Best friends i guess?


2. home

The ride home was awkward for you..,. You just sat there in the back seat remembering luke was your bestfriend and you to made out... We'll you just sat next to luke he pushed you a little bit you looked him in the eyes then... He just kissed you you kissed back he depend the kiss by grabbing the back of you neck and pushing your head I a little closer...

Luke's p.o.v

We kissed I felt fucking fireworks I know she's ashtons little sister but I love her me and tori have been best friends ever scenes ashton introduced tori to me.

I heard ashton say" aww he wuvz tori "

Tori broke the kiss and started to giggle I blushed and looked at her ah she is beautiful

( I hope u guys like it right now I'm eating at a restraunt and you know when u burp and there is a burn thingy in your nose and you cry ya this shit hurts😢)"

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