The potato boy


4. chapter 4

Angel's P.O.V

uhh god i hate the alarm tone specially on Holidays what the hell i have to go to school on Saturday that's all because Mrs "Fetzapatrick" was annoyed by me and Michael's talk during class gosh she's crazy i hate her oh wait i gotta call Michael he told me to call him everyday as soon as i wake up . i took my phone and dialed his number

Michael: Mornin' love

Angel: good morning Mikey did i woke you up

Michael: no i've been up since 5

Angel: waoh why

Michael: i don't know , excited

Angel: seriously excited for detention

Michael: yep

Angel: okay well i'm gonna go to change, have breakfast then mom will drive me to school

Michael: no need to mom is gonna take us to school she wants to get to know you

Angel: oh okay

Michael: okay now i'll let you go change now bye babe see ya later

Angel: yeah bye

shit Michael's mom is gonna pick us up i gotta make a good first impression shit what am i gonna wear oh wait we wear uniforms eww.

i had a shower, changed my clothes, had my breakfast then i heard a car horn that must be Michael and his mom


mom: okay don't make troubles

Angel: uhh whatever

i went out of the house they were waiting for me Michael went out of the car to greet me he tried to kiss me but i stopped him

Angel: not in front of your mother i'm trying to look good as much as i can

Michael: pfftt come on

Angel: pleas i don't want her to hate me

Michael: she'll love you i promise

Angel: you think

Michael: i'm sure

Angel: okay this is it

we got into the car Mrs Clifford was glaring at me

Michael: mom this is Angel

Angel: hey Mrs Clifford nice to meet you Michael talks about your amazing cook all the time

Karen: umm excuse me but have we ever met before ?

Angel: i don't think so

Karen: your face is familiar

Angel: umm maybe you saw me in the market or something

Karen: i don't know maybe but whatever it's lovely to meet you Angel Michael talks about you all the time

Michael: *blushes* mom you didn't have to say that

Angel: *giggles*

Karen: so why do you two keep going to detention all the time

Angel: i don't know we talk a lot i guess

Karen: hmm you should stop talking during classes they might suspend you if you went to detention a lot

Angel: yeah well i'll try to not talk

Michael: It's kinda my fault i mean i always start talking

Karen: Angel should not answer you but she always answers

Michael: umm yeah but it would be rude if she didn't answer and she doesn't wanna be rude so she answers oh look school let's go now Angel

Angel: okay, bye Mrs Clifford it was a pleasure to meet you

Karen: yeah bye *she drove away*

Angel: she hates me

Michael: no she doesn't

Angel: yes she does

Michael: it doesn't matter cause i like you

Angel: *smiles* i like you too

Michael: so what about my hello kiss

Angel: you're such a dork *kisses him*

Michael: *kisses back then pull away* i'm your dork

Angel: haha yeah you are

Michael: let's go now

Angel: yeah WAIT

Michael: jesus christ you freaked me out what

Angel: our detention is 11 AM what the hell are we doing in school at 8

Michael: oh well we're just spending some time alone here

Angel: seriously

Michael: yep seriously now let's go

Angel: uhh fine i can't believe that i'm at school on Saturday

Michael: come on it'll worth it i promise

Angel: okay i trust you

we walked around school holding hands and spent most of the time making fun of teachers and running away so the janitor and the school's guards won't see us. we had a great time till' the detention time came we weren't the only ones that had detention there was 5 other boys with us we all took our seats and started our detention

*4 hours later*

the detention teacher: i'm gonna use the rest room don't do anything naughty or ALL OF YOU will get suspended

all of us: okay Mr Johnson

he went out finally we can breath


Angel: uhhh i wanna be at home listening to music and eating

boy 1: you two are new bees huh


boy 2: calm down tough boy that means that this is your first time at Saturday's detention

Angel: yeah this is the first time

boy 3: well next time bring some food and something to have fun with

boy 4: and when he says that he's gonna suspend us all he doesn't actually mean it

boy 5: yeah i mean we usually wait for him to go to the bathroom then we leave

Angel: and he doesn't do anything about it

boy 2: no when he doesn't see anyone there he sleeps

boy 4: see everyone wins

Michael: cool let's go now

Angel: what if he ..

Michael: *he cuts me of* you'll never know unless you tried

Angel: uhh fine

boy 1: by the way i'm Toby

boy 2: i'm Belly

boy 3: i'm Zach

boy 4: i'm Martin

boy 5: and i'm Bobby

Angel: hello I'm Angel

Michael: and i'm Michael

Martin: hi Michael and Angel so you're coming with us or not

Michael: yeah

Angel: ok

we went out of the class the boys went in different ways Toby,Bobby and Zach headed to the cafeteria Martin and Belly headed to the gym class while me and Michael went to the principal's garden aka our spot

Michael: i really like this school

Angel: haha yeah me too

Michael: can we go to detention everyday

Angel: we can't

Michael: yeah pfft whatever let's just forget about this how was your sleep last night

Angel: good i guess how was yours

Michael: it was actually great i had a dream about me and the boys getting famous and having Billions of fans from all around the world

Angel: awww that's an awesome dream one day it'll come true

Michael: you think

Angel: i'm sure by the way how's the boys

Michael: they're good but there's a bit of tension between Cal and Ash

Angel: oh what happened

Michael: well Ashton got upset on Calum when Cal told him that he likes his sister and Ash punched Calum in his face then they started fighting

Angel: oh my gosh that's horrible i'm so sorry i hope they make up again soon

Michael: yeah me too

Angel: i didn't know that Ashton had a sister

Michael: oh yeah he has 2 little sisters and a little brother

Angel: so he's the oldest

Michael: yeah

Angel: are you the only lonely child in the band

Michael: yeah Calum has Mali Luke has Ben and Jack Ashton has Bono,Lauren and Harry and i well i have no one *frowns*

Angel: hey don't be sad i think you're really lucky siblings are annoying

Michael: how do you know that you're a lonely child too

Angel: well i did have an annoying sister once but she got married at a young age i don't know 20 maybe

Michael: oh i see well you still have a sister

Angel: she moved to Canada with her husband and of course changed her last name we haven't saw her ever since she got married

Michael: i'm sorry babe let's forget about annoying siblings and friends and let's talk about something else

Angel: something else like what

Michael: i don't know movies maybe?

Angel: YES

Michael: so what's your favorite movie?

Angel: i don't know anything by Will Smith i guess (btw I ADORE WILL SMITH not just bc 5sos, he's A FUCKING KING)

Michael: he's a legend

Angel: hahah yeah he is

we spent the whole day getting to know each other we had lots of commons yet we disagree about some stuff. the detention was over Michael's mom picked us there's still some tension between us but i will work on making this better cause i really like Michael and i will do anything to stay with him

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