this story is the first one for me, i was living evry single idea that i wrote, i guess you may like it .


3. exodus

Suddenly I felt heavy on the chest my heart started beating quickly than I could,

Handle. Hoch! I woke up with my hand clutching at the chest, after the pain abated, I looked around me slowly, I saw a red door. Struggling, I turned the knob. It didn’t turn. I threw myself at the door.  It wouldn’t budge, when I realized I was looked up, my palms got cold at sweaty. What has gone wrong? Where am I? What happened to me?


‘Creak’ the door were open with a loud creak. Women in a doctor’s gown walked in with a boy who looked like an elementary student.

‘You’re awake. You should feel lucky’ the women said. ‘Don’t say that, you’re making him nervous’ the boy replied.

Where am I? What happened to me? I asked them. My voice was trembling, neither of them answered. ‘I’m out of here’ I said; ‘calm down, you can’t leave that easy’ the boy replied; hell, I can! ‘Everything has order, we won’t let you leave’ the little boy answered; that boy was griming smugly, I wanted to grab him by the neck and give a good shake, but I couldn’t move.

Oh! Where our manners ? I’m Fatine and this is Mohamed’ the women said; ‘he doesn’t have to know our names he’s a test object, remember?’ the boy replied; I was so angry that time then I said, T-test object!! What have you done to me ?

‘Please don’t panic, we’re not going to hurt you’ the women said loudly; I scrammed let me out of here. Ouch!!

I clenched my teeth and stepped forward when the chest pain come back. Be careful, you’re just out of a surgery. I shack; I lifted up my shirt and looked down at the fresh score on my chest.

Suddenly I felt weak in the knee. I flopped her again: tell me what have you done to me?

She looked sorry, ‘we’ve installed a small device in your chest’ she said; I was so scared that my voice comes out more like a whisper, which device? I asked her; the little boy hit me from behind.

Suddenly I woke up from a nightmare! I didn’t know how long it went. And then I checked my body, I don’t feel much pain for now. I spent a couple of hours thought about what had happened to me, I realized that I should look for an answer, to solve that secret. It was just a room; it hasn't any exit way but the closed door. I thought that I will die there, it wasn't any sounds only my heartbeats. The vacuum fills the room. while I was dying I heard a mouse looking for something to eat, I was scared that time , moments later, I could see a key in the mouse's neck I got some hope, while I took the key, happened what I wasn't waiting. A huge explosion rocked the place; it was an unhappy end to me.



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