this story is the first one for me, i was living evry single idea that i wrote, i guess you may like it .


1. Don't cross your mind's lines

             After working hours ended, I launched as usual rush to the train station to go home. It was a dark day because of the clouds, no cars roam the streets and no footmen walking on the sidewalk, everyone was enjoying the music of the rain trumpet melodies on tidying up except me. An old man reads his newspaper as usual, and his wife swaying on her comfortable chair. Kids are having fun on the sill of the balcony, so that I followed my way quickly in order to earn some affection with my children and

my wife at early time before they sleep.

After I reached the station I was really in a sense of panic and fear, but soon I realized that my manhood protects me, and my Lord will not forget me. The voices of the vacuum take the heart to a confusion and dispersion situation. Moments later, I heard the bells of Music, and tune in a strange place and spreads hesitate echoed along the corridor, I meditated hearing and I realized that the source is the sewage; I tried that I will scatter my thinking until the train is coming, but my curiosity didn’t let me stay waiting. And I couldn’t stop the destiny doing its plan, thereafter I surrendered to the God’s desire. And I walked down under the railroad. After some minutes of wandering, my destiny had led me to a small door showing features old, suddenly the calm has prevailed in the place, but I knew that the calm always comes before the storm often. Passed through moments of hesitation I saw that I should break into it. Several times later I decided to knock it; while I was almost to do the door was opening itself. I was surprised to watch what’s happening there, but the gloomy night wasn’t helping me to receive all the information.

   Otherwise, My feet moved forward very slowly and racked calculated, but I am surprised by the sudden fall, so that’s prove to me that am in a stairs, then a short time of rest I favor my power again, and I completed my way to another door beside the stairs, I saw a light coming out from it, and I moved my little hand to open it, then I heard a familiar voice says :" Hicham , hicham wake up you may miss the buss to school" .



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