Sasha is the biggest Justin Bieber and One Direction fan she was goin to a 1D and JB concert till her friend called and said.......
(Read to find out )


5. chapter 4

Anna decided to wear skinny jeans and a quarter top that show her Belly.

~after shoping ~

Me and Anna felt like having a cofee frapé at Gloria jeans so we headed to the food court and order while we were waiting for our frapès I noticed someone that look familiar, when he looked at me I stared into his eyes and I noticed it was Justin Bieber he was wearing a beanie ,hoody over it and a black t-shirt with black jeans damn he looked as hot as you can imagine. He was staring at me I wanted to scream that Justin is here but then I wont get the chance to talk to him so I told Anna "hey Anna when you get the frapès follow me to this table " as I pointed to the table justin was sitting on.

I quietly went to his table and very quietly said "OMG Justin why are you here can I hug you , can I kiss , I feel like I'm in a dream"i said

"You can hug me , you can kiss me and this is real "he replied softly . I hugged him so tight and then gave him a kiss not on the lips obviously.

"Juston " i said softly

"Yeah " he replied

"Don't you and 1D have a concert today ? " I questioned

"Yeah we do you coming to the concert" justin replied with a huge smile

"YES obviously I am " i said a little loud when I saw Anna heading towards us

A/N hey guys I know im not a good write but im still kinda trying and sorry for the short updates

And Please I don't want any hate

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