Sasha is the biggest Justin Bieber and One Direction fan she was goin to a 1D and JB concert till her friend called and said.......
(Read to find out )


6. chapter five

Anna's POV

OMG I just saw Sasha siting with a guy I went to them as I was about to say hi to the guy I noticed that he is fimiliar omfg its Justin Bieber omg

"OMG its "sasha shut my mouth so no one heard and she whispered in my ear "yeah it's Justin Bieber "

~skip a little of the chat~

"I have to go I have a concert in a couple of hours " justin said smiling at Sasha it looks like he likes her cause he gave her his number and he took her number

"But you two girls can come back stage after the concert and you can meet 1D " Justin said with a bigger smile

" actually justin we also have a friend coming with us so it's alright we can't really afford backstage " Sasha said to justin

"It's fine you guys are coming backstage " Justin said handing us 3 cards so we can go in

"Thanks a lot justin " me and sasha said at the same time

A/N I need girlfriends for all 1D members except Harry and Niall

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