn't she? I could feel the tears come up, and I knew I had to get away, for a minute at least.

"I'll be right back." I whispered to my mother. She didn't even acknowledge me. No one noticed me. I felt like a ghost. When I got out I took several deep breathes.

"Kimberly? Are you coming back in?" A voice whispered at my side. I knew the voice, yet I couldn't help but go stiff. A hand came onto my shoulder an I twisted away. I couldn't help it, and no one blamed me. My sister just died. I should be jumpy, especially since I was the one who found her. I was driving up to Jerome one day for a visit and saw her body hanging from the ceiling by her toe.

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