Walking down the rosepath

Summer and Harry were enemies in school. Harry bullied her and Summer hated herself. But then, after 2 years they meet again. Summer as a Beautiful model, and Harry is in the worlds best boyband. What will happen? Will they fall in love, and can Summer forgive him? Read to find out ♥

I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep


2. part two

*Harry’s POV*


“I messed up..... Bigtime."


She said while another tear rolled down her cheek. She turned to me and with my thumb I whipped away her tears.


“Why love? What happened?" I asked and I put my arms around her torso.


“It’s just.... I... “Tears ran down her cheeks now. I gave her a hug.


“Babe, calm down. I'm ALWAYS here for you. You can tell me everything." I looked into her eyes and smiled. She had the most amazing eyes you could imagine. They were dark green on the outside, they slowly became lighter and all the way towards the middle they were golden green. They were perfect.


“Babe, come on tell me!" I whispered.


“I-I.... I was only busy with my work. I never spend time with my friends anymore.... I have to go to say sorry!! I really have to Harry!!!"


“Summer...." I said but she kept talking about how her friends hated her. “SUMMER!! Just calm down!! We will call your friends tonight. Ok? Now just calm down!!!" I told to her. And her muscles seemed to relax.


She looked at me with her neon green eyes and shook her head.


“Sorry Harry, your right. I will speak to them tonight." With that we walked into the McDonald's and ordered our food.


*****Skippin' the food ;)******


We drove to Harry's home in his car in listened to the radio. Then a song came on: Try from P!nk..




“Go away Harry!'  It was like it was yesterday... I was in high school with Harry Styles... the person who made my life a living hell. ‘Well somebody is grumpy today.' Harry said while he smirked at me. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. ‘I’ll see you at lunch...' he whispered in my ear and with that he let my arm go and pushed me away and I fell to the ground. School was terrible so I decided to be a bad girl and skip class. I walked outside and I saw Harry sitting there on a bench. He smirked at me and showed me his famous dimples. I ran away and didn't stop running until I had the feeling I was going to faint if I didn't stop. I walked home and luckily my parents were working. I ran to my room, put the radio on as hard as it could and I sobbed my eyes out while singing Try from P!nk.




*****Harry's POV: *****


I knew what she was thinking about. Us at high school. How could I be so dumb back then? I was so stupid. I mean how could I do this to her? She was so beautiful and I can't even imagine how much pain I must have coursed her. ‘Look Summer I......' I said but she cut me off and slammed her lips on mine. She kissed me and pulled away. ‘I don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry I kissed you... I didn't mean it. It meant nothing to me. I just knew this was the only way to shut you up.' She said and it was like my heart sank to my toes.

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