One hell of a ride

Story about a girl who out of anger and desperation runs away from her house in a car on a highway and experiences weird, crazy incidents.


1. Never help a stranger

She is driving a Volkswagen Polo AT, at a speed of about 100 km on Delhi-Jaipur highway of NH 8. The music on FM is screaming “Counting stars” and she too is singing along with it even louder. It is half past 10 in the night and the traffic has gone a bit easier than usual. She has been driving continuously for 6 hours, ever since she took off from her hometown, Meerut . She is about 15 km short of Jaipur city on Amer road. No sign of exhaustion is seen in her eyes and her face reflects no expression at the moment. She is driving like a careless and fearless spirit and looks quite determined about where she is going. Suddenly a figure appears from about few yards from her car.


“Shh…iit…” She presses the brake forcefully and moves the car from the stranger to avoid any collision. Before she could turn, the car nudges the body of a stranger who rolls down on a steep fall at the left side of the road.


“Oh God….Help me…. Someone please help me” A male voice from deep down shrieks helplessly.


She pulls her car over putting full force on the break. It is clear from her face now that she is totally cheesed off about what all has just happened. Her eyes turn suddenly red and she is shaking with anger and disappointment.


“What the hell !!"  She comes out of her car and walks towards the screaming voice. She sees a guy of about 18-19 years of age of lean structure and cropped hair, is hanging on a tree above a deep pond full of dirty crap.


“Oh Boy...” She hesitates for a while to move ahead as it is slushy all over. Then yells at him, “If you are so keen to be dead, why don’t you jump? Huh?? Why asking for help, big guy? Or Idiot.” She is in no mood for soft talk.


“ I..I”m sorry…Mam…Please help me…I wanted to die quickly with least amount of pain..not like this, when death is staring at me like a ghost” The guy pleads for mercy.


“Awesome idea ! Dying quickly and leaving a stranger dying forever in jail for no fault. You sure don’t need help, punk and I am gonna make sure you don’t let someone else get f****d by your stupid brave act” She starts to move back to her car. Clearly she isn't some Angel. She sits inside her car and puts key into ignition and looks her image in the rear view mirror.


“You sure gonna leave him like that..are you? Like you are really going somewhere !!  Aren't you yourself on a suicidal trip, by the way???” It was a rhetoric question and she shows expression for the first time...


“ Shh ..Shush…Don’t lecture me. I am not on a suicidal trip and neither am I screwing with someone else’s life. This guy…. He is a trouble and the sooner he learns his lesson the better. Now just keep your comments to yourself. I am moving out of here” She puts her car in a first gear and starts to make it run…but it won't start. She tries again and again but fails to make her car run…


“What in hell has happened to you baby?? Please, get me out of here…” She pleads to her car and then hears herself from the mirror...


“May be this has happened for a reason. Why don’t you go save the kid and ask for his help in return. Your car needs a push and who else is here in this pitch dark and cold to help us??” It makes sense to her. She is left with no choice she thinks..


The boy is still hanging with his both the arms holding the tree with a tight grip. He is panting for breath. When he sees her coming towards him, he shouts at the top of his voice...


“ Mam, sorry for causing you a trouble but if you knew what has happened in my life you would give me credit for that…And I promise next time I will find better way to end my life without causing harm to anyone else” He fears if he upsets her with any of his comments again.


She slowly moves ahead through mud and slush and reaches the boy. She extends her hand and asks the boy to slowly push himself out of the slope. Within few minutes he is out and lying on the ground. His clothes are soaked in mud. He immediately hugs her in excitement.


“Easy man…You are spoiling my clothes too…Get away from me. But before you move on just help me run my car.” She shakes off the dirt from her jacket without looking at him.


“Anything mam…I owe you big time. And one more favor, just drop me at Jaipur on your way. I live there. And I will tell you why I did what I did” His spirit seems to be back on the track


“Look. I am not interested if you were hit by a tsunami…or you achieved enlightenment by Buddha…Just help me run my car. And no talking while I drive you back. You hear me…No talking” She moves hastily towards her car.


She looks herself in the mirror. The reflection winks at her. She pouts at herself.

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