The potato boy


2. chapter 2

Angel's P.O.V

so it's my first day at high school i've been waiting for this moment ages ago from the first day at school from the first day i met potato boy it's been lots of years since i met him but i've never stop thinking about him everyday i wished i could see him but i never did so back to the story mom drove me to the school me and my best friend Teko we walked together in the hallway so we were talking but then i bumped into a guy and my books fell over and i bent down to take them and he helped me to when we finished i just thank him and finished my way without even looking at him

Teko: where is your mind girl

me: i don't know i'm so nervous it's my first day at high school what expect being calm i'm just hoping that the mean girls won't pick on me cause i know i'll never be popular just look at me i think i'm the new high school loser and my start was not really good i bumped into that guy and probably he'll tell everyone in school gosh high school sucks i'm so scared

Teko:are you an idiot or something it's just a school it's not like a suffering place or you know what you watch a lot of high school movies

me:what do you mean "HIGH SCHOOL MOVIES"

Teko: you know like mean girls

me: ohhhh. i'm so scared of being alone

Teko: what do i look like a shoe to you i'm here for ya and i'll never leave you alone babe

me: thanx teex you're the best friend that i could ever ask for i love you

Teko: whatever i love you too so what do we have for first class

me: i think it's ughhhhhhhh maths o my god that's so awful

Teko: MATHS are you serious goshhhhhhh i hate maths

me:i feel you

we made it to the maths class and we were the first ones that goes to class so we took our seats

Teko: have you seen the guy that made you fell your books he was really cute

me: nahh i didn't get the chance to see him i was too busy by taking my books from the floor but i think someone has a crush

Teko: shut up i meant cute for you

me: i don't have the time for guys now i'm trying to stay invisible as much as i can

Teko: whatever you say big girl

me: haha best song ever

Teko: that song is cute as a button

me: it's PERF_ECT

we started to laugh at each others lameness then we felt like someone came to class it was the teacher she was so ugly i hated her from the first look and after she came in the whole class came after her i sat on the last seat and Teko told me "why do you wanna sit there and come and sit on the first row" i told her "i'm not good at maths and don't wanna get embarrassed on my first day"

Teko: okay see ya

me: byeeee i'll miss ya

Teko: it's not like i'll be gone forever

so my friend was gone i was alone until i felt someone tapped my left shoulder and when i turned around i saw a guy with amazing blond hair and perfect blue/green eyes and i was so lost in it so i was kinda just staring then i went back to reality he said "hi i'm Michael i'm sorry for making you fall early in today i didn't mean to"

me: oh that's you well it's ok you don't have to be sorry it's nothing really things like these happen right and ohh i'm Angel

Michael: nice meeting ya Angel but i'm still really sorry i thought i can maybe make it up to you like maybe on a ......

that's when the idiot teacher came in between us

teacher: can you share this little convo with the rest of you class mate we'd like to hear from you two and if you didn't want too i can send you to detention

me: ummm he was saying that he's sorry for something that happened today

teacher: well he can do that on lunch time now both of you are going to detention that's it now back to class as i was saying i'm miss Fetzapatrick and i'm gonna be your maths teacher this year

great it's my first day at school and i'm going to detention already that's just great Michael saw how upset was I

Michael: don't be upset of going to detention at least you're going with me and i'm gonna make it the best time ever trust me

me: okay i trust you now turn around before FETZAPATRICK gets mad

Michael smiled and said "okay i will by the way i'm horrible at maths"

me: well nice meeting ya cause i'm the worst thing ever when it comes to maths

Michael: hahahaha nice meeting you i'm the worst thing ever in when it comes to maths

i giggled a bit and then turned around and Teex was looking at me with her eyebrow raised up and i gave her the what look then she just rolled her eyes and turned around

during the lesson the teacher was teaching us some stupid methods i actually did't get it at all i was just like WTF what is this is this even from this planet are you for real whatttttt and when i looked at Teko she so into the lesson she was a maths genius of course and in the back of my mind i was like how can she get these things then i decided to turn to Michael and he was giving the same exact looks to the teacher so i giggled then he looked at me and he told me "why are you laughing yours were worse"

me: you were watching me while i was trying to understand what is this

Michael: yup and you were so cute

i just blushed and said thanks then the bell finally rang and we finished maths class and miss Fetzapatrick was gone gosh i hated that woman so i went to Teko

Me: Hello maths genius

Teko: shut up miss i don't have time for guys

me : say what you mean

Teko: you obviously like that kid i can tell by the way you look at him

me :trust me i don't. i like someone else

Teko: yeah you like Niall Horan but just face it you don't have the chance with him not trying to be rude but just think of it in the real world

me: whatever i'm gonna meet him someday and then he'll like me and ask for my number then asks me out and then he'll ask me to be his girlfriend and we're gonna get married and have Our kid and this is over bye

Teko: never in a milloin years

me : i know

Teko: i'm sorry but you really like this kid and you just keep denying it

me : how do you know that i like i just talked to him i don't even know everything about him i just know his name and that he's bad at maths and he's amazingly cute and his eyes are perfect even though i just met him i think that I've knew him since like forever and you're right i like him i don't know why he's just so ahhhhhhh

Teko: awwwwww that's so cute that's what i like to call love from the first look i'm happy that you found someone i just hope he's not an asshole

me: he doesn't seem like the asshole kind he sounds pretty sweet

Teko: yeah okay so we have history next class

me: yup i like history

Teko: me too

so made our way to the history class and when we got i found Michael there he was sitting in the second row

Michael: hey Angel do you wanna sit next to me or you're bad at history too

me: very funny but i'm actually pretty good at history so yeah why not oh and by the way this is Teko she's my friend can she sit here too

Michael: duhhh she can if she wants

Teko: thanks

Teko sat and me and Mike started to talk she didn't join us it was just me and him chatting

Michael: so guys do you know where are you gonna sit in lunch time


Michael: that's a wrong answer the answer is you're gonna sit in our table the five seconds of summer table

me: the what table

Michael: the fi.... or you know what i'll tell you about in lunch time cause the teacher is here and we don't wanna get detention right

me: yeah haha

so the lesson started and it was about the cave people so i remembered something funny and i giggled so the teacher noticed and he was like "any thing funny miss Jwel"

me: no sir i just remembered something

the teacher: perhaps detention is a good place to remember what you did right now

Michael:sir it wasn't her fault i made her laugh

the teacher: well both of you are going now back to the lesson

me: why did you do this

Michael: i couldn't possibly let you go through detention by your own and to be honest you're such a trouble maker you kinda reminded me with a girl i used to know and wait her name was Angel too well i guess all the Angels turned out to be demons

me: well we're proud

Michael: well MR Grout started to look so we better shush

me: k

after the lesson it was finally lunch time i was starving i just wanted food. we walked with Michael to their table he had three other friends there was a blond blue eyed guy named luke and dark black haired called calum and there was this dirty blond haired guy with a green eyes and cute dimples he got teex atantion his name was ashton gotta admit it he was cute

Michael: hey guys these are Angel and Teko friends i just met and they're really nice girls these are my friends Luke,Calum and Ashton

Ashton: hi he said while he was looking at Teko

Calum: hiiiiiiii

Luke: hey aren't you the girl that Michael bumped into today

me: yup that's me

Luke: michael thinks you're pretty

Michael: Luke shut the

Luke: what you did say she was pretty right or not

Michael: so who wants to eat

Luke: yeah keep changing the subject blushey boy

Michael: i'll kill you later

Luke: where's Ashton

i looked around and i didn't find Teex

me: hey my friend is missing too where the heck are they

we looked around and then cal said "here they are" they were eating under a tree

me: wow Teex already made a boyfriend from the first day

Luke: you can too

he winked at me

Michael: now who wants to eat

he said it with kind of anger

Calum: awwwww someone is jealous

Michael: i'm sorry Angel i know i shouldn't have brought you here

calum: why are you a shamed of us

Michael: yes now shut up

me: it's ok Mike your friends are nice

Luke: heck yeah we are

me: haha you're funny so you wanted to tell me about the 5 something

Michael: yeah 5 seconds of summer it's our band

me: really cool i love bands more than anything

Luke: and by bands do you mean ONE DIRECTION

me: not just 1D i like some other cool bands like All Time Low, Green Day, Blink 182, Nirvana and you know

Michael: i love these bands

me: yeah me too so are you guys like a rock band

Michael: well kinda each one of us has a task in the band Luke is lead singer and the guitarest i play guitar and do backup voclas Calum plays bass and sings and Ash is the drummer

me: drummers are awesome

Luke: i play guitar but she's into drummers

me: what

Calum: a song we wrote called try hard you should come and listen to us singing sometimes what about today

Michael: we can't today

Luke: why do you guys have a date

Michael: no we have detention

Calum: ohhh Mikey this one got old

Luke: yeah Michael it's an old one

me: haha guys you're funny but we do have a detention

Luke: what it's our first day in school and you're already going to detention looks like someone got bad

Calum: you look like a good girl

Luke: Calum how can you forget that good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

me: let me guess another song by you guys

calum: yeeeeeeeep

me: i wish i can hear it but i have detention

Luke: hey what about you come over to Michael's house at the weekend and listen to us singing and maybe we can make a cover of your fave song

Michael: finally Luke you started to think in a good way

me: you guys have a love/hate friendship

Michael: yeah when were 8 i hated him so much

Luke: yeah he wanted to kill me i wanted to kill him

me: and then you became friends that's really sweet

Luke: yeah i'm sweet

me: hahaha yes you are

Michael: what about me

me: awwww of course you're sweet Mikey

and then the bell rang

me: ughhhhh we have class again

Luke: what do you have now

me: geography

calum and Luke: me too

Luke:that's great you can sit next to me if you wanted to

me: okay sure not unless you're gonna get me in trouble

Calum: looks like mike got you in trouble

me: no actually i'm the one who got him in a double trouble

Luke: i'm not gonna get you in trouble unless you did so wanna sit

Calum: if she's gonna sit next to you where am i gonna sit Lucas Robert Hemmings how can you forget about team cake this fast you broke my heart i think i'm gonna die of heart break

Luke: don't worry cal you're sitting next to me until the last day of our lives i'll be with you forEVER

calum: you're scaring me "hides behind me" protect me princess Angel

Angel: don't worry calum the clound i'll protect you from the evil dark knight cause i'm the warrior princess

calum:thank you my lady

Luke: hahahah (evil laugh) you can't beat me i'm so strong

me: but i'm stronger

calum: hahahahahahah you're really cool Angel we should hang out more

me: okay i'm good with this you guys are so cool too

cake: yayyy

me: haha

Calum: where's your friend

me: oh she has an art lesson

Luke: hey i think Ash has an arts lesson now

me: well that's cool they to get along with each others

Calum: you two are awesome well i know you're awesome so that means she's awesome too right

me: yeah she's awesome

Luke: finally class

me and cal: ewwwww class wait jinx jinx again ahhhh hahahaha

so we entered the class laughing and then we noticed that we were the last ones that made it and the teacher was there but he wasn't mad at us he seemed to be nice not like the others

the teacher: you're here hah

me: i'm sorry we got late that's not gonna happen again we're really sorry

the teacher: it's okay just don't be late again or i'm gonna give you an alarm okay now take your seats i'm your teacher MR Teno and i promise i'll make it a really fun class for you

so the class was really amazing and we a really fun time me and the "TEAM CAKE" the were really nice and funny we joked most of the time of course with the teacher we didn't want to get in trouble then we took other classes and the school say finally ended so mom came to pick us up but then Teex told her about what happened and she said "oh my god not again ugh when is Angel gonna stop from making troubles at her first day at school "

Teko: what you mean she made troubles before wow well she's a trouble maker

mom: what did she do this time

Teko: she talked with a guy during classes

mom:uh i thought she punched someone

Teko: no no punches

mom: ok when is she coming out

Teko: at 4

mom: ok let's get you home

*mean while in detention*

I sat at the library Michael didn't show up so i guessed he was maybe using the bathroom or something. the surprise was that the teacher who stood on the detention was MR Teno

MR Teno: you're the late girl

me: yup that's me

MR Teno: you're a trouble maker

Michael: yeah she is

MR Teno: and who are you gentleman

Michael: umm i'm sorry i'm Michael Clifford i should be in detention with her

Mr Teno: aha i see well i'm not the kind of teacher that can make kids stay at detention so if you want go and walk around school or read some books if you want

me: really thank you sir you are really nice

Mr Teno: aww thank you now go

Michael: okay thank you sir

Mr Teno: hey Michael look out for her

Michael: i promise you sir that nothing bad will happen to her

me: okay okay thank you

me and Michael walked out of the library and walked around the hallways. He held my hand that kinda shocked me but at the same time gave me a feeling i've never had it before as if there was something in my stomach we kept walking until we went out to the school's garden it was amazing and we sat under a tree

Michael: that teacher is really nice

me: yes he is he's my geography teacher and today me and the guys had loads of fun at his class and he's so not like the others i hate them

Michael: even though that they're really mean but i liked them

me: wahttttttttt ??????????

Michael: yeah i did if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be sitting under a tree with the most beautiful girl in the world

me: thanks for the sweet talk i know i'm not pretty or something

Michael: yeah you're not pretty you're perfect

then he puts his hands on my cheek and leaned to me i did the same, we almost kissed but the teacher came and said "umm guys the time is over and Angel your mom is here so you better go"

we stood up and went to the teacher

me:okay sir goodbye thank you so much for everything

Mr Teno: you kids seemed to have fun i didn't want to make you guys stop but your mom was angry and she told me about your very first at school when you punched a kid it was a funny story you were helping a superhero

me: yeah his name was the potato boy

Michael: what

me: what's wrong

Michael: ummmm nothing i just i like potatoes

me: okay i like potato too but my fave food is....

Michael: pizza

me: yes how did you know that

Michael: come on everybody loves pizza

me: yup

Mr Teno: i agree

and we all laughed but hen we went back to the library and mom was there she was damn angry

me: h-h-hey mom

mom: no pizza for two weeks

Michael: ahhhhhh how are you gonna survive

Mr Teno: that's not nice anything but pizza

mom: no so she can learn how to stay without trouble for a whole day i mean i named you Angel so you can be a real angel not a demon

me: sorry mom i just asked for a pen from him that's all

mom: and you got the nice kid in trouble

Michael: oh it's okay ma'm we had fun though

mom: no honey i'm terribley sorry

me: whatever mom let's just go home i'm tired and i have loads of homeworks. oh by the way Mike do you have anyone to ride you home

Michael: no i'll just walk to my home it's near from here

mom: no way i'll pick you

Michael: okay thanks ma'm

so we said goodbye to the teacher and went to the car i sat next to mike at the back seat

mom: so how was your first day

Michael: it was great even detention was great we had a lot of fun your daughter is so nice

i blushed when he said that

me: thanks

he gave me a piece of paper with his number on it and he told me "if you ever needed anything just call me" and i told him okay then we stared at each other i was just admiring his amazing blue/green eyes i mean i was lost in them but then mom noticed that contact and stoped

Mom: so Mike where's your house

Michael: you see that whit door that's my house

mom: okay here you go

Michael: thank you ma'm for everything

mom: no need to thank me it's the least thing i can do after the trouble my daughter caused you

Mike: ma'm it's not that bad and thanks again bye. bye Angel thank you for the lovely day

me: bye see you tomorrow

i didn't want to say goodbye but i had to he went to his house and then we drove away

mom: what was that ?

me: what was what ?

mom: that the contact between you and him you like him

me: mommmmmmmmm i just met him okay gosh we're friends ok

mom: yeah yeah sure whatever

me: mom are you making fun of me?

mom: yeah cause that's like the only line i hear from you

me: yeah yeah sure whatever

mom: see

me: see what?

mom: ughhhhhhh never mind

me: mommmmmmm

mom: ok ok i'll stop

me: thank you

we finally made it to the home when i got in Teko was there and i remembered that she's staying with us cause her parents are out town

me: hiiiiiiiiiii

Teko: hey

she stood up and hugged me gotta admit she gives the best hugs in he world

mom: okay girls go do some homework while i'll make us something to eat

me and her: yayyyyyyyyy food and then we went to my room up stairs

Teko: how was detention you trouble maker

me: i'm not saying anything until you tell me what happened no lunch i haven't seen you after it seems like Ash made you forget your true friends

Teko: hahaha really funny Ashton was just telling me some stuff about his band we're just friends

me: yeah me and the guys noticed how much "JUST FRIENDS" you are

Teko: whatever how was detention come on tell me i'm dying

me: it was perfect nothing went wrong except when mom came and ruined everything

Teko: OMG OMG OMG what happened

me: well the teacher allowed us to go out side so went to the garden and held my hand in the was then we sat under a tree he tolled me i was the most beautiful girl in the world

Teko: my god that's so sweet

me: that's not the best part. The best part was when he cupped my cheek and then leaned to me i did the same we were so close but then the teacher came ughh i almost had my first kiss

Teko: awwww someone has a crush

me: yes i guess i have a crush on him

Teko: that's really cute o my god

me: you can have the same story with Ash

Teko: shut up

mom: girls come and eat some snacks

Me and Teko: yayyyyyyyyyy

mom: so did you finished some homework or just talked about Angel's new boyfriend

mom and Teko laughed and i was just angry and took my sandwich and head up stairs

mom: she's angry cause it's the facts

Teko: yeah

Michaels P.O.V

I was doing my homework then my phone rang , it was Ashton

Mike: supz Ash

Ash: oh hey mike how are you?i'm good ! how was detention boring ha

mike: no quite the opposite believe it or not it was perfect the teacher was so nice and Angel was just amazing

ash: oh really what did you two do

mike: well the teacher said that we can go outside or read books from the library so of course we went outside we head to the garden and sat under a tree we started to talk and then i kinda flirted with her

ash: what did you say

mike: i tolled her that she's so pretty then i ummm ash promise you won't tell

ash: you kissed her

mike: almost, i mean we were so close and when we tried to do it the teacher came and ruined everything

ash: awwww little mikey has a crush

mike: yeah i do

ash: that's really adorable i hope you will have fun but not tooooo much fun hahaha

mike: haha i hope but what if she doesn't feel the same what if she thinks that i'm just a friend

ash: i think she likes you mate don't worry about this

mike: and how do you know that

ash: well her friend told me that Angel thinks you're cute

mike: yeah her friend i wanted to talk about her what happened today at lunch

ash:what nothing

mike: oh really cause we were talking and then you two weren't there you were sitting under a tree admiring each other you obviously like her

ash: yeah maybe well she's nice and sweet and really really pretty

mike: awwwww Ashy has a crush. oh my gosh ash she just called me bye talk to you later

ash: okay good luck bye

I hanged up the phone and answered Angel

mike: hey Angel

Angel: oh hey mike how are you

mike: i'm good how are you did you finished the homework

Angel: nope i still haven't started but what ever that's why they invented 3 am haha what about you

mike: yeah i've done the homework it seems hard and a lot but i did it in 15 minutes so what's up with you i'm happy that you called

Angel: thanks it's just mom and Teko are making fun of me

mike: hmm why are they doing this

Angel: it's about today's detention and they're like who goes to detention at their first day ugh

mike: don't be upset princess, hey can i call you princess

Angel: okay sure why not

mike: great princess

Angel: haha what are you doing now

mike: talking to you

Angel: hahaha

mike: you have a really cute laugh

Angel: thanks

mike: wanna come to our band practice one day maybe

me: yes i'd love to you guys sound really great and i can't wait to hear your music

mike: great oh by the way what's your fave song

Angel: i don't know anything by All Time Low

mike: you're really awesome for a girl

Angel: hell yeah i am

mike: haha okay

Angel: okay bye i better go and finish my home works but thanks for everything

mike: what do you mean by everything

Angel: you know like helping me in history class and get your self go to detention and then inviting me to your lunch table and for the great time in detention that was really nice

mike: you don't have thank me really if i din't do this i wouldn't be talking to the prettiest girl on the planet by now

Angel: oh your such a flirt

mike: well i try

Angel: haha bye see you tomorrow

mike: bye princess

Angel hanged up and i called Ash again to tell him about what just happened

Angel's P.O.V

I hanged up, i was so happy i even started jumping on bed but teex was watching me and laughing so hard then i heard her

me: what

teko: oh nothing just the fact that you were just talking to MIKEY and you're so damn happy

me: yeah i'm happy what do you want

teko: nothing i just wanted to do my homework in peace

me: yeah michael said it was so easy it took him like 15 minutes to finish it

teko: well okay then

me and Teko did our homework then she decided to go down stairs i didn't wanna go cause mom was annoying today so i stayed at my room and think about everything that happened today from the maths lesson to the detention i kept thinking till i slowely fell a sleep

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