My name is Tayla Clifford I'm 19 and my brother is in the band 5sos I see ashton one time and I think I'm in love with him but Michael said I couldn't date any of the boys so when ashton sees tayla with an other guy will ashton step up to his plate or does he not feel the same way about tayla


1. Me

Life couldn't get much better. I live in a huge house in the middle of Sydney Australia with my mum and dad did I mention yet that my BROTHER Michael Clifford Is in my favorite band 5 seconds of summer I've never gotten to meet the rest of the boys because he says that ill fan girl and go crazy. I have blond hair with blue streaks in my hair I am fairly skinny and I always wear long shirts because in school I was bullied and I have bruises and scares from getting beaten Michael was always there for me. When I was in grade 9 I was bullied so bad that I started to cut my wrists Michael got mad at me and I ran away and scared the fucking day lights out of him so he says. Will my name is Tayla Emily Clifford I'm 19 and I am living a good life no bullies just music it's amazing.

Today Michael is finally bringing the rest of the band over for me to meet they will be here in 3 hours so I make sure my posters a all hung up and I redo my make up and change into a 5sos t-shirt with short shorts a blue converse on and leave my hair down with a blue Bennie

*ding dong*

Their here I start to feel all girly and giggly Inside as I run down stairs

Me- I got it!!!!!

I open the Door and.......

Michael- sissy!!!!!!!

Me- hey brah!!!!!??!?

Michael- how's my little me??!!?

Me- good how's you??!?

Michael- what kind of ducking question is that???

Me- shut up !!!

Michael- will I bet u 40 bucks u won't stay cool meeting them!!!

Me - deal on. As I hear laughter behind Michael

Michael- this is Luke

Me- me hi I'm tayla

Luke - hello beautiful

I can feel my cheeks get warm

Michael - I'm sure u know who ashton is..

Me- shut up don't talk about that

Ashton - why is she like in LOVE WITH M.......

Hwhehheheeh cliff hanger I'll try and update tomorrow and announce my characters

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