Stalking is one of the most concentrated tasks. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


5. Weak? No.

Natalie squeals loudly, violently throwing her arms up into the air.

"Schools out!"

"For the weekend at least." Some girl informs us, barely hearable from the still ringing, thunderous bell. I couldn't care less! I was emphatic to get out of here and away from Louis. I'm finished showing him around now, the day is over. I could easily keep away from him now, even when I was in the same class as him. I would just do as I'm doing now, avoid eye contact and sit on the opposite side of the room. Natalie glares towards the girl with horns and a tail already showing. Steam puffs from her flared nostrils as she stares down at the poor, innocent girl. She quickly scurries, not wanting to earn a rant from the head - up her own ass - popular. I nod in approval. I'd do the exact same if the roles were reversed. After the girls completely out of sight, Natalie finally turns to me.

"So, sleepover. Mine?" She requests, folding her text book in half and shoving it into the over-sized, black handbag. I stare at her in abhorrence. How could she just fold a book over like that? My face scrunched up before I shake my head. Her irked expression suggests she took it the wrong way.

"I mean I can't, I have to look after my brothers." I quickly shrug. Natalie was easy to lie to. She believes anything.

"I swear you're mother thinks more of you as a babysitter than a daughter." She huffs more to herself than me but I nod anyway.

"Tell me about it."

She lets out a dramatic sigh before declaring her goodbye. She struts out the classroom, calling on another friend of hers on the way. They follow her straight out. I roll my eyes and go to lift my ruck sack from the ground. Standing back up, I bumped into someone. I almost jump out of my own skin, meeting Louis face to face.

"Sorry love, didn't mean to scare you."

His smile cracks, turning into the familiar smirk before he slides past me on the way to the door. I'm unable to do anything else but stare off after him and I can tell you, he's well aware of it. Love.

I snap myself back to reality and lift the back packs strap onto my shoulder, leaving the other to hang freely.

Get to know me. The worlds are suddenly floating about in my head and I'm forced to push them straight back into the pit where they belong. I suck in a breath before marching out the door myself. I pile out the crowded halls and finally out of the school doors. As usual, I spot Jace leaning against the bonnet of his black BMW. He's distracted by Kane, one of his fellow team mates but as their conversation comes to an end, his eyes travel back to the school entrance, scanning over the crowd until they land on what they're looking for, me. He stands from the bonnet and makes his way over.

"Hey!" He greets, leaning in and pecking my lips momentary. "We're going Snooker house, wanna come?" I smile lightly, glancing towards his car and seeing Kane already sliding in the back. Snooker house is basically what it sounds. It's a bar but down stairs is a large room full of snooker and pool tables and a bit of darts where Jace and some of his friends always head too after school, on a Friday night.

"Im sorry but I can't, babysitting." His face drops at my response and I'm surprised he's not used to it already. I only ever agree to come once a month, if he's lucky.

"Well, want a ride home?" I force a smile and shake my head once again.

"No, it's fine. I'll walk."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm good thanks." He lets out a soft sigh before nodding and leaning in for another kiss. I settle for just another quick peck and pull away before it can become anything else. If I'm planning to maybe break it off with him, then I can't keep acting like everything's alright. He smiles softly before hiking back to his car. I follow him back with my eyes and just as I'm about to head off, I stop myself. I curse out loud seeing the familiar caramel hair settle next to none other than my boyfriend. They greet, laughing over something and my legs move before I even think anything over.

"Babe?" Jace questions, once again standing from his car. My mouth opens to speak but after several seconds of hanging open like an idiot. I close it again. What am I even meant to say?

Hey Jace! Just checking too see that you and the guy I went home with last month aren't becoming friends and hanging out or anything.

Instead of saying anything, Jace speaks for me.

"Want that lift?"

I have no other reason to have walked over here so instantly I nod. Jace grins, wrapping and arm around my waist and pulling me into him. He lets out a soft chuckle and squeezes my waist.

"Fine by me. We're just waiting for Alex to get here, then i'll drop you off and me, Kane, him and Louis are going Snooker house."

I immediately stiffen at the name and am reminded that he's standing right next to me. I suck in a breath before turning towards him mastering the biggest, most unpleasant, fake smile I can.


The cocky, little grin of his appears and he delivers in the sweetest voice he possibly can.


I grimace at the mention of my name, falling from his lips and shake my head.

"You're going with them to the Snooker house?"

He folds his two very, muscular arms over each other and leans back against the car.

"You're boyfriend invited me." Is he seriously trying to annoy me on purpose. And suddenly, I'm terrified to leave the two on their own. Louis said he wouldn't say anything and he hasn't but he drops hints constantly. Jace isn't an idiot either, he will figure out there's something up with Louis and I. What happened to the jealously earlier on too? I was sure Jace wouldn't even want to hang out with Louis after that.

"My mum just called, turns out I don't have to babysit the boys." I direct the words towards Jace but my eyes don't leave Louis.

"You don't!" Jace asks eagerly. I rotate back to Jace and smile sweetly, nodding my head.

"Coming Snooker House then?" I can hear the hopefulness in his voice and can't help but smile to myself but my mind drifts back to Louis. I nod my head and Jace lets out a cheer, hugging me tightly. I laugh nervously and keep my hands against his chest.

The next moment, Alex arrives and we all file into Jace's car... At least I thought we all do. However, Louis and Kane hadn't.

"Got our own rides." Kane explains, seeing my puzzled look. I simply nod and Jace starts the engine, setting off on our way. The radio blares the entire way there and Jace and Alex jokingly begin to scream the lyrics. In the meantime, I simply slouch back into the seat, resting my head against the window, watching everything that flys past. Jace nudges me every now and again, implying to sing along too but I only shake my head. The only thing I can't concentrate on right now, is Louis.


"Shit!" Jace curses, slamming a fist down on the wooden frame of the pool table.

"Yesssss!" Alex throws a fist in the air after shooting one of the stripped balls in the socket.

"I'm so winning!"

"No way!" The two bicker back and forward and I can't help but roll my eyes at the childish behaviour. I sometimes wonder if these two seventeen year olds, are in fact seventeen years olds. I advert my eyes back to my phone, continuing to mindlessly scroll back and forwards between the apps on my phone, wondering what to do. We'd been here an hour and after the first twenty minutes, I realised there was no need for me to be here. Concerning Louis and Jace, there's nothing too it. All that had happened in the last hour, was Alex and Jace playing their pool game, whilst Louis and Kane both watched from the side lines, both rooting for a different person to win. The only conversations between Louis and Jace were tactics on how to win, nothing to do with Louis leaving any kind of hints towards Jace. In fact, Louis hadn't even taken much interest in me the past hour. He's spoken to me once and that was only apologising for stepping on my foot. It bugged me in a way. I know it shouldn't... But it does. Not even three hours ago, he was telling me how his confidence of 'winning me over' you could say, was so high up. Now, he hadn't said more than five words to me. Shut up Star!

Nearly thirty minutes later, Jace and Alex's pool game was up, ending in victory for Jace.

"Who's up for playing the king next then!" His voice was overwhelmed with confidence and I had to stifle a laugh, considering he had only won by shooting one ball in the socket more than Alex. After no volunteers, Jace twisted my way.

"Babe." His voice was teasing, knowing full well, I was shit at Pool. I don't even bother with a reply. His hazel eyes roll into their sockets as he laughs loudly before turning to Louis.

"How about you Tomlinson?" My eyes immediately fly to Louis. A smirk unfolds on his lips before he crosses his arms, cocking his head to a slight angle.

"What do I get out of it?" Not quite what I was expecting. Jace shrugs momentarily but seconds later, a full on toothy smile takes up the majority of his face.

"We shall duel!" He shouts enthusiastically, placing his hands on his hips. I throw my hand to my mouth, muffling the laugh, ready to be released.

"Whoever wins, shall have saved the beloved princess and will have won her heart!" My laughter stops. Jace winks at me, laughing to himself whilst I stare wide eyed at my completely oblivious boyfriend. He doesn't have a clue what he's actually saying right now and instantly, my eyes fly back to Louis. The familiar devilish look falls across his well structured face and as expected, he accepts.


The hour passes and just like the last one, I was bored by the first ten minutes. I had little interest in the game right now, all I knew, was that Jace and Louis were equally just as good as each other and were tying. They weren't even close to the end of the game.

"This is intense man." Kane jokes, nudging Alex's arm as they both share a laugh.

"All this makes me want a beer." Jace cracks a smile, looking my way innocently.

"Babe, fancy grabbing us all a beer." He shuffles around through his pockets before pulling out a few notes, offering me them. I shake my head in annoyance.

"Jace you know they'll ask me for ID, they do every time." He always try's to get me to do this and every single time, they ask for ID. Obviously being seventeen, I'm not old enough to be served alcohol and I don't have any fake ID's. Jace pouts, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Pleeease! Just have a try." I let out a sigh and stand from my seat, snatching the money from his hand with a glare. He gives me one more innocent smile before returning to the game. I hated 'attempting' to get alcohol here. The guys at the bar knew me here and they know I'm not old enough. It's humiliating, trying time after time. I march up the spiral staircase, glaring at Jace any chance I got and headed into the main bar area. I walked straight up, asked for the beers, got turned down and asked for ID and then left. My cheeks probably ending up as red as a tomato as I made my way to the stairs. I wasn't in any rush to head back down, so instead of going down the stairs. I changed route and headed for the back door, leading outside into the no longer used, garden. You could hardly call it that. It isn't a garden, it's a dump. There used to be a nice seating area but from the constant drunks that manage to break EVERYTHING. All the seats were now broken, smashed beer bottles covered the floor and everything was a complete mess. Still, at least I could be on my own out here... Or maybe not. I'm surprised to suddenly see someone leaning against one of the brick walls, once I step foot out. It's a guy, looking probably a little older than me, strawberry blonde spiked hair, emerald green eyes and dressed in a black polo shirt and blue jeans with black converse. His structure is well built and he leans, slouched against the wall, with a cigarette poking between his lips. The weirdest thing of all... He looks oddly familiar. And he seams to feel the same way.

"Star Dutton." His words come out slurred and a big toothy grin appears on his face.

"Five years it must of been now." Suddenly, it clicks.


"In the flesh." His smirk doesn't come across as familiar at all. Tyler was an old first school friend of mine. He was in the year above me but our parents used to be friends so I'd constantly used to see him. He was always a quite a shy boy. He barley had any confidence.

"You've gotten fucking hot!" I see that wasn't an issue any longer.

Or maybe it's the amount of alcohol he's consumed, He lifts himself from the wall and stumbles over. Staggering a little closer.

"Em thanks."

"Gee, I mean I always liked you but fuck, do I like you now." He's in front of me suddenly and I find myself taking a step back. I'm a little lost for words. His eye brows knit together in a frown, once I stepped back and he takes another step closer.

I take another step back.

I'm aware I'm back by the door and let out a sigh of relief, quickly covering it up. I take yet another step back inside before saying my goodbyes.

"Thanks Tyler, nice seeing you again but I really need to get back too-"

"Woah, where you rushing off to darling?" My face scrunched up in disgust getting his beer breath but I'm suddenly distracted when his hand wraps around my wrist pulling me back outside. I stumble forward, tripping over the door stopper on the way, knocking it to the side and curse silently, hearing the door slam shut behind me. I slam into his chest, breaking my fall. Using hand that wasn't still trapped in his hold, I stood up straight, attempting to move backwards but can't. My attention is immediately on his hand that was wrapped tightly around my wrist. Shit! He's drunk and I'm alone with him. Not normally the best situation.

"Tyler, let go of my hand." I try to put every ounce of confidence into my voice, wanting it to come out more as a demand but instead my voice cracks at the end, making me look pathetic and weak. A dangerous smile forms his lips and suddenly, I can feel my heart beat speeding up by the minute.

"Why?" I unexpectedly gasp when his other hand grabs hold of my other wrist and ignoring my constant cries of protest. He backs us up, until I'm pressed against the cold, hard, brick wall. I find myself swallowing the lump in my throat, aware this is defiantly not good.

"Tyler, you're drunk, we should just go inside-" If I could, I would of screamed in the next moment but of course, I couldn't because Tyler had forced his lips against mine. I attempted to push him away but his body had me pinned against the wall as well as both hands trapped in his. I refuse to return his kiss, attempting to turn my head to the side to escape his disgusting and dirty mouth. After several, long and agonising seconds, he pulls back but only too mutter something about staying still. Yeah OK! Immediately, with my mouth being free, I scream.

A sound that's caught between a yell and growl comes from his lips, a horrid snarl replacing his grin. He frees the grip on my wrists and forcefully covers my mouth with one hand, the other trailing down to the band of my jeans. If I thought I was fighting him before, I was wrong. As soon as I realised what he was attempting to do. My entire body went mad. I thrashed and thrived all over the place, my arms going wild, swinging at anything and everything whilst my legs attempted small but affective kicks. He groaned as one kick, caught him in the shin but it only seemed to make him more determined. Both of his hands moved to my button-up plaid shit and with a fist full of the fabric in each hand, a powerful tug was all that was needed for a few buttons to pop off and the shirt to open up. I screamed so loud in that moment, I knew it would leave me with a sore throat.

"HELP, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" Tyler didn't even seem fazed by my screaming, all he was focused on now was trying to get the shirt fully off. My fists battled against him, throwing hits everywhere and somehow, one lucky fist managed to hit him square in the nose. Startled, if anything, he stumbled back a few steps, his hand flying straight up to his nose. The crimson coloured liquid poured quickly out of it. Blood. He moved his hand from his nose to where he could see it and stared at his bloody hand for a moment in shock. I gasped suddenly as his eyes flew up meeting mine and anger immediately filled them.

"You little bitch!" His hand landed on my neck so quickly, I chocked straight away.

"You fucking made me bleed!" My hands clawed at the tight hold on my neck, desperately trying to pry away his hold. My eyes widened seeing his other fist, raise back behind his head and before he could make impact, I squeezed my eyes shut, refusing to watch. But nothing ever came. Seconds later, the hold on my neck was gone and both hands flew to my neck whilst I coughed violently, bottling over. I heard a thump and then a groan and then a voice, I wasn't expecting to hear.

"You sick fuck!" Louis's voice wasn't the usual calm and relaxed way it normally is. This time, it was filled with rage and anger. Still clutching on to my neck, I manage to tilt my head up. My eyes widen suddenly seeing Tyler's entire body follow through with Louis's punch, flying to the side, ending up with him on the floor wincing from the blow to his jaw. Louis takes two steps forward and the kick to Tyler's stomach is all it takes for me to look back away. A final thump is heard before the familiar white converse appear in front of me. I don't object when Louis suddenly lifts me from my crouched position, his arms tuck underneath my arms as he easily lifts me up and into his chest. Instantly, my arms wrap around his neck and I can't help but let out a small, quiet sob.

"It's OK love." His words are smoothening and he gently strokes a hand over my hair. It's comforting. A sound of shuffling is heard and immediately Louis's grip tightens.

"Get out of here." His voice is sharp and cold and the next thing to be heard, is the sound of foot steps. I know, moments later, that's Tyler's gone and just to confirm it, slowly I turn my head to the side, my eyes ranking over the broken garden. He's gone. I let out a sigh of relief and feel Louis squeeze my waist gently. We're stood like this for several seconds before I finally come back to reality. I almost fall, whilst quickly taking a step back from him, immediately missing his embrace. My head falls suddenly, looking down at myself and I spot the opened shirt. My cheeks go a bright pink as I suddenly become flustered, desperately trying to do the shirt back up. I curse, seeing several buttons no longer there, making it impossible to do up. In the end I give up, deciding that Louis has already seen me without clothes, what's a peak at my bar going to do. Still, I find myself trying to cover up. Louis lets out a soft, sympathetic smile and I watch as he slides the hoodie he's wearing off and hand it out to me. I nervously look up to his eyes, staring for a moment, before taking the hoodie and pulling it on. It's ten times to big for me. The sleeves need to be rolled up a good few times to even fit. But it smells of him. I'm suddenly hit with the familiar scent of vanilla and pine and all I want to do right this moment, is nuzzle my face into the material.

I ignore the thought. I go to attempt to roll the sleeves up but before I even have a chance, Louis steps forward and does them for me. I freeze on the stop, allowing him to do the sleeves. I watch him in detail, studying every move he make as he folds the material. His eyes stay glued to the sleeves, never loosing that focused and determined look. Taking this as an opportunity to get a good look of him, I run my eyes across every inch of him, starting with his hair. It was a gorgeous and somehow a stylish mess as it always appeared to be but seemed that tad bit more wild after everything that happened with Tyler. The small, messy quiff was out of place but it somehow remained looking good. Next came his facial features. I started with his eyes, a deep, ocean blue as always, his skin was fare and flawless with high cheek bones and a muscular jaw line and his lips were a peachy colour that basically screamed out 'KISS ME' in every way.

My breath caught it my throat suddenly, thinking he had caught sight of me checking him out, but he was only switching arms. I continued my study. Following down, a plain white top was now visible from where his hoodie was off. The sleeves were rolled up once or twice when suddenly, my eyes rank over his right muscular arm and my eyes go wide. Tattoos. All up his right arm were a mixture of random tattoos. I could spot a bird, a naughts and crosses, a pack man cartoon and loads of little tattoos everywhere and what looks like the beginning of a beautiful deer tattoo. Part of it was covered by his sleeves. I desperately tried to remember back to last month, wanting to remember what the rest of the tattoo looked like but i couldn't. Stupid alcohol. I'm knocked out of my thoughts, when he suddenly takes a step closer. My eyes immediately go wide and shoot up meeting his.

"Enjoying my tattoos are we?" His hands find the end of the hoodie and he begins to zip it up whilst speaking in a teasing tone. I remain quiet, embarrassed he had caught me. He zips the hoodie up with ease and straightens it out at the bottom.

"You always do that." I glance back to his eyes, a look of confusion falling over my face. "You're necklace." He continues. "You fiddle with it when you're nervous." He's laughs softly when my cheeks redden. I hadn't even realised id began playing with it.

"It was my grandmas." I shrug simply. He nods and for several seconds, he just stands there, looking over me, studying me the way I had previously been studying him. Apart from, he doesn't care if I see him do it. It's not long before he lets out a soft sigh and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"Want to head back in?" My breath quickly catches in my throat and looking down at myself, I'm a bit of a mess. Suddenly, Louis's arms are back around me as he pulls me into yet another, comforting bear hug.

"Don't cry love!" He protests, placing one hand on the small of my back and the other on the back of my head. I hadn't even realised a few tear had slipped from my swollen, puffy eyes. I sniff and without meaning to, stand on my toes and bury my head into the crook of his neck, wrapping my arms- for the second time- around his neck.

"Do you want me to take you home?" His offer stand for several seconds before he changes his mind.

"Actually no. I'm taking you home." I knew this was a bad idea, it wouldn't look good. Jace would most certainly be annoyed but I didn't have it in me to argue to be honest. Instead, I simply nodded. We didn't even go out through the front entrance, we just slipped through the gate in the garden and walked round to the car park. The only thing that actually made me think twice, was seeing Louis's car.

"A Porch?!" I hadn't meant to put so much surprise into my voice.

"I like to travel in style." He shrugs like its no big deal. The day my family could afford a car like this, I'm afraid I shall never see. Therefor to me, it's a big deal. Louis pulled a set of keys from his back pocket and presses the unlock button. I'm slightly confused when he walks to the passenger door but I'm not surprised when he opens the door for me. He comes across as the gentleman type. I smile sheepishly before climbing in. The door closes with a thud and Louis slides in on his side not long after. He starts up the engine immediately and it comes to life with a roar. The wheels roll backwards as the car glides out of its parking spot and heads out of the car park.


I stare down at my feet as we walk the small path to my front door.

"You really don't have to walk me all the way to the door, Louis." I can feel his eyes rank over me but I keep mine glued to my feet. There's a moment of silent before he decides to speak.

"I said I'd take you home. You're my responsibility until the very moment you step through that door." I'm taken back by his words and have to take a moment to overlook them. "Responsibility?"

From his lack of answer, it seams that he doesn't have much else to say but I stand corrected.

"I don't think it's the best for you to be alone at this moment in time." I meet his eyes for the first time since leaving his car and he's looking at me as if I'm some puppy that needs to be looked after and taken care of.

"I'm not weak you know." I'm surprised by my own words. I don't have a clue where they came from. A chuckle knocks me from my thoughts and my eye brows knit together.

"Oh I know you're not." Louis states and I realise we've made it to my door. "That hit surely must of broken his nose or something!" He grins and I can't help but laugh. "All I meant is that, it's nice to have someone after something like that has happened to you." I see where he's coming from and immediately feel stupid for thinking Louis would ever imply something as idiotic as calling me weak. He's too sweet for that. Suddenly, my smile fades and my eyes shift back to my feet.

"Thank you." It's barley a whisper. Louis smiles softly taking a step forward and gently nudges my chin upwards.

"It's fine love." Love. His eyes that were focused on mine slowly lower to my lips and it hits me, how close we are at this moment and that ever so slowly, he's leaning in.


"I won't." He murmurs the words softly as if he'd read my mind. His eyes flash back to mine but the only thing I can concentrate on right now, is his hot breath which continues to fan over my face from his close he remains.

"I'd really, really, really like too... But I won't. As I said before, I respect you have a boyfriend." I swallow the gathering lump in my throat.

"But that doesn't mean I'm giving up." Someone must have stepped over my grave because the chills that just ran through my body were unreal. Every single nerve in my body must have been on high alert because when his lips came in contact with my cheek and remained there a little longer than they should of, I felt as if I was a firework ready to explode. Suddenly, I hear a load of screaming and shouting coming from the house. I snap back into reality, realising it's only mum and Shawn arguing.

"Well I should really be going in..." Louis simply smiles and nods his head in agreement.

"Goodbye love." There goes that firework feeling. I nod my head and open the door, stepping in. "See you soon." He grins and I close the door with a smile. I'm stuck at the door for several minutes just replaying everything that had just happened over in my head. The only thing that broke my thoughts was Drake suddenly coming into sight.

"How the hell do you know someone that drives a car like that?" He grins, teasingly.

"What!" My heart almost falls from my chest, had he seen Louis and I?

"That guy, I saw him through the window getting in his car, a very, very, very nice car." He hadn't seen Louis and I. I have to hold back the sigh of relief and simply shrug. Drake's eyes fall, scanning over me and it takes all of five seconds to realise I'm still in Louis's hoodie.

"I was cold." His raised eye brows suggest he doesn't believe me but I've moved past him and into the kitchen before he can say anything more.

Believe me big brother, you do not want to know how you're sweet and innocent little sister met that boy.

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