Best friends i guess?


1. trying again

"Come on tori!" Luke shouted shaking you

" I can't.." You whispered as you blacked out


*cough* "tori?". Luke asked "are you awake?" Luke asked

"Yes" you whispered

Luke hugged you and kissed you on the lips

At first you just sat there hugging him them you started to kiss him back.

You started to deepen the kiss until you heard a loud cough.

You looked up and saw calum,ashton, and michael standing there with red eyes as you opened your arms and a tear escaped your eye as calum walked then ran to you and whispered. "Why again tori" he questioned.

you started to cry and hold on to him as he kissed your head then he let go of you and ashton walked over to you started crying and you just pulled him into a hug kissed his head and you both hugged tight and never let go til michael gave ashton a little push then basically fell on top of you and you laughed as you hugged him back and kissed him on the head

(❌😘Sorry this is my first story and I hope you guys like it and I promise I'll write later😘❌)

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