The potato boy


3. chapter 3

*the next morning*

Angel's P.O.V

i woke up the second day on my alarm tone everyday i wake up and wish that i would die today but not on this day i woke up i was really happy and ready for school i changed my clothes and went down stairs teex and mom were already having their breakfast Teko was my best friend since we were 5 so mom knows her and treats her like her own daughter

me: morning

mom: good morning honey i made your favorite breakfast pancakes and orange juice

me: thanks mom how are you teex

teko: i'm fine how was your sleeping

me: it was actually pretty fine

teko: yeah i know

me: how do you know

mom: probably cause you were smiling like crazy while sleeping i wonder why

me: ugh whatever

mom: did you had dreams about Mikey

me: mom pleas i'm feeling pretty good today pleas don't ruin my good mood

mom: okay okay

the school bus arrived

me: ugh finally thank god c'mon let's go teek

teko: ehhh why do we have to go to school

me: cause we have to now come on

teko: alright i'm coming

we went to the bus and when we got in all the guys were there except for ash so we decided to take a seat next to them

Calum: ello girls supz

me: i'm great

Teko: i'm good thanks for asking ummm where's Ashton

Calum: we're just heading to his house

Teko: okay

mean while with me and Michael

Michael: hi princess

me: hi

Michael: so how was the homework

me: damn easy

Michael: haha okay you know I've been thinking that

but he didn't finish cause Luke cut him

Luke: umm Michael i forgot my guitar at your place last time we practiced

Michael: yeah i found it and i almost broke it what are you an idiot who forgets his guitar

Luke: whatever man is it okay

Michael: yes it is chill

then Ashton came i looked at Teko and she smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen in my life damn that girl is really into that guy and obviously Ashton feels the same cause he actually didn't say hi to any of his friends he just sat next to her and they started to talk we started to whisper to each other about these two

Calum: WOW Ashton didn't say hi

Luke: oh my gosh did a girl made him forget about his friends

me: these guys seems so whipped on

Luke: you and Mikey are whipped on but you're not like them

me and Michael blushed

Michael: Luke can you pleas shut up

Calum: yeah Luke you're embarrassing the little kid we all know how much he likes Angel even though he met her yesterday

Michael: what ever Angel don't listen to these two they don't know what they're talking about umm Ashton hiii we're good too thanks for asking

Ashton: oh hey guys. how are you Angel ?

me: i'm good thank you

Calum: this is too early for asking right man

Ashton: ok listen i'm sorry dudes i totally forgot about you cause i was talking to Teko and when you talk to someone you like you forget everything around you

i looked at Teko she was so shocked and blushing like a crazy

Calum: okay dude calm down

Ashton: no i won't calm down hey everyone i like this girl okay everyone started to cheer so loud even the bus driver was like yeah you tell em Ash Teko was totally gone from blushing i was really happy for her but i wished that mike does the same he doesn't has to shout it in front of the world even if he just whispered it to me i'd be the happiest girl in the world but i think he doesn't feel the same about me even though he kinda flirt with me the day before it but he's a boy boys do these things

Michael: what's wrong Angel

me: nothing why did you thought that there was something wrong

Michael: i don't know you seemed a bit disconnected

me: yeah i was just thinking

Michael: may i ask about what

me: well what if we got detention today i'm not ready for mom's reaction

Michael: i assure that it's gonna be ok don't worry

me: i won't

Michael: you look cute when you're thinking really hard

i blushed and giggled a bit

Michael: and you look really pretty when you blush and your giggle is amazing

Luke noticed our talk

Luke: awwwwwwwwe look at these two love birds flirting with each other

Michael: Luke i swear

me: Michael don't get mad pleas he's just jealous that we have a great friendship

Michael: yeah he is cause he'll never have an amazing friend like you

me: thank you

Calum: yeah right "friends"

me and Michael : whatever

Michael: ummm Ash sorry to bother you man but can i talk to you after we get to school it's really important and i can't trust these two over here

Cake: heyyyyyyyyy

i laughed on it

Calum: well it's pretty obvious what are these two gonna talk about Michael is gonna ask Ash for some tips so he can impress Angel

Michael: Calum i had enough with you that's it man

me: mike don't pleas he's your best friend and i didn't believe him ok you're gonna talk with Ashton about guys things that's all

Michael: yeah do you listen calum

we finally made it to school Michael grabbed Ashton's hand and took him away i went to see Teko

me: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Teko: umm hi

me: congrats

Teko: oh yeah did you believe what Ashton did on the bus it was amazing at the same time embarrassing

me: you guys are making a really cute couple though

Teko: thanks you too

me: what do you mean by you too

Teko: i mean you and Michael of course

me: ugh there's no me and Michael ok

Teko: what but i thought you liked him

me: yes i do like him but i don't think he feels the same

Teko: i think he likes you

me: yeah sure c'mon let's just go inside the school umm by the way where's cake

Teko: what cake

me: team uhhh calum and Luke

Teko: i think they followed the others they wanna listen what are they gonna say

Michael's P.O.V

Ashton: so what did you want to talk about man

Michael: Ash she's the one

Ashton: awww little Mikey is in love

Michael: yes Ashton I've always been in love with her

Ashton: calm down dude you've only met her yesterday

Michael: no remember the girl that i told about her you know the girl that i met her at my first day at school and punched the kid's nose just for me back at the potato boy days

Ashton: oh my gosh and how did you know that was her

Michael: she told the teacher yesterday about her very first day at school and about the potato boy

Ashton: Michael you gotta get her

Michael: i know but what if she doesn't feel the same

Ashton: she does i told you that Teko told me that Angel likes you

Michael: by the way congrats for you and Teko

Ashton: thank you she's amazing i only met her yesterday but i feel that i know her since the day we were born she's a real diamond

Michael: wow you do like her so much

Ashton: yes i do now go and get Angel before someone else does and you'll be friend zoned forever

Michael: ok i'm gonna go and talk with her

Angel's P.O.V

Michael and Ashton walked towards me and Teko

Ashton: hey Teko wanna come i'll show something awesome

Teko: okay let's go bye Angel bye Michael

me and Michael: bye guys

Michael: so what's up

me: mehh nothing what about you

Michael: well I've been thinking that maybe we should

Calum: hi guys

me: hey cal

Michael: i wish that i can talk to Angel without you interrupting me

Calum: sorry man should i go now

Michael: no you ruined the moment thanks a lot Calum

Calum: i said i'm sorry and what were you going to talk about

Michael: non of your business Calum

me: you guys sure fight a lot

Calum: i don't know what's wrong with him we used to be best friends but he decided to get aggressive with me

Michael: no Cal i didn't mean to make you feel like that i'm really sorry man

Calum: it's ok i forgive you dude

they did the bro hug thingy then we went inside the school. my locker was next to Ashton's when i was putting my books in there he noticed that i was next to him and he started to talk with me

Ashton: hey Angel how are you

me: i'm fine thanks for asking how are you congrats for you and teex she's really amazing you better treat her right or else

Ashton: don't worry i can never hurt her umm hey listen can i talk to you about something

me: sure what do you want to talk about

Ashton: listen Michael really really likes you he wants to ask you out he's just not sure if you feel the same about him he's gonna try to ask you out today so what do you think

me: well i like Michael too and i'd love to go out with him

Ashton: yes perfect thank you well i'm gonna go and see teko now talk to you later

me: ok bye

Ashton: by the way this is the first time we actually talk to each other we should do that sometimes

me: yeah sure

Ashton: yeah now bye

me: bye

at the first period we had our boring maths lesson with mrs fitzapatrick i really hate that women i was paying attention to the class till Michael tabbed my shoulder

Michael: hey can you understand anything of this crap

me: are you sure that it's from this planet

Michael: i have no idea by the way i saw you talking to Ash this morning what did you guys talked about

me: oh he just asked me about teko's likes and dislikes

Michael: oh you know this is the second time we have maths for the first period

me: i hope that this doesn't last for the whole year i'm not ready to start my morning with fetza for the whole year that would make me really depressed she's like a bad luck mascot

Michael: ughhh i hate this women

me: pftttt me too she's horrible

Michael: when do you think we're going to finish this lesson

me: never i guess

Michael: ahhhh never is too late

me: we better stop talking fetza started to notice

Michael: i like it when you call her fetza as if she's your little sister

me: ewww i would kill myself if she was a part of my family

Michael: mentioning sisters do you have any siblings

me: nope i just have mum and teko is like my sister

Michael: i'm a lonely child too I've always wanted siblings though

me: nahhh i like being a lonely child

Michael: don't ever get lonely

me: nope i have Teko and my cat Spongebob

Michael: you have a cat named Spongebob

me: yep

Michael: AWESOME

me: yeah i know

mrs Fetzapatrik: okay i had enough with you two you're both are spending the whole Saturday at detention from 11 am to 6 pm

we couldn't say anything cause we were really guilty and we deserved it then the class finally finished we finished our classes for the whole day it was the last period, the teacher was absent everybody was outside the class me and Michael wanted to stay in class he said he wanted to talk with me about something

Michael: hey

me: heya what's up

Michael: well i'm happy that the teacher is absent i feel that my luck had started to change

me: hahaha come on we only have an absent teacher

Michael: nope i'm with you too

me: uhh Michael you're such a flirt

Michael: no i'm not i'm only telling the truth listen Angel i really really really like you will you go on a date with me

me: i'd love too Mikey

we stared in each others eyes for a bit until our lips finally met he kissed me really gently and sweetly then he put his arms around my waist and i sneak my arms around his neck and through his fluffy soft hair we were making out until the voice of the boys cheers me and Michael pull away and started to blush

Calum: so now we can officialy tease you about being a couple

Michael: yes you can

then he looked at me and we kissed again

Luke: ewwwwwww guys that's gross

Ashton: eww get a room

Michael: i don't care about what you're saying i like Angel you hear me I LIKE ANGEL

me: i like you too

Calum: so are you guys are out of the friend zone

both of us : yep

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