Change of Heart~Harry Styles~

Ryan Jensen is your ordinary teenager with a lot of hatred towards former boy band member Harry Styles. What would happen when she an her best friend Zac Martin, are assigned a mission that involves One Direction and Harry himself.



1. The Worst Nightmare Ever



One day you'll love me, the way I love you. One day you'll think of me the way I think of you. One day you'll cry for me, the way I cry for you. One day you'll want me, the way I want you


"Ryan hurry up!" I heard Zac yell from behind the changing room. I scanned my short, tight, low cut, long sleeved black dress and sighed. This is way too tight for my liking. Not to mention short. I chucked on my heels and walked out of the changing room, hearing whistles from my partner who is also my asshole of a best friend. You'll be surprise of how much we banter. 


He opened his mouth, probably trying to say some stupid remark but I cut him to it. "Don't you dare." I warned, my index finger pointing towards him an he just puts his hands up in surrender, scanning me up and down with his icy blue eyes.

"Hey, I can't help it. That dress brings out your curves and don't get me started on those legs." He smirked, and I know exactly what he's trying to do.


"Another word that comes out of that filthy mouth of yours, then you know I'm gonna kick your ass." I threatened, and he just chuckled like a maniac. "I had a feeling you were hiding something under those sweats that you always wear. I'm glad I get to be the first to see those sexy legs of yours. Now I could just imagine what you'll look like in a hot Victoria's Secret's hot." He winked.


That's it!


I walked up to him and threw punches and he dodged all of them smoothly. I mentally groaned and flipped him over to the floor with me, sitting on top of his back, twisting his arm.


"Any man would die to be in this position you know?" He asked, and I twisted it harder, making him yelp in pain.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was just playing with you. Ow fuck! Jensen let go!" He begged, and I just smirked to myself.

"You like that huh? Do you like that?" I asked and he groaned from the pain. I was still sitting on him until someone cleared their throat, making me jump off of Zac.


I looked up to see our Operations Manager Barbara Herve, looking at us with pure amusement. "Am I interrupting something here?" She asked. Zac and I shook our heads frantically.


"Well alright then. Nick and Jay have already left. Now make sure you are armed at all times cause we don't what Tyrone and his gang are planning. Agent Jensen, you must stay in contact with Agent Martin at all times. Now you better get going." Barbara ordered, and we headed towards the door.


"Oh guys, you can't forget these." Kyle, our technical operator said, handing us earpieces each. They're the ones that you can't see because it's really small like a stud. "Don't forget this." Barbara said, throwing me my clutch. Oh how could I forget?




"Ryan, you know what to do." I heard Nick say through my earpiece. I looked up to the balcony and gave him a slight nod. 


"Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry..." I said, trying to get past a few people. 

"Ryan, she's moving towards the bar." Nick said. I finally reached the bar, and I pulled out the stool. "Martini, please." I placed my purse on the bench as I glanced over to the bleach blonde suspect. 


"You are really working that dress, Jensen." I looked up, across the bar and saw a smirking Zac. 

"Zac, don't piss me off right now cause I'm clueless of where to hide your body." I said through the earpiece, with grinding my teeth.


"Guys, you see what I have to wake up to every morning?" Zac said, and I just gave him the finger. I swallowed the rest of my Martini and I looked over to see the blonde talking to a random guy. She glanced up to me and I quickly turned to face Zac. "I knew you couldn't keep your eyes off of this handsome face." He said, gesturing to his perfect face that's gonna be screwed when I punch the shit out of him.


 I scoffed, "Zac, right now I'm sitting here looking at you, trying to see things from your point of view. But I can't seem to get my head far up my ass." I winked and his stupid smirk disappeared. Nick and Jay both 'ooo'ed' and I was jumping around inside. Ha! That's should tone his ego down a bit.


I noticed Sara, the blonde, getting up from her seat looking up at the other side of the balcony and I spotted a guy in a black suit, who nodded. 


"Nick, there's a guy across from you and I have a slight feeling he's up to something." I said. I saw Nick, walking around a few people until he saw the man I was talking about. "Yeah, I see him." He said. The man disappeared off to some hall and Nick was following him. 


Me on the other hand was following Sara. I tried to look as natural as possible, saying hi to random people. "Is that your way of acting natural? Really, Jensen?" I mentally groaned. Of course Zac would have something stupid to say. "Uh.Oh. Ryan, there's a guy following you." Jay said. 


"Keep an eye on Sara for me." I said, turning into a different direction. I heard heavy footsteps from behind me as I quickly turned into a corner and stood up against the wall.

"Hi." The guy turned and I kicked him, square in the face. He threw punches a few times as I dodged and strangled him until he wasn't moving anymore. 


I threw him on the ground and picked up my clutch. "He's down. Where's Sara." I asked the guys, making my way back to the bar.


"Ryan, down!" I heard Zac say. I jumped inside the bar, pulling bartender down as I heard gunshots. "Everybody, get down!" I heard Jay yell, as screams filled the club. I reached up inside my dress and grab my gun out and I noticed how the bartender tensed up, looking at me.


"Federal agent." I said showing him my ID, and he nodded. I stood up and took a few shots, hitting the others who were firing towards us. "Ryan, Sara's getting away." Zac said. "Yeah, I see her." I sneaked out of the bar and saw Sara running into a hallway. 


I looked around and found a shortcut. I made it down the hallway and saw her running. "Federal agent. Hands where I can see you." I said, clicking my gun. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around slowly. I walked up to her, as she puts her hands up in defeat.


"Aren't you going to shoot me? What are you waiting for?" She asked. I turned my eyes to the picture frame on her side and I saw another guy behind me. I heard the clicking sound and the gun was pointed to my head.


"Put the gun down." I then noticed that it was Tyrone himself. I bent down slowly and I saw Nick hiding in the corner. I looked up and Sara quickly grabbed her gun and started shooting at me. I dodged it as Nick came out and shot Sara twice until she was down. Tyrone ran down the hallway and turned into a corner until we heard someone getting beat up. Nick and I looked at each other, then back to Sara's lifeless body.


Nick and I walked down the hallway and Zac came out with Tyrone in handcuffs. He wiped his hands together and looked up at with that stupid smirk of his. "Aren't you gonna say I did a good job?" He asked. "Nah, we don't wanna boost your ego." I winked and Nick laughed, giving me a hi-five. 


We met Jay back at the bar and everyone was fine. People have gone and the police and the paramedics were taking care of everything now. "So, who's up for a beer?" I asked, and they were all on their devices. "Oh come on. Not even one of you?" I asked and no one answered.


"Fine. Beer's on me." I said, and they finally looked up. "Now we're talking." Jay said and I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I regret working with these idiots.




"What's up?" Zac asked, walking front of me. 


"Is something wrong?" I asked, Barbara who was sitting behind her desk. 


We were eating at some place with Nick and Jay until Zac and I were called into Ops. Barbara placed her pencil down and gestured us to take a seat. We obliged and waited for what she had to say. I'm quite curious on what's going on. It must be serious.


"Do you know why I called you here, Agent Jensen and Agent Martin?" She asked. "No. But I bet your're gonna tell us." Zac said, as I shot him a glare and he just shrugged. 


"Yes. You are definitely right, Mr Martin. Now, the reason why I called you two in here is because I have a special mission for the two of you. This is one of biggest missions in this job and I know you'll do it perfectly. I was going to put Nick and Jay on it but I thought you guys would be perfect since you two have a special connection with each other, and I know you both know each other really well." She said. I could see Zac, leaning back on his chair.


"I'm sorry. Did you say special connection?" He asked, grinning from ear to ear and I was mentally shooting his head right now. "Yes, Mr Martin." Barbara confirmed, and I groaned, placing my head on the back on my chair. Zac winked and I hit him hard on the arm and he groaned. 


"So, what's the mission?" I asked, ignoring Zac's whimpers. 


"So turns out Tyrone knew that he was going to get caught any time soon. So before the club incident he already had other people around the country who are now doing the job for him. The trouble is they are going after a really famous boy band right now." She said, and I looked at her confused. Even Zac stopped whining like a baby. 


"Why are they going after the boy band?" I asked. "Maybe it's because they're rich and famous." Zac said, and I just rolled my eyes.


"Actually, this time it's not about the money." She said, holding up a picture of a man and also the asshole that I always see on TV, Harry Styles.



"This is Desmond Styles. He was involved in Tyrone's gang in the past years and that's why he had to leave his family behind. Tyrone looked for him everywhere but couldn't find him and since he can't find Desmond, he's going after Desmond's son...Harry Styles, now that it's easy to track him since he's famous and all. They are going on tour in a few days and they are in great danger. So you guys will be flying over to England to meet with their manager, and he'll introduce you two to the band. Now, no one knows about this mission except the manager. I expect good comments about you two and please no bickering." She said, looking between me and Zac.


"Now," Zac said, moving forward, "We can do all of that but the bickering...that I'm afraid won't stop. It's what makes this whole mission fun." Zac said, and I burst out laughing. He's got that right. 


"Fine. Now, I suggest you two go home and rest because you leave tomorrow noon. We will sort everything out. Don't forget Kyle, will be guiding you guys through your devices and call for back up if you have to. If anything, you must do what you have to do to keep that boy and his friends safe. Even if you have to cross the line." She said, in a very serious tone and we both nodded. She's intimidating.


Now back to reality....I will be spending a few weeks with the asshole...wait make that two assholes. It could be weeks...or even months. This is the worst nightmare ever!


















A/N: I'm really not good at special agency stuff but I really wanted to write a story like this. I really need to know your honest opinions and tell me what you guys think in the comment box below. Stay Beautiful x

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