Stalking is one of the most concentrated tasks. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


2. Louis, Louis Tomlinson

"Nat can we maybe talk about something else other than my boyfriend," I ask innocently towards Natalie, who wont stop talking about him. She looks to me as if I've just insulted her, scoffing and flicking her hair that's now been let out of the eye catching scrunchy and ruffled, framing her face. She ignores me and simply struts her way to our English class. I huff, letting my head fall back in distress for a moment before following Natalie's footsteps into my least favourite class. I spot Natalie in her usual seat surrounded by the guys, who hopeless drool over her whilst she continues to flirt but wouldn't even think of dating one of them. Hauling the strap of my rucksack a bit higher, I stride over to the tacky navy blue seat besides her and sit down. She doesn't even glance my way but continues to flirt with a guy named Will Burford. I roll my eyes before slouching back into my seat.

Mr Matthew greets us miserably as he always dose and gets straight into it, half the time looking like he hates life and it doesn't take long before the chaotic class slips into chaos. Natalie's pitch full giggle seams to almost blare even louder than the two boys at the front of the class, taping away at their desks with pencils, trying to creat a steady beat passing them as drums. I sink further into my seat whilst my gaze slowly drifts to the windows that display our massive field of fresh cut grass. A few slim trees cover the back and the aqua blue sky rests behind them stretching into the abyss, way to far to ever see the end of it.

I get far to involved in the pure beauty of nature that I almost don't notice, Mr Taylor, our principle, walk in. And just like that... its silent, like none of that chaos had ever happened.

"Good morning class, sorry to disturb but we have a new student, I'd like you all to welcome him and be nice." He declares lifting his hands to his tie straightening it to perfection. I manage to see the coloured ink of a snake tattoo that sneaks out of his arm sleeve, barley visible but just enough to catch my eye. I admire it for the split second I can see it but then his arm drops back to his sides and it's hidden under his suit jacket. I love tattoos. I've wanted one since I was little. Coming back from my small day dream, I watch at Mr Taylor steps to one side with care and offers a warm smile to whoever stands out of view, outside the class door.

"Come in Mr Tomlinson." He encourages the awaiting person and soon enough two pairs of feet wrapped in white leather, spotless converse step into the room and all air inside of me has suddenly been sucked out. My mouth drys, falling a gap as I stare at the same gorgeous and ravishing, stunning guy with a charming smile, who's house I had gone home too not even a month ago.

His outfit and sense of style is completely different from when I had first met him at the club but his hair is still a mess of caramel luxury and his eyes still hold a hypnotising and dazzling look. Soon enough, the familiar bad boy smirk reappears on his face as I catch him doing the exact same thing I'm doing. Starring. Within seconds I'm bright red. No, no, no, no! He recognises me. This is not good.

"Holy shit!" I hear Natalie squeal from besides me, suddenly knocking me out of the trance I'm in, starring into the snake eyes he possesses. I snap my head her way, panic clear in my voice.


"He's hot, extremely hot." She whispers quietly, eyeing him up and pressing her teeth into her bottom lip. Her signature pose. I'm speechless, too in shock to form words, so instead, I place my stare back on the gorgeous guy.

"Welcome, please take a seat Mr Tomlinson." Mr Matthew perks suddenly becoming full of life and ready to teach. Such a suck up.

My stunned eyes follow him as he strides down a row of seats looking for an empty one. The girls giggle and blush as he walks past them, just as aware of how gorgeous he is as I am and the guys simply scoff seeing him as only competition. And right now, I'm more glad than ever that Jace isn't in this class because he would see right through me.

He walks further and further up the row, ironically closer and closer too me by each passing second until he finds a seat. I'm both relieved and disappointed when he finds a seat opposite Natalie on her side. I watch as Natalie's seductive lip bite and talk gets to work as she leans forward gently tapping his shoulder and asks for his name whilst twirling the ends of her hair around her finger, giggling uncontrollably. He simply turns to her with a small smile showing off his pearls of teeth, he's way to good looking.

"Louis." He says in that all to familiar, pure, British accent the makes my stomach fill with butterfly's. He pauses for a moment and I'm surprised when his crystal blue eyes flicker to mine and suddenly everything from that night we shared rushes straight back to my head.

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson."


"He's gorgeous." She cries as we leave English. I simply nod still completely and utterly shocked to seeing those incredible ocean eyes again. But right now all I want to do is get away. Get away from him. What if he try's to talk to me or something, what the hell do I say!? I've just about made it to the end of the short corridor and am completely relieved as I go to turn the corner but obviously someone's got it out for me because soon the sweet obnoxious voice of Mr Matthew calls for me through the busy halls. I close my eyes for a brief second cursing at no one in particular then spin on my hills smiling sweetly towards Mr Matthews. Natalie takes a swift turn herself and is already making her way back to mo Mr Matthews before I am. Guess who stands next to him.

"Miss Dutton where are you heading to next?" He asks me once I reach him, pushing the circular glasses that sit on his nose further up the bridge. I keep my eyes stapled to Mr Matthews terrified to even look a little left.

"Greek mythology sir, F18." I answer, stating the room as well, knowing that would be his next question. I also know the exact question that would be next and I pray to God I'm wrong. He glares at me slightly for being a smart ass but then smiles bitterly.

"Mr Tomlinson here is in F16, you can lead the way for him." Damn it. I knew I was right.

"Ill take him!" Natalie suddenly shrieks, deliberately stepping in front of me so I'm literally blocked from Mr Matthews view. Her eyes flick to Louis and she lets out yet another giggle. Seriously! Nothing here is funny. I have to hold in my laughter as Mr Matthews eyes drift from Natalie then Louis and then Natalie again and his face scrunches up. Even he knows all Natalie wants to do it lead Louis into bed. I bow my head at the thought, I'd shared the same bed as Louis...

"No that's fine Miss Simmons, you can head to you're next class." He strains struggling for words that won't offend Nat. That's impossible. Everything offends her. Her mouth falls a gap and her face takes on an expression of pure hurt. Mr Matthew takes no notice.

"Go on." He continues gesturing towards the packed halls of students glumly making their way to the disaster of their next lesson. She burns her fiery green eyes into his as if he'd just slapped her. She opens her mouth but no words form and soon she spins with a sulk, striding her way through the halls. I can even hear her screaming when a couple of guys are mucking about and get in her way accidentally.

Mr Matthews lets out a relieved sigh, happy he didn't have to deal with much drama from Natalie. That was quite subtle compared to what she can be like.

"Now," he turns to us, "Miss Dutton would you mind?" He asks gesturing a hand towards Louis. I swallow the gathering lump in my throat and with a sigh, nod. I can't exactly say no...

"In fact..." He pauses, oh God there's more. He reaches into the back pocket of his dull grey trousers and pulls out his dismissing booklet. I frown now confused, not having a clue what the predictable man is going to do. He scribbles down something using a pen that also sat in his back pocket, then rips the paper off and passes it to me.

"There, I have given you permission to lead Mr Tomlinson to his lessons for the rest of the day, if your late to your lessons give your teacher this." He tells me gesturing to the paper I now held in my hand. After that, he steps back into his classroom again without another word. WHAT! I gulp and slowly my eyes drift to his and yet another gathering lump forms in the back of my throat.

"Come on." I say but its more of a squeak and immediately turn around making my way to our next lesson. How did I get stuck with this, of all freaking people. I don't check to see if he's even following, I just hurry down the corridors making my way to our class. I need to calm down, he might not even recognise or remember me. Who am I kidding, we were basically undressing each other all over again with our eyes in lessons!

"You know." He suddenly says, speaking for the first time since English, I nearly trip over my own two feet hearing him speak, I'm nervous for his next words.

"You look extremely familiar." I swallow keeping in front of him as I walk at a quick determined pace wanting to throw him in his classroom before he could say another word. I make a simple 'hmm' sound and keep walking, my pace quickening a little more each second. Please don't talk anymore.

"I don't suppose you ever head to the clubs around here?" He smirks catching up to me so he now paces besides me. I simply suck in a deep breath and continue to walk.

"I do." I mutter keeping my eyes anywhere but his burning stare. Maybe trying to act as if I don't remember will encourage him to shut up. But there's no need for that considering I finally reach his class, mine opposite his.

"Your class is there." I say thrusting a finger towards the new wooden, brown door and then in seconds disappear into mine, the bell hadn't even gone yet. I take my seat, my body moulding into the shape of it and let out quick and sharp breaths. Damn it! He knows. Several seconds later, the clink of Natalie's hills echo throughout the room. I catch her eyes in an intense stair and they're full of rage and fury. She marches her way over completely blanking anyone who try's to talk to her and swiftly takes a seat next to me. Her eyes still a lite with fire.

"So!" She demands, flattening her hands on the table and swiping her head my way. She's pissed.

"So what?" I question, honestly unaware of what she was gesturing. Her nostrils flare and she rolls her eyes as if she's talking to a five year old.

"Louis!" She chirps, like it's the most obvious thing ever. She begins pretending to check the ends of her strawberry blonde hair for split ends whilst I imminently start pretending to search through my bag for my books. Mostly because I'm terrified I'll become flustered talking about him or she'll catch on, realising I know him. That would be chaos.

"You can't be serious?" I half chuckle, implying it in a joking way but also completely serious. She's really that obsessed over him already. Her green eyes almost seam to darken as her eye brows raise disapprovingly, telling me she is in fact, dead serious.

"Nat, chill. I took him to his lessons, that's it. There's no need to worry you can have him." I laugh but immediately regret the last part of that. She simply rolls her eyes giving me a 'well duh' look.

"Please!" She scoffs,

"I'm not worried, he's far too gorgeous for you." She grins whilst letting out a witches cackle. I ignore the insult, pushing back all the nasty and horrid things I wanted to say back, to the back of my head. Nat and I have been best friends for so long now, I've gotten used to the insults and rudeness. How? I'll never know.

"Yeah... Besides I have Jace." I decide to go with. It's not insulting her but I know it will annoy her. She hates to be reminded that Jace is MY boyfriend and not hers. Her eyes shift from mine to the board with a barley hearable scowl and she nods her head stiffly.

"Yeah." She mutters. I smile to myself, secretly happy that I've annoyed her for once and soon enough the defining ring of the bright and bold, red bell, sings out its horrid tunes, telling us lessons have begun. My attention turns to the board and I'm left counting down the minutes until I have to face, blue eyed, pretty boy again...





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