this story is the first one for me, i was living evry single idea that i wrote, i guess you may like it .


2. the days of redemption

After I woke up, I laughed blatant till my mom said: HICHAM are you lost your mind? I got up from the bed and I went to the bathroom to wash my face. While I was using the tooth paste, my mind has reminded me that I’m living alone at home. It was a really big shock to me. Furthermore, my feet couldn’t walk anymore; I was very adhesive by the land. 


I checked the windows to find out another exit way, but my attempts were unsuccessful. I turned my head back and I saw a shadow out from the house door, I followed it quickly but it’s completely disappeared. I came back to the house and I wearied my clothes then I went out to get some answers. The streets were empty, I was very sure that something was wrong, because I was living there for 12 years. While I was disputing myself I saw a girl coming out from her house, I went closer to her. So that I realize that she’s NISERINE! It seems urgent, I stopped her and I asked: hi NISERINE! What happened to people? She said : be quick Benefactors are handing out charity (RAH JAW CHII NSSARA TAYFER9O D9I9 W ZIT, JERII ILA BGHITI TAKHOD)...



             I was surprised because I didn’t have any pets at home. The cat was a symbol of fear to us that time. I was between two things, either I complete my way or turn back forever. Two hours later, I decided to enter the house; and we followed the cat to a secret room that I had never known about. We found a lot of cats carrying weapons in order to control the number of hostages they had. The cat pushed me to the men’s side and he took NISERINE to women’s side. A gentleman called HICHAM Taik was praying aloud “Oh! My God has Marcy on us; I consoled him: don’t worry sir, it’s only a warning, we may not be affected at all. “Who’s drank our milk?” the cat asked. No one has opened his mouth. Then they began killing people one by one, till I stay alone! Their boss told me did you drink our milk? I said: no. I didn’t, and then hi killed me.  are all that true father (O HADCHI AJDI S7I7?!) My little son asked. were can i find all that truth son (O FIN GHANL9A LIK 9ED HAKA SA7 AWLIDI). I replied.

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