Stalking is one of the hardest tasks there are. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


3. Awkward Closet Time

This must be the one and only time I've ever wanted a lesson to last. I've been starring at the clock above grumpy old Mrs Walker for the last hour. Two minutes exact until the bell goes and I have to lead Louis to his next class. I swear to God I've never been so embarrassed. I'm not one for one night stands but at the time I needed a release... And Louis was that release. I didn't think id be freaking seeing him again. Worst of all. Unlike me, where it's a bit blurry from the amount of alcohol I had consumed that day, Louis seams to remember EVERYTHING! We had sex! And he remembers every second of it, I simply remember waking up the next morning on top of him not wearing anything. And then sneaking out without waking him or anything. Oh my God. THATS WORSE! I didn't even wake him up, I just left.

My eyes flicker to the clock but ironically, the bell rings literally as soon as I look up. I curse under my breath and take my time to stand up and take my bag. I suck in a deep breath being one of the last to leave and sure enough his muscular figure leans back against the wall opposite me. His arms are crossed over the firmness of his hard chest and he's tapping his foot impatiently, he's obviously been standing there a long time. I swallow the lump down my now incredibly dry throat and take three steps forward keeping about a metre distance between us, my eyes avert to anywhere but his.

"What have you got next?" My horse voice croaks, Jesus this couldn't be more awkward. His soft ocean eyes don't move from their sockets as he swiftly pulls out a white piece of crumpled paper that had been folded several times from his jeans back pocket. He stretches his arm towards me offering the piece of ruined paper and I almost curse on the spot remembering a small quick flash back of my nails digging into those muscular arms of his, whilst his lips continued on the hickey he had been working on. Get a grip Star, geez. I take the paper from him, probably a little too aggressively than I should of and shift my gaze from him to the now unfolded paper. A time table. Reading across the chart I come to the conclusion he has history next and of course he has to be in my class... Great. I let out a breath I hadn't realised Id been holding and open my mouth to speak but suddenly stop hearing my name being called. Jace, shit!

"Come on!" I snap and quickly hurrying down the packed corridor, sliding past people. I take a quick glance back checking Louis is following. I am no way in hell ready for Louis and Jace to meet yet. This is stressful enough as it is.

I decide on telling Jace I simply didn't hear him, for later on when I'm positive I'll get the annoyed little speech of his for me ignoring him. I've had to listen to this on several occasions because every now and again I decide to not answer the phone when he calls or something like that. I'm suddenly too involves in my thoughts to notice Louis who had unfortunately started to talk... If there is a God, I pray to you now please don't let this be an awkward conversation.

"Don't take this as rude but what is you're name again?" He questions.


That wasn't that bad. Rude. But not awkward.

"I mean it has been what, a month?"

It's official, Satan's watching over me and I'm going to hell.

I shriek in astonishment and suddenly I've shoved Louis back and we're now in the janitors closet. In the split second, when I slam the door shut I hear a few wolf whistles from the few surrounding people walking past that had obviously seen me do that and curse under my breath. Shit! No. I didn't think this through. I pray that it was no one I know and most defiantly no one that knows me. I let out a frustrated sigh and snap my gaze to Louis, who is only now recovering his footing. I'd taken him by surprise and he'd lost his balance at some point nearly falling... But he didn't. His eye meet my angered ones and the only thing he can do is smirk. He's smirking at a situation like this, really! Well... Then again, I did sort of shove us into a closet that's so packed and small, I'm close enough to smell the deodorant that makes him smell ten times better than most guys. I suck in a breath and decide to just let it all out, get it all out now before I chicken away and try to deny the fact that we have very much encountered each other's company in a very specific way before.

"Look." I exhaust, letting a puff of air fall from my stuttering mouth.

"Let's try not to act like kids about this." I pause hoping he'll save me from the embarrassment of my next words by opening his mouth but it stays sealed closed. I swallow the forming lump and flutter my eyes closed for a moment.

"We fooled around and we both know it but no one else knows and I..." I stop myself before completely embarrassing myself and catch his gloomy eyes that stay focused on me. A strand of the darkened ends of his gracious hair falls over his left eye and I'm half tempted to sweep it back up or shift it to one side. I restrain my fidgeting fingers into my pockets.

"But you have a boyfriend." He finishes for me, flashing an all to familiar bad boy smirk. I'm taken by surprise and find myself starring for several seconds.

"How do you know that?" I question, my voice having a mixture of both curiosity and panic. I hadn't told him about Jace. In fact, id made sure of it too completely avoid Jace, in subject and even in the halls a moment ago.

"Come on, it's sort of obvious. You basically ran away from him when he was calling you in the halls. It seamed clear enough that you didn't want us to meet, which means I'm guessing he's a long term boyfriend and that you were with him when we..." He trailed off, a grin forming on his pump, peach-coloured lips, "-you know."

I stare at him in complete astonishment for a moment and then his words seam to click in and I turn into a pure mess, my words going all over the place.

"You couldn't know that - he might of just been a friend - maybe he was calling another Star - you can't just assume - and he was with me when you and I - and... What makes you so sure... How can you... I..." I snap the words defensively hoping there's some sort of loop hole where I can tell him that's he's wrong but to be honest... He's perfectly right. I end up hopelessly starring into his crystal eyes, my mouth quivering, hanging open unable to form anymore words.

"Well love, if I was wrong - which I'm not - how defensive you just became is all I need to prove that I'm right." He smirks folding his arms over his chest and falling back against the wall.

I let out a sigh and suck in a deep breath.

"Whatever, yes OK. He is my boyfriend but we were on a break when you and I... But I'm back with him now and so it's just... I would really appreciate it if... Could you maybe just-"

"Keep quiet." He suggests, finishing off for me, I let out another sigh of relief and nod.


It's silent for a further moment before he nods.

"OK." He shrugs lifting his arms up as in a 'what can you do way' and lifts himself from the wall so he's now standing up straight. I frown for a moment then shrug myself, what were you expecting Star. Him to argue, tell you he's off to tell your boyfriend right now. It was only a one night stand. It's not like you spent the summer together, falling madly in love.

"Well... Ok then." I nod, fixing a smile onto my face. "We best get to class then." I say and he's nods as we both file out of the small, cramped janitor closet. The bell was close to ringing so most of the students were already waiting outside their classes, therefor we were able to slip out of the closet without being seen. I hurried down the halls with Louis pacing behind me and led him to his next class.

The plan was to get Louis to agree to staying quiet when I first pushed us into that closet and that's exactly what he had agreed too... So why am I not completely thrilled...

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