Walking down the rosepath

Summer and Harry were enemies in school. Harry bullied her and Summer hated herself. But then, after 2 years they meet again. Summer as a Beautiful model, and Harry is in the worlds best boyband. What will happen? Will they fall in love, and can Summer forgive him? Read to find out ♥

I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep


4. part four

I woke up and I turned around and saw harry fast asleep. I slowly pulled away out of his grip and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower and put my clothes on. What were: a navy crop top that said: ‘oh lala' and a white lace skirt that reached my knees. With that I pared a pair of light brown flats. I walked out of the bathroom and I saw Harry lying on the bed on his phone. I walked past him and walked downstairs. I followed the smell of pancakes and I ended up in the kitchen. ‘Oh lala!!!' Louis said and I came to sit on his lap. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those sluts that sleeps around and flirts with everybody, in fact: I have only had sex 3 times. That's not a lot for a supermodel like me. Louis was just a really great friend and I loved him. ‘Hi babe, did you sleep well?' I asked him.


‘Yeah, but I couldn't sleep because someone was making A LOT of noise!!'

Louis said and Zayn turned a deep shade of red. I got up to get some tea and a pancake. I walked over to the sitting room and surprisingly I saw Harry sitting there watching telly.

‘Uhmm hey, what are.. what are you doing up?' I said. I decided to forgive him... I knew he was sorry for what he did. Harry looked up to me with a shocked expression on his face. ‘Wow. . . You look erhh... beautiful' he said while staring at me. ‘Thanks ermm yeah okay bye I guess' I said while walking to the kitchen, hiding my blushing cheeks. That was very awkwrd

 ‘Hey Summer, Perrie called and asked if you wanna go shopping with her this afternoon.' Zayn said.

 ‘Yeah, I would love to go. When is she coming? Or does she want to meet up at the mall?’

‘I honestly have no Idea love, I have her on the phone right now, she says that she is at the mall with some friends.’


I arrived at the mall and I ran over to Perry.

‘Perry babe, how are ya doing?’

‘Hi love, doing fine thanks! I want you to meet my girls: Eleanor Calder, she’s dating Louis. This is Danielle Peazer, she’s dating Liam. And this is uhm... This is Ashly Olsen.

They all embraced me into hugs, except this Ashly chick. She looked like the kind of girl that if you said one wrong word around her, she would make your life a living hell. And let me tell you, I grew up with these kind of judging people.

‘Uhm, so, Ashly is it? Who are you dating?’

She looked me up and down like I was a fat pig.

‘I’m dating Harry, Harry Styles. I’ve heard about you, you’re the one harry hates. Too bad girl, he’s fab in bad.’

W e a k. Right now, I feel weak. Defeated. Right now, I feel weaker than I ever did before. He broke me once. He tried to fix it up again with bits and pieces of tape. He should’ve used super glue. Because now, someone has to fix it again. And it’s not going to be him.

Perry looked at me with worrying eyes.

‘Right, well say hi to him will you, tell him I think he’s an ass and he can rot in hell. And that I’ll pick up my clothes tomorrow, I'm moving out. ’ I looked at Ashly one more time, and walked away, to my car.

 I didn’t feel sad anymore. I used up all my tears in high school. No, now I felt mad, angry hurt, and weak. I needed a friend, and that would be Jack, Jack Daniels.


I drove to the nearest club, I looked on the dashboard clock and it read 5 pm.

I got to this club, called the drunk ballerina. 

‘One shot please, and keep ‘m coming.’

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