White's Family

Can being adopted change my life



Very strong arms were around me,a kiss was on my cheek his name was Zack Jones.My perfect husband he was there for me thick and thin.

So as I was laying there,I decided to turn around to face him but as I got up there was snow in my face by my little girl Elise. So I got up and started to tickle her,but I heard a light chuckle drone behind and with that I turn around to a good morning kiss.Elise started to wake up our little boy Vincent by the ways she was laughing,Zach grabbed him and cradled him then gave him to me, Elise is seven and Vincent is only two and half . I kick Elise out and tell her go take a shower and get dressed so I can get dressed (It's so much easier for me and Zach to take a shower a night) Zach decides to play with Vincent in our room. Zachary and I are trying to adopt another child her name is MacKenzie and she's thirteen today.We have the papers signed ,it's a surprise for Elise and Vincent. "Hey love ,have you seen my military boots " I ask. As a surprise I have they're right beside the dresser. Thanks baby , I can't believe we're going to pick up MacKenzie today!!! " shhh,babe Elise is going to hear you.And with that I got snow in my face again. Where is all this snow coming from ,"babe it's snowing outside by the way".Ooo,we'll that makes since so should I wear skinny jeans or Indian print leggings. Wait why I'm I asking you I'll just wear skinny jeans with my military boots and a Indian print tank with your sweatshirt and half up down hair no make up". Lucy you don't have to do that,I can get MacKenzie (Mack) my self .No Zach , I want to go with anyways can I see Vinc (Vincent ).Or not cause he's already dressed.

Zach's pov:

Elise hurry up plz , daddy has to pee.Why do I have too ? Elise sassed me.Cause mommy is using our bathroom .Ok daddy here. Finally!! Thank you sweetheart.You look very pretty with that dress and leggings. Thank you daddy.

MacKenzie's pov:

Wow I can't believe that I'm getting adopted by a real family and on my birthday wow and who knows maybe a boy will appear in my life.

Jaycob's pov:

We'll a boring day today,wow a new skyper .Huh??hers names Mack and looks like today is her birthday.i wounder , if she'll pick up....


Hey people how do u like it, it's off my real relationship except family members aren't real sorry.....

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