White's Family

Can being adopted change my life


2. Skype

MacK's pov:

We'll I can't believe that I get to go see a family this has to be crazy.....Ding Ding Ding we'll that's skype on my MacBook we'll I should pick it up. Wait it's a boy my age we'll not bad looking, ok I can do this....

Jaycobs's pov:

Ok here goes nothin click....Ding ding ding ding wow she picked up. Hello?hello?....dead air until a light flickered.Hello Mack if that's your real name... I'm going to log off if u don't answer. Wait sorry... I was getting ready to get my bags packed to see my new family. Wait so your an orphan? I asked very curious not sure. We'll yes I I'm but today I'm getting adopted, by any chance do you want my number... So we could stay in touch. O ya sure... Any thing for a beautiful girl..SHIT! Sorry I said that I mean your pretty and so never mind. So here's my number (don't know if this is real) 1-1815-660-6212. Wait where are you moving to? Crisp now she's going to think I'm a stalker. Umm ok I'm moving to 707 Bailey street. Wow that's cool cause I'm your neighbor 705 Bailey street. I we'll got to go new family's here... Bye I'll talk to u later. Wow was she hot....

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