Walking down the rosepath

Summer and Harry were enemies in school. Harry bullied her and Summer hated herself. But then, after 2 years they meet again. Summer as a Beautiful model, and Harry is in the worlds best boyband. What will happen? Will they fall in love, and can Summer forgive him? Read to find out ♥

I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep


5. part five

I put the shot glass to my lips, the coldness of the glass felt great. I swallowed the drink and felt it slowly flow through my throat. It burned, and it felt amazing.

A couple of shot’s later. A woman came up to me.

‘Hi, I’m Claire (when snow falls) are you Summer MacDonald? I’m 1D’s manager. I would like to have a word with you about Niall Horan. As you know, Harry is dating Ashly Olsen, Louis is dating Eleanor Calder, Liam is dating Danielle Peazer, and Zayn is engaged to Perry Edwards. That leaves Niall. We can’t leave him alone, and I see the way he looks at you. So the question is, would you like to, fake go out with him. I know it’s a lot to ask. But I’ll pay you 500.000 pounds, plus 100.000 pound now. I have the contract with me. I’m going to get a drink, when I come back I want the answer.’

I was shocked. Startled. And questioning. Because I was actually thinking about doing it. Just to get revenge. Meh, let’s look at the pros and cons here.




It’s pretty fucking mean

Money, because I need a new house

It would kill Harry

One word: Ashly Olsen





Right now, I couldn’t think about anything else. There are probs 5000.000 more reasons to not do it, and I could think of 100.000 of them right now, but I’m drunk and angry. I want r e v e n g e….

Claire came walking towards me.

‘Darling, have made up your mind? I have the contract in my bag.

She pulled out a pieces of paper. It was kinda a pile of paper.

Summer MacDonald hereby agrees to be in a fake relationship with Mr. Niall Horan. She agrees to these rules:

She will NOT tell Mr. Niall Horan about the relationship.
She will NOT date any other boys other than Mr. Niall Horan.
She will not cross the rules, or she will NOT get the following 500.000 pounds.

It was a long list of rules, and they were all fine to me. Not very hard to remember.

‘Were do I sign?’


Ow and I’m looking for:

A better surname for Summer obviously

And Summers best friend

Maybe I’m adding a sister for Summer not sure yet.

So leave the person you wanna be in the comments.

I know it's kind off crappy but yeah. 

Love you guys

Xx Lucy


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