Stalking is one of the hardest tasks there are. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


4. Then get to know me!

By lunch, I had picked up and dropped off Louis at all his lessons without so much as a conversation lasting more that three words. I was all up for completely avoiding him at this point but unfortunately, we both had Spanish next in the same class.

He had disappeared at lunch, not a clue where but then again it wasn't my business and I was fine with not seeing him the entire hour. But edging closer to the bell, I thought it would be best to find him considering I didn't want to be searching all over the place for him once the bell had gone. I stood from my group of friends and all eyes turned to me.

"I'm going to go and find Louis-"

"I'll come!" Natalie suddenly squeaks, springing from her seat, cutting me off. Of course she'll come. I nod adverting my eyes to anywhere else rather than at her stuck up smile. Honestly, why are we best friends? If you can even call us that...

And so we leave the table to search the cafeteria for him but he was no where in sight, so then we move on to the field, to the other cafe and then to the gardens and still he's not anywhere to be seen. In fact, we had searched near enough everywhere and it didn't help having Natalie's constant whining in my ear the entire time. In the end, I throw my hands up in the air, telling no one in particular that I give up. Natalie huffs with a sulk and ends up deciding that we should go and see my boyfriend. And so we do. I know exactly where he would be, as always him and his group of friends - jocks - would be sat on the bleachers by the rugby/soccer field as they did everyday. No one is really aloud there apart from when in PE lessons but with Jace; obviously being the top jock, the coach always let him and his friends sit up there.

One crossing the field and through the small gate that led into the rugby/soccer field, I immediately spotted them on the fourth and fifth benches up, laughing and joking about. A small smile crossed my face seeing Jace stand, once he caught the sight of me, he grins and gestures for us to come over. So, he isn't that bad of a boyfriend, aside from how vien he can be at times and boring and jealous and consistent and always talking about sports... There were times when I actually enjoyed my time with him.

"Hes calling me over, come on." Natalie urges giggling to herself. I'm close to saying something about the whole 'he's calling ME over' thing but decided to let it slide... As I always do.

When Natalie and I were kids, she wasn't exactly... The supermodel she is now. She was goofy looking and was picked on all the way through junior school where as I, wasn't the prettiest in the class but neither the ugliest and was rarely picked on. Through out it all, Natalie and I remained best friends but at one point, Natalie hated me for being that little bit prettier. During the holidays, just before joining secondary school, Natalie's parents had hit a gold mind. Her dad took over a new business and her mum got a part time job as a model. She had all the money in the world and she used it. When coming back to school, she was a new person. She'd gotten her hair done, dyed from a plain dirty blonde to a bright and luxurious strawberry blonde. Her mum had bought all the most expensive brands of make up and a whole new closet of different, designer clothes and shoes and accessories. She'd gotten professionals to show how to apply the make up and her very only stylist that advises her on her clothes. The only thing that stayed the same was me being her best friend but even that had never quite been the same. Her little hatred faze passed and we we're friends once again but sometimes I'm not so sure if it ever did pass. Maybe that's why I always let these little comments pass... She'd gone through a rough time during junior school and maybe I'm being to soft but I just didn't want to upset her again.

We're half way to the bleachers when I suddenly stop dead in my track, my mouths falls open and my eyes near enough fall out of their sockets.

"Is that Louis talking to Jace?" Natalie shrieks and is suddenly picking up her speed on the way to the bleachers leaving me still frozen in place.

I stare at the Carmel hair that was semi gelled up in messy spikes and my entire body goes numb. He's with Jace. Why is he talking to Jace! And suddenly, I've caught up with Natalie and end up ahead of her, raising towards the two boys, my heart beat speeding up by a million. I completely blank the guys who I rush past up the stairs, that are saying hello and end up directly in front of both Louis and Jace who are laughing with one another about God knows what.

"Hey Jace." I say quickly completely interrupting their previous conversation, Jace turns my way and grins.

"Hey babe." He grins leaning in for a kiss but I turn my head looking to Louis quickly so he's unable too,

"I see you've met Louis." I semi snap but add a sweet smile to it. Louis's eyes focus on me and a smirks folds across his face. I send him daggers with my eyes, glancing at Jace to check he wasn't looking first. What the hell is he doing! He said he wouldn't talk to Jace.

"Yeah found him at lunch you meanie." He grins wrapping an arm around my waist and forcing me into him with a laugh, I let out a nervous laugh placing a hand against his chest, "leaving him all alone." He continues.

Jace looks to Louis and he lifts his eyes from me, meeting Jaces. He shrugs and nods. I give a nervous, innocent smile and Jace laughs kissing my cheek, my eyes advert to Louis as he does. This is so not right. A month ago it was Louis's lips and they travelled to way more extreme places that Jaces from what I can remember.

"So what were you talking about?" I ask indirectly towards Jace, I wasn't much for talking to Louis right now, I'm already flustered.

"Just about the team and that. Louis is thinking about coming along to try outs!" He grins patting Louis on the shoulder. Jace wasn't one of those guys that was all fussy about new guys joining the team, he wasn't really the competitive guy when it came to spots on the team. Jace is the quarterback, always has been, always will be. He's got nothing to worry about. The rest of the team aren't even close to being as good as him, so he's always happy when there's someone new on the team.

I'm just about to say something, when Natalie appears suddenly,

"Jace!" She squeals and throws her arms around his neck from the opposite side to me.

"Hey Nat." He grins, his arm lifts from me to return Nats hug and I have to bite my tongue not to start screaming. She aggravates me so much. Suddenly, she's next to Louis, completely ignoring Jace. "Louis!" He dryly nods towards her showing no interest in greeting her the same way Jace had.

She chews her bottom lip delicately before letting out the obnoxious, annoying, little giggle she does.

"So Louis, considering your knew around, you probably need someone to show you around our little town." Her eyes lashes begin to flutter and the scheduled lip bite appears on her face. "I could show you around one day if you want?"

Louis seams to just stare past her for a moment before suddenly his eye brows perk up and his smile widens. Is he going to accept it?

"Thanks Natalie but Stars already offered she will at some point." His eyes flash to mine and all I can do is blink. Pretty sure that never happened. Just as I'm about to deny it, Jace perks up.

"That's nice of you babe." He says it with a smile on his face and a nod towards Louis but I detect the tiniest piece of annoyance in his voice. No, not annoyance, jealously. The hand wresting on my side, slides further round so it now rests upon my stomach and he pulls me a little more into him. Defiantly jealously. Jace is rarely the jealous type. Then again, no one ever challenges him too be jealous. He's one of the schools pretty boys and he knows it, as well as everyone else. Who would try and take him on?

My bottom lip wobbles, searching for words but when I can't seam to find any, Nat jumps in.

"Well I can tag along then, and Jace! You can come too." I swallow and nod sourly. Let's make sure to be ill whatever day they decide on.

One of the guys, who's a couple benches down calls for Nat and she smirks, flicking her hair back and strutting towards the large group of guys. Nat could have any one of those guys, why can't she just choose one and date him? Instead of the constant flirting with every guy she meets. I'm completely in a trance, watching her flirtatious act come to life, that is until I hear my name voice between Jace and Louis.


"Just asking what Louis thinks of my beautiful girlfriend!" Jace grins, he now wraps both arms around me and pulls me even closer so that he can now rest his chin on my head. I glance to Louis and his eyes don't meet mine, he looks to Jace instead. He's quiet for a moment, starring past Jace as if he's deep in thought and then his eyes cross back over to Jaces. I'm suddenly incredibly interested in what he's about to say and the few seconds before his answer are like a year of anxiously waiting and how tense it is, is unbelievable.

"She's..." He pauses, spit it out already. "Loud". He answers matter of fact. Loud. What the hell!

"And fast."

"And..." He pauses, longer than he had last time.

"Eager." My heart stops.

"Definitely eager." A smile tugs at his lips and all I can do is stare, my mouth falling slightly a gap. And like lightning, his eyes flicker to mine and back to Jaces so quickly, that if I hadn't of been watching his face incredibly closely, I wouldn't of noticed. In that moment, everything just stops, I don't pay any attention to my surroundings, any attention to Natalie's loud giggle in the background, any attention to the bell that had just rung, or any attention to the questionable look Jace had just given Louis. Everything stops.


"What the hell was that about!" I practically scream, shoving Louis under one of the bleachers. This is the second time I've done something like this. Shove him somewhere private, where in most circumstances would normally end up in someone making out with another or something... That's only happened once... At the back of the club.

"I don't understand what you're on about." He smirks, keeping our eyes trapped in an intense stare down.

"Like hell you don't! You basically just told my BOYFRIEND how I-" I cut myself off, throwing a hand to my mouth, stopping the next sentence that was about to come out. No way.

"What?" He grins taking a step closer, immediately I take a step back.

"You know what!" I snap, God what's wrong with him.

"Hey, he asked me what I thought of you, I told him." he says charmingly, his smirk only getting wider.

"Loud. Fast. EAGER. What the hell!" I shout and give his chest another shove, he dosent even budge.

"Yeah." He shrugs like its no big deal, "you're a little loud, walking down the halls, it's like you racing me when on our way to lessons and you are pretty eager about not wanting me to tell you're boyfriend that we had sex." He shrugs, my eyes immediately go wide.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" I yell repeatedly, shaking my head. The bell had gone almost ten minutes ago, we're undoubtedly late. I had waited until everyone was near enough off the field and Jace and his lot had gone before shoving Louis under the bleachers. I didn't want to take my chance of anyone seeing him and I.

"What? We did." He shrugs once again, grinning.

"God, shut up!" I snap, "you promised you wouldn't tell Jace!" I say panicked. Jesus, I had known Louis what, two days in total, why the hell would I trust him. This is ridiculous. I have a one night stand with him then a month goes by and I see him for the first time today and already he's getting talking with my boyfriend of all people and leaving subtle hints at what we did and getting me worked up in the space of five minutes.

"And I haven't told him," he steps forward and I'm shocked when his hand moves to my chin, lifting it up slightly, "and I won't tell him, you can trust me." His voice is soft and he removes his hand grinning and takes a few steps back until he's able to lean against one of the bleachers poles, holding it up.

"Look, you're gorgeous and I am so glad I got to spend the night with you and Christ do I want to spend more with you but I respect that you have a boyfriend but then again, I also consider the fact that you did sleep with me whilst you was with him so... My hopes are high." He smirks, my cheeks flush a bright colour and I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. "Now best be getting back to class." He says and walks straight past and out from under the bleachers. That happened way to quickly and it takes a moment for me to fully take in all of it.

"I barely know you!" The words fly out if my mouth before I realise what I'm saying. Louis turns, a huge grin plastered on his face and lifts his arms, taking a few steps backwards,

"Then get to know me!"


Haiiii!! So I don't know if this chapter rushed into it a little too quickly but tell me what you think :) xx

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