Stalking is one of the most concentrated tasks. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


6. Unexpected dates


'And no ones gonna save you from the beast about to strike.'


I'm going to kill him.

"SHAWN!" My mums voice is little of a squeak compared to the pounding music next door.

"YOU'RE FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE INSIDE A KILLER, THRILLER TONIGHT-" I burst through his door and have pulled the plug to the screeching stereo before he can scream anymore lyrics.

"Hey!" He scrambles from his bed, where he had previously been dancing on and attempts to grab the plug from my hands. Just as I'm about to start screaming at him how it's eight o'clock in the bloody morning! Mum had ran up the stairs and burst through the door herself.

"Shawn!" She snaps, beating me to it. "Do you realise the time! You're father and Drake are still in bed."

"And so was I." I snap, sending daggers with my eyes, his way. He simply glares at me before turning back to mum.

"You're the one saying I need to stop sleeping in on the weekend!"

"Yes but at one point did I say you could start playing music this early." My mums hands sit on her hips whilst she stares him down with that look, all mums have. Slowly, Shawn's head lowers until he's looking at his shuffling feet. He mumbles something and immediately my mum jumps at it.

"What was that?"

"Sorry." He keeps his head down.

"Now, if you still want to go round your friends today, I suggest you behave yourself." And with that, she leaves, leaving the two of us. I don't even have the energy to start up an argument about waking me, so I simply drop the plug and walk back into my bedroom. I mutter words under my breath before dropping back down on to my bed. Brat. Eight o'clock. On a weekend. I don't know about everyone else but I never get up that early on a weekend. No thanks. I sigh heavily into my pillow before deciding to just get up now. I'm already awake so why not. I tie my hair up messily, before dragging myself down stairs and into the kitchen, taking a seat on one of the stools. Mum stands by one of the counter tops, dressed in a white, plaid shirt tucked into a grey pencil skirt, black, tinted, denier tights and her business heels on. How had she gotten changed so fast? When she'd come upstairs into Shawn's room, she simply worn her big, purple, cotton dressing gown.

"Hi darling." She smiles, hearing me come in. I make a sort of 'hmpt' sound in response, way to tired to even think straight.

"Interview?" I suggest, eyeing her outfit. She nods with a huff, sighing to herself.

"Third time lucky hopefully." I nod in encouragement, sending a small smile her way. My mum has been looking for a job for three months. She used to work as a secretary for a massive, company owner but had to come out of it for maternity leave when she had Kennedy. But her boss simply couldn't go that amount of time without a secretary and had to let go of my mum. It wasn't a bad thing really. Whilst away from work, her and my dad had discussed that obviously, someone had to stay at home and look after him. So my mum took off from work permanently.

That is until, now that Kennedys older, my mums looking for another job in the morning or evenings. That way, my dad can quit one of his jobs and take turns in looking after Kennedy, also giving dad some time at home. But she just can't find any. It's not that my mums bad at her job or anything. It's just, there isn't many people that need a secretary, the ones that do, all have one and so there isn't many interviews. The two that mum had previously been too wasn't any good either. One of them, the pay was too little and the other, is too far away for mum to travel each day. But at least she had this one today. At that moment, Kennedy comes running in.

"Food mummy!" His excited little nature shouts.

"Oi cheeky." Mum grins. He giggles and lifts his arms up, mum sighs dramatically, lifting him up.

"It's nearly done, see." Kennedy peers forward, looking at the plate with toast and scrabbled egg that's cooking in the saucer.

"Go sit with Star for now." She places him back on the floor and immediately, he runs to me until he's between my legs, lifting his arms up, identically to the way he had with mum. I reach down and lift him myself, until he's sitting on my lap. He dressed in a pair of his tiny trouser, a dinosaur top and blue trainers.

"Where are you going today mischief?"

"Too Bobbieeeees!" He yells enthusiastically. I laugh softly, giving his nose a kiss. "Yuck!"

"Kennedy's going on a play date." Mum informs me. I nod my head longer than necessary before remembering something.

"Isn't Shawn going round his friends too?"

"Yes, I thought I wouldn't pin babysitting down on you or Drake whilst I'm out." I nod my head once again, starring off into space. I wouldn't of even minded babysitting today. I haven't really planned anything. Mum serves up Kennedy's food for him then puts on some more eggs and bacon for the rest of us. When it's nearly ready, she turns to me.

"Do me favour, wake up Drake and you're father, see if they want breakfast and go get Shawn." I lift Kennedy from my lap, placing him back down on the stool then make my way to the lounge where Drake is, snoring away, even a bit of drools falls on to his pillow. I have to hold my hand to my mouth, attempting to keep the giggles falling from my mouth. I pull out my phone from my pyjama bottoms and snap a picture before calling his name.

"Drake, wakey wakey! Mums making bacon." He simply grumbles turning over on the squeaky bed and pulling the covers closer. I huff and grab a fist full of the sheets ripping them away form him.


"WHAT!?" His eyes fly open as he rolls back, so he's facing me.

"Ew, get some clothes on." I complain, seeing him in only a pair of boxers. Gross.

"What do you want?" He moans, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands.

"Mums cooked breakfast, get you're lazy ass up." Well, I couldn't really say that, it's still only about twenty past eight. I wouldn't be downstairs awake if it wasn't for Shawn. But it's my brother, who cares. I leave him to grumble and moan, doing his morning stretches and cross the hall to my parents room. Softly, I knock on the door until I hear a faint 'yes' and crack the door open a bit.

"Dad, mums cooked breakfast."

"Be there in a bit." He yawns mid way of saying that and waves me off. I shrug, closing the door behind me and next make my way to the stairs, I don't bother to go up but only scream for Shawn to get down stairs. Yet again... Brat. Once everyone's up, we all crowd around the table in the kitchen, waiting for mum to serve up the food. We'd offer to help but mums one of those independent cookers, she hates people helping to cook.

No one really says anything, at this hour, we're all zombies really. The only one that's truly awake, is Kennedy.

After breakfast, I return to my room, just simply scrolling through my phone for nearly an entire hour. At some point, mum had shouted a good bye to everyone and the next time I walked downstairs, the only person to be found was my dad.

"Where's everyone?" By everyone, I guess I only really meant Drake. I know my mum had gone out and I guess she took Kennedy and Shawn with her.

"Mum took Shawn and Kennedy to their friends and Drake got a lift off one of his friends to football practice." He informs me, buttoning up his white, chefs shirt.

"You're off to work too?"

"Afraid so darling." He offers a small smile and I return one. Home alone for the day, fine by me. It's not long after that, dad says his good byes as well and all I'm left to do is wander around the house until I decide on watching some TV.


I've been watching tv all day. There's literally nothing else too do. I sit wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, which I had to put back together because Drake had left it out as a bed this morning. He's twenty one. Move out already. Then again, I have to be grateful I suppose. Drake doesn't have a full time job but he does have a part time banking job and whenever he gets payed, no matter how much my parents protest, he always gives us the majority of money.

I sigh, reaching for the untouched coffee cup on the small table and lift it, taking a few sips. It burns my tongue and I almost drop the steaming liquid all onto my lap when there's a loud, crash on the door. Also known as a knock but with that kind of knock, I suspect someone's trying to break the door down or something. I hurriedly put the cup of coffee down and pace to the door. Fumbling with the door handle, I finally manage to pry it open only to slam it shut immediately.

"Star!" Tyler shouts from behind the oak door. My hands stay pressed flat against the wood and I can feel my heart rate speeding up by the second.

"Ill call the police," I finally shout. My muscles tense hearing his curse and I'm very much ready to make a run for the phone and do that exact thing. "Go away Tyler!"

"Star, I'm sorry, please!"

"Go away!" I take a step back from the door, almost afraid to be near it. Why exactly aren't I calling the police, this very second?

"Star come on, open the door please." Suddenly, the door handle jiggles and I jump back in fright. As if it's all in slow motion, I see the door handle slowly twist until the lock clicks. Seriously Star! You forgot to lock the freaking door! It swings open and I tract down his eyes immediately. His hands fly up innocently and slowly he takes a step forward so he's stood in the door frame. For several seconds, he stays dead still as if waiting for me to make the next move but soon realising I'm frozen to the spot, he finally speaks.

"Please, just give me a chance to explain."

"Get out." I practically choke on my own words, my throat goes dry and I can feel that feeling when you're about to burst into tears slowly accruing.

"I came here to apologise Star! Please." His voice comes out strained and croaky, as if he'd been crying endlessly but his eyes show no sigh of that. However, what they did show, was a full on, purple, swelled, black eye. In fact, taking a brief moment to look over him now, he looks bad. Louis had done some damage. His face is a complete mess, almost the entire left half of his face looks swelled and bruised, his lip has a large cut and of course his black eye. There's even a little bit of dried blood, directly under his nose, where he had most likely had a nose bleed.

"Get out Tyler," my voice cracks half way through his name and I know any moment now i'll burst.

"Let me apologise!"

"Fine, apologise then." For a moment, he stares at me in bewilderment. I don't think he was expecting me to agree. Quickly, he nods and begins to stumble out random words before he decide on how to go about it.

"Look Star, I'm sorry you know I would never hurt you on purpose, I was drunk-"

"That doesn't make you a different person." I hadn't even meant to interrupt him but I can feel my chest tightening every second he stands there. He immediately begins to ramble on, his words falling all over the place and half the time I'm not even listening. I'm too busy praying for him to leave already. Why would he even come? Dos he seriously think I'd forgive him just because he said sorry? Suddenly, I'm aware of something and I cut him off yet again.

"How do you know where I live?" It'd only just came to mind and some how, my chest tightens even more. I'd moved since we were kids and I don't think my parents had ever stayed in touch with his.

"I... Asked around." His hesitation scares me and I end up shaking my head side to side repeatedly.

"You need to leave."

"I thought you said I could apologise!" He takes a step forward and I move backwards immediately, hitting the wall, I panic. This is too much like yesterday.

"I changed my mind, get out Tyler."

"Star." His voice is more demanding than begging now and I swallow the forming lump in my throat. Maybe it wasn't just the alcohol that made him like that.

"Look, I came here too-"

"STAR!" For the first time in ages, I'm so happy to hear that shriek and horn. Natalie had pulled up in her bright pink convertible, sun glasses on and hair waving about, honking the horn to her car. Seeing, the door wide open and someone else standing there, she tips her sunglasses down, onto her nose starring right at Tyler.

"Tyler?" Her flirtatious giggle, escapes from her lips. What's she even doing here? I don't care, it's my excuse to make him leave. The sound of her car door slamming shut rings through my ears and she strides up the path meeting us at the door.

"Oh my God! It is you." Her fake lashes flutter away and as much as I'd like to roll my eyes and yet another guy, she's attempts to flirt with. I waste no time in taking several steps forward and practically yanking her past Tyler and behind me.

"Hi Natalile-"

"Gee! I forgot I'm meant to be going out with Nat and I need to get dressed, we will have to talk some other time." I focus on keeping my voice steady but immediately regret my last words. Honestly, I never want to see him again! Something's so different about him now, he isn't the same boy, I once knew. My eyes stay glued to his, never breaking contact or backing down. For a while, he stays put and I begin to think he hadn't even registered my words. LEAVE!

"Shame." My entire body seamed to erupt into shivers hearing that one word. His voice seemed to have no emotion to it at all. It came out, robotic, almost.

"Ill see you soon then?" It's not a question, it's a statement. I find myself swallowing and seconds later, a smile as robotic as his voice tugs across his cheeks.

"Goodbye Nat."

"Awe, bye Ty, shame we couldn't... Catch up or something." Even though, he spoke to Nat, his eyes never left mine and completely ignoring her obvious flirt. The robotic smile seems to crack a little wider.

"Bye bye Star." I don't say anything back. I'm way to creeped out. Something's very much, not right with him and I don't wish to spend any more time with him to find out. With that, his smile disappears within seconds and he slowly turns, then leaves. Closing the door with a creak. The minute, I hear the door click into place, I practically dive forward, locking it. I sigh of relief and hear Natalie cough. I spin on my heels to find her with her hands on her hips and a very annoyed look on her face.

"Star honey, mind explaining what that was all about?" I hide the urge to roll my eyes at her.

"He's a creep Nat, don't even get me started." I can see she's about to go crazy but she doesn't? Instead, she lets out a dramatic sigh, flicks her hair over her shoulders then pulls on the biggest grin.

"Well, whatever that was about, you weren't lying. We are going out, to a party!" If the whole episode with Tyler just then isn't enough to make me turn the other way, then her squeal sure is. I shake my head only for her to nod her head yes.

"Come on Star, it's that Owen kids party, in the year above us! They'll be drinks and everyone's going."

I already knew everything about it, id been invited. I just didn't want to go. I'd had a hard enough time telling Jace no, Nat would be an even bigger pain.

"You're so coming! My dates picking us up at 8, which means we've only got two hours to get you ready!" What part of No does she not understand? It was only now, I'd actually noticed her outfit. A black lace boob tube, with a V cut, barely covering any of her cleavage, dark blue, denim short shorts and black, six inch stilettos. How she can walk in them, I'm afraid i'll never know. I own maybe two or three pairs of four inch heels and that's about it. I do also have a pair of six inches which Nat had in fact gotten me for my birthday last year but I ended up secretly giving them to my mum.

"Nat I'm really not in the mood-"

"Star come on live a little, you never come out any more!" I sigh realising Nat would wine and wine until she got the answer she wants. I guess it wouldn't hurt, plus, I'm not really up to being left alone at the moment, even though mum would probably be home with Shawn and Kennedy within the next half hour. Sighing heavily, I barley nod before she shouts in excitement and sends me straight upstairs to shower. Great.


"Perfect!" Crop tops aren't my thing.

"Nat it's showing too much stomach." I continue to wine tugging at the top. She slaps my hands away before moaning about stretching the material then rolls her eyes.

"Babe, it doesn't show enough skin if anything!" Of course that's how she would see it. She's practically wearing a bra and boxer shorts.

Truthfully, despite feeling a little bit of too much skin exposed, Nat had picked out a nice outfit for me. White jeans, four inch black Chelsea boots and a black, long sleeved, crop top. The top ended just above my belly button and was simple and plain at the front but trailed off into a lacy pattern at the back. Nat had also done my makeup, even though I felt as if she was layering paint onto my face it turned out pretty good. As well as my hair, which she had straightened and last but not least, my necklace of course. Nat had make a comment about me always wearing it, only to gain a death stare from me. This necklace is one of the most important things to me and wearing it keeps it close and safe, the only time I actually take it off is when I sleep at night.

By the time we actually finish, it's quarter to eight and my mum and brothers had come home an hour ago. Nat's phone dings and immediately her eyes scan over the small screen.

"Oh my Gosh! He's here come on." I'm dragged out of my bedroom immediately and down the stairs to the front door. I shout a quick goodbye to everyone before Nat shoves me out the door. I can't help but laugh at her eagerness but my laughter soon fades and I find that my legs aren't moving anymore.

"Wait..." My hearts seams to leap from my chest seeing the familiar black Porsche.

"Louis is your date?" I speak so quietly at that moment, Natalie doesn't even hear me. Instead, she shrieks and practically runs towards the car. Louis is her date? I hate myself at this moment. I hate myself for having even the slightest of resentment for Nat being his date. But it continues to nag away at me, never leaving and so when the gorgeous boy steps from his car. I put on a smile but even a fool could tell, it's eaten away by my annoyance. He's her date! And last night? Shut up Star. I'm being ridiculous. Ignoring the twitching feeling to just turn around and head back inside this second, I follow Nat, mutter a quick hello to Louis and climb into the car. I ended up cramped in the backseat as well. Porsche cars are extremely nice but the backseats are extremely not. And so, I spend the next twenty minutes, cramped in the back, having to listen to Natalie's stupid flirting and giggling. Kill me.

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