And He Returns

A Fanfic about what Happens after the end of Bitterblue. (I think this is the right rating for it. Its not that bad)


2. Chapter One

Bitterblue walked through the street to her daily visit to Teddy's. Usually  they would talk of the education in Monsea and how one might improve it. Rarely they would talk of Teddy's books. Tilda often begged of Bitterblue to not suggest anymore words or Teddy's head would explode because they needed that blasted book of words out in the world. But yet Bitterblue did. Mostly accidentally she would say a word and Teddy's face would light up and off they went. 

When she came to their store-front and Bitterblue knocked on the door Teddy had nearly thrown the door open and dragged her inside. He was giddy with delight when he told her that he had over 1000 words in his book of words. 

"Did you add words like 'to' and 'a'?" She asked. Teddy's face went blank with panic and he rushed over to the paper and began to scrawl frantically.

"How are you getting along with the educational committee?" asked Bitterblue mindlessly looking at the scratches on the shop wall. 

"Fine. " Replied Teddy. "We have a most of the estimated papers that we need,but we need to find some well invested teachers." He said 

"Hmm"Replied Bitterblue "I'll make an announcement about job offerings later this week." She said."Maybe we could come up with a draft tomorrow." She said. 

"Uh huh."Said Teddy, looking down at hi large stack of papers. Bitterblue went to the other room, where Teddy had once lied on the table, nearly dead, and in there Tilda and Bren were using a second printer that Bitterblue had given them when she herself took a visit to the ransacked old printing shop on the castle grounds. 

"How are the books going?" She asked, both females looked up as they usually did-at the same time. 

"Good." said Bren, and it struck Bitterblue once more that this woman looked a lot like Saf, as she was his sister, but Bitterblue missed him now. A lot.   That was when Bitterblue decided to leave. She shouted her goodbye's to Tilda and Bren who were doing something and she kissed Teddy on the cheek and opened the door...Where she found Saf-ready to knock. His hand was up in the air about to pound on the door. 

Bitterblue filled with glee as she saw him. She was about to attack him-with love of course, when she saw the girl behind him. Pretty and different and at the sight of her Bitterblue froze. Saf knit his eyebrows together adorably and looked at Bitterblue. She slammed the door and pressed her back against the wall in fury,in anger, in... abandonment?

Teddy looked up at her from his papers, eyebrows knitted together. Teddy walled over, confused like a puppy, and opened the door and stuck his person out of it, much like Katsa did whenever she wanted to block her room with Po. "Saf!" Said Teddy, gleefully as Saf pushed his way into the doorway in a very Saf-like manner where the girl followed and gazed and touched at the shop. Saf's eyes were only on Bitterblue. 

Bitterblue, feeling extremely uncomfortable and emotional, pushed her way out of the shop and ran down the street.


She ran all the way to the castle, not caring about anything except Saf and who ever in Lienid that girl was. She didn't want to know. Tears flooded her eyes, blurrying up everything. She ran past the guards and ran all the way into her office, and she crumpled into her chair and she rested her legs on the chair and she wrapped her arms around her knees and proceeded to curl into a ball. Hiding from Saf, and the guards 

The door opened and one of her newer advisers, an attractive young man by the name of Mirlock. A somewhat unfortunate name, but he was very effective. 

"Lady Queen!" He said aghast, "Whats wrong? Shall I send for Madlen? How was your visit with your printing friend? Did something happen?" He said, looking slightly horrified as all of the words spilled out of his mouth. His grace was not smoothness with words. Thought Bitterblue. Though Mirlock's grace was saying every single thing that came to his mind, which in some cases was quite and unfortunate grace, but he must've learned to not be embarrassed at a young age. The other day, he had said randomly as Bitterblue, was at her desk, reading letters from Katsa and Po and Bann, that "Her nose is quite nice, but the lack of shape on her figure is a definite drawback." Bitterblue had looked up swiftly from her notes, blushing and utterly aghast, and Darby, from his slightly frail position had looked completely ready to blow.

Bitterblue, when she was interviewing for advisers with Teddy, and Helda and Darby and Hava, some two years ago that she liked his grace for in a kingdom thats past was all lies, that it might be relieving for some one who can never tell lies, even if they like to be apart of life. And so he was picked as an adviser and so had a small, woman around Katsa and Po's age to be the other, was Cissily, and she was graced with, oddly enough, words. Everything she said, seemed complicated and amazing and her silky voice made her sound like silky chocolate. 

They had also picked a person, who would go out into Monsea and talk to people, and at the end of every week, give a report to her about how everyones' life was and if there needed to be any thing, or most importantly, if anything was burned down or an absurd amount of people were found missing. Her name was Mauve, and she was Lienid, and she had a bright yellow eye and a bright green one as well, and both her eyes were extremely startling and her grace was, surprisingly enough was that it took a vast amount of energy and weapons to hurt her.

Bitterblue had once asked her about it and so Mauve told her to come outside and Bitterblue had followed her into the market where Mauve had bought a glass vase and then the two of them, chatting about the front lawn went to the said lawn which also happened to be the same lawn that Katsa and Po had thrashed around in the pool of. There Mauve had instructed Bitterblue to throw the vase at Mauve. It broke on contact and Mauve had no visible injuries. 

"Lady Queen?" Asked Mirlock, "Are you alright? The princes arrived just now and..." He faded off only to start speaking again, quickly "Oh my, she's looking at me. What a surprise this is going to be! Should I of waited until they've showered? OH MY GOODNESS WHY IS SHE LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!" He said, fading off once more. 

"You keep saying Princes, Mirlock. Who are you talking about?"

"The princes. Prince Skye arrived while you were off, and just now Prince Raffin and his friend just arrived." He said. Bitterblue shot up.

"Balls! I forgot Skye went! And Saf's back so..." She faded off. "Raffin? And Bann? Why?" She asked. Mirlock shrugged and Bitterblue ran out. She heard him muttering. 

Bitterblue sprinted through the halls, trying to decide who she'd see first. After a few turns and some near accidents with guards she ran into Raffin and Bann, looking at each other in the hallway, sharing a glance. Without thinking, she threw herself at them both, wrapping her arms around them. "Lady Queen," Said Raffin uncomfortably. "How improper." 

"How lovely it is to see you both!" She cried out then said "Have you seen Skye?" 

"No," Said Raffin "Should I of? Was he supposed to be waiting in the bushes to surprise me?" He said, beginning to chuckle. 

"How was I supposed to have him surprise you when I didn't know you were coming?" Asked Bitterblue "But- Oh! How lovely it is to see you! Hows the whole Estill problem?'' Bann looked at her gravely. 

"Still no better Lady Queen. Its been over two years..." He faded off, shaking his head. 

"You didn't know we were coming?" Asked Raffin, knitting his eyebrows together. "We sent a letter..." 

"Or two." Finished Bann. Bitterblue's eyes widened and she rushed down the hallways to Madlen. 

"Madlen?" She asked frantically as she ran into the doorway "Do you think its possible I might be taken over?" But it wasn't just Madlen in there. She was with Skye- who, from the looks of it seemed to be talking to her about the Dells. 

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