Walking down the rosepath

Summer and Harry were enemies in school. Harry bullied her and Summer hated herself. But then, after 2 years they meet again. Summer as a Beautiful model, and Harry is in the worlds best boyband. What will happen? Will they fall in love, and can Summer forgive him? Read to find out ♥

I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep


3. part three

*****Summer's POV*****


...stop you talking about it. ‘I said and I regretted it straight away. I didn't mean it... I liked the kiss and I wanted to do it again. He looked away and his neon green eyes looked full of hurt. He bit his lips... oohh his lips.... his plump pink lips. Summer concentrate!! I thought to myself.


‘Harry I'm so sorry... I really didn't mean to hurt you... ‘No response. What he's gonna give me the silence treatment or something?! What an ass! The car ride was long and silent. We stopped at his house. It was my house now, my house had a leak in one of the pipes and it had flooded my house.

‘Summer!! How are you doing babe? Hazza told me what happened. I'm so sorry I didn't come to visit. I was so busy. ‘Louis said and hugged me.

I hugged him back and we stood there for a couple of minutes until harry started coughing and I shot him a glare as Louis pulled away. Louis was like a brother to me. I didn't like him, and he didn't like me. Why did harry have to be so jealous?! It wasn't like we were making out in front of him! Ugghhhh!! I should be the one cross with him! What?! After all that he did to me he expected that I was gonna fall in love with him or something. Although I started to create feelings for him, I knew I was never going to forgive him.


I walked to Louis's room and pulled out some off his grey sweatpants and a white shirt he had.  They were too big for me, But I had no choice because I only took 'normal' clothes, and no PJ's. I walked to the living room and the boys sat there watching TV. Louis looked up and smiled because I was wearing his clothes. Harry looked... jealous of Louis? The rest just smiled at me.


‘SummieSum (yeah that's his nickname for me... I know, I know...) will you make us some cookies? I will help you make them'

Niall said and I nodded my head. We raced to the kitchen and started getting the ingredients out of the cupboards. I loved to cook, and Niall loved to eat so we were a perfect cooking team. Once we had all the ingredients ready we started to make them. After 5 minute we had to add the flour and Niall threw some in my face.


‘Oh... sorry about that love' he said smiling.


‘Oh boy it’s on!!' I said while throwing flour in his face. After a flour fight we actually finished the cookies and started to eat them.


Mmmmm... They tasted amazing. ‘We are such a good team Sum!' Niall said smiling at me. I smiled back at him and I pulled out my phone and started looking on Twitter and so did Niall. ‘You kissed him?!' Niall looked at me and I saw his shocked expression written over his face. ‘What do you mean I kissed him?!' I said and Niall showed me the picture of me and Harry kissing. I always knew Niall had a soft spot for me so I didn't dare look him in to his eyes. He got up from the table and walked to his room.


‘Fuck!!' I muttered and I walked to my room. Well actually Harry's room.  I was tired and upset and I fell asleep.

I woke up because of Harry sliding in to bed. He put his hands around my torso and he pulled me against him. God he smelt so good. With that I fell asleep. 


A/N Soooo I have so many plans for this story!! More than When snow falls.. oopss... but yeah I hope you guys liked it! As I said b4, I wrote this story a couple of years ago (when I spelled Niall as, yeah you guessed it, Naill....)  So I just copy pasted it in to word and quickly checked if I could find some mistakes, so sorry if it's not always grammatically correct♥

Anyways, new chapter of When snow falls coming tonight my loves 


xxx Lucy ☻♥

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