Walking down the rosepath

Summer and Harry were enemies in school. Harry bullied her and Summer hated herself. But then, after 2 years they meet again. Summer as a Beautiful model, and Harry is in the worlds best boyband. What will happen? Will they fall in love, and can Summer forgive him? Read to find out ♥

I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep


1. part one

***** Summer's POV *****


I walked down the catwalk and I saw him sitting there. I am 20 years and I am walking at the New York fashion week!! He looked at me with his beautiful emerald green eyes. I turned my head away to hide my blushing cheeks. We had been hanging out for 1 week now after we reunited ... I still couldn't believe that I was friends again with the now famous Harry Styles!!All my friends were jealous of me. Well they weren't friends anymore: they didn't like me. They were angry with me because I was only busy with my work. Weren't they happy for me? I had finally made it in the model world!!

I turned my head around and I walked to the end of the catwalk. When I walked through the door the make-up and clothes people turned to me. With their hot hands from all the running around they took my make-up and replaced it with some mascara, foundation and light colored eye-shadow. I changed into my normal clothes (which where my navy shorts and my floral crop top that just showed my belly and some flats) and after lots of flowers and chocolates, I finally was away from that busy place. The soft raindrops landed on my face and cooled me down. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Summer!! You where AMAZING!!" Harry said while he hugged me and handed me some beautiful roses.

“Thank you Harry!" I looked down to hide my red cheeks and stroked the velvety rose petals.

I looked up in his beautiful emerald eyes and started walking. I didn't have a crush on him no way, not after what he had done to me, but he just overwhelmed me. He started talking while I was still looking down at the flowers. I didn't look where I was going and before Harry could warn me I walked into a metal bar. I fell down and I faintly heard Harry screaming my name. And then all was black.

A voice woke me up from my dream. I tried to sit up. I got dizzy straight away. Harry looked at me.

‘Summer!!” Harry jumped up from his chair and ran towards my bed.

Great! It wasn't a dream, I probably look like shit right now. The nurse came in and gave me 3 pills that I had to take. All without water. Uggg!! I felt how the pills slowly slid through my throat and got stuck in my air pipe. When I had finally swallowed my pills, I managed to sit up. The nurse came in again and said that I could go home. I got out of bed and for the first time in a day I looked in the mirror. I had a big scar on my forehead and a bruise around it. “FUCK!!” I thought by myself “This can't be happening!!". Harry walked over to me. “Hey love, you look fine. Don't get all stressed out about it." Yeah right, said the man that looked like he just walked out of a photo cover of fucking Calvin Klein!! I quickly blinked my tears away, I didn't want Harry to see me weak and fragile, not again. I walked away and packed all my stuff.


***** Harry's POV*****


Damn she looked so beautiful. I looked at her slim body, beautiful long legs, her long brown and her beautiful, bright green eyes. I staired at her.


“You no, you should take a picture, it last longer.” Summer said smirking and I stopped dreaming. I quickly turned my head away and stared to the ground. The nurse came in and did a few test and then we were off.


“Sooo, were would you like to go for lunch?" I asked.


***** Summer's POV*****


“Sooo, were would you like to go for lunch?" Harry asked me.


“McDonalds!!” I said straight away.


McDonalds was my favourite fast food restaurant. My friends and I always went there. A sad feeling took over. My friends hated me! Tears were filling my eyes.


“Wooowww... calm..." Harry looked at me and stopped walking.


A/N cliff-hanger!! Comment what you think!!! Thanks for reading my babes!!


XXX Lucy





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