Stalking is one of the most concentrated tasks. It requires such skill and stealth that it's the closet thing to being super human.
Well... that the opinion of an actual stalker.
But to everyone else, stalking is harassment, creepy and a crime.

Star Dutton is in for a big shock when she finds herself having her very own stalker.


1. And So It Began

My lungs are just about running out of oxygen when he finally pulls away allowing a breath of air for the both of us. I suck in a deep breath, panting slightly from the rapid, little make out session we just had, my head's still spinning a little.

"My names Star by the way."  I breath, one hand clinging onto the back of his neck whilst the other ruffles through his messy, caramel hair. His sparkling ocean eyes match his perfect smirk as he runs his thumb across my lip. The small stubble on his chin and towering heigh made him seam a little older than me, only a little.

"I like it." His rasp voice echos, the plump pinkness of his beautiful and delicate lips spread into a wide toothy grin and before another word is said, our lips connect once more. My hands fly to his hair lightly tugging at the wild mess of caramel luxury and a throaty groan vibrates against my lips. He snatches my lower lip between his teeth playfully grinning into me. He's rough and eager and maybe a little sloppy but that's most likely the alcohol talking but it doesn't matter. I need this, I need a break. Our tongues sneak their way in, on an adventure of their own, eventually ending up in fighting for dominance and soon enough I feel his desperate fingers hook at the belt loop of my jeans tugging them down slightly. A quick gasp falls from my lips before my hand caves over his stopping the action. I pry my lips from his, recovering for a few seconds before opening my mouth.

"Want to head back to yours?" I breath feeling my chest quickly rise and fall from exhaustion. Drunk or not, I'm still aware of the fact my parents and brothers are home, that being the only reason I suggest his place. The cold pricks at my skin causing goose bumps to form covering the reviled skin on my arms. I stand with my back against the club wall, his larger body pressing into me whilst I anxiously wait for his answer. His eye brows perk up and a wild smile plays on the sweetness of his lip as his long, curled fingers press into my sides where his warm hands rest. He grazes my lips with his, barley touching them before pulling back.

"I thought you'd never ask!"


"Star!" She shrieks slamming her locker shut causing a loud crash and making several passing students turn our way wondering what the racket was about. "You want to break it off with him! He's every freaking girls dream, besides you need a hot boyfriend if you want to stay in the league of populars." She exaggerates frantic about the conversation we are having. She deliberately fans her face for effect being the massive drama queen Natalie is. I roll my eyes wondering how I haven't hit myself with a brick yet whilst listening to her constant insults that slide into near enough every conversation we have. She claims she doesn't seam to notice.

I swing one of my white, paint-splattered backpack straps onto one shoulder and begin to walk the over crowded halls with her right by my side.

"Well, if you like him so much, why don't you date him." I roll my eyes, she considers the idea momentarily and if I wasn't her best friend and didn't know her well enough and didn't know that's she's top student in drama. I would have been worried for a moment.

"Not my taste." She finally decides on. I roll my eyes once she's not looking, too busy snapping at some poor girl who accidentally bumped into her. Natalie's being drooling over Jace since first grade. I trust her enough to know she would never try anything with him, our friendship meaning too much. But I also know that if she had the chance, if Jace and I were never together, she would snatch him up without a second of hesitation. Sometimes I wonder if I should worry.

Natalie's the popular girl in our school and with every popular, comes a rude, biased attitude. She says something, it goes. Today she looks her normal, daily perfect self. Her thick blonde shimmering hair is pulled tightly back into a high pony tail on the back of her head with a bright, pink flared scrunchy. Her ridiculous amount of make up - in my opinion - is applied to her face in the tradition immaculate way it normally is. Mascara and eye liner brings out the vibrant blue of her incredible eyes which matches what she's wearing. She dresses in a pair of high wasted spotless white skinny jeans with golden zips and Adriatic mist blue stitches and a short light pink crop top that rests on her stomach with the words 'from geek to chic' in soulless white letters. She wears brown cowboy boots that stretch up to just under her knees and golden chains and bangles cover her arms. Flawless. As usual.

"Whatever, anyway, I never said I'm going to break it off, I just said we're growing apart." She gives me an unpleased look, sighing dramatically whilst lifting her hands into view, curling her fingers into her palm to examen her fresh, newly manicured, pink nails.

Her eyes swept across the bright colours at the ends of each finger before stopping on one and scowling.

"Stupid idiots!" She curses, running her thumb over a jagged edge of her nail, where the nail vanish had been too thick and betray the perfection of her candy floss, pink nails.

"Well you seriously ought to sort yourself out, proms in less than a month and a half." She reminds me, prom is all she talks about lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited. But it's been the past gossip for over a month now and one and a half months is a long time away.

My lips part, sticking together slightly from where they had become dry and chapped but I don't get a chance to say a single word before I'm interrupted.

"Hey beautiful." I hear his husky voice bellow from behind me and all to soon, arms loop around me and I feel the gentle pressure of his lips against my ear. I suck in a breath not allowing the desperate sigh that I wanted to let go of realise. Instead, I crack my lips apart and force my teeth on show in a half hearted smile.

"Hi Jace." I mumble quietly, I'm surprised he even hears. I feel the muscles in his arms contract as he squeeze my smaller frame a little tighter. I nervously fiddle with the small, silver, heart necklace that had once been my grandmothers. I wear it everyday, all day, without question. It's incredibly special to me.

"And what are we talking about ladies?" He chirps loudly, I wince from my small left ear being right next to his bellowing voice as he rests his chin on top of my left shoulder. He simply nods to Natalie as a greeting whilst she's already tore her eyes from her nails and now stands up right, swiftly playing with the ends of her hair whilst her teeth sink into her red lipstick-applied bottom lip. I try not to let it bother me too much, Natalie always behaved in some sort of flirtatious manner around Jace. I've learned to ignore it, hearing her constant words of how it's just a game, that she plays with all boys. But it's not all boys...

"Hey Jace, Star and I were just talking about you actually." Natalie smiles showing off her pearly white teeth then giggles. I hardly seen anything funny about the matter but I smile once looking to Jace seeing that he shows no interest in her.

"Sounds good." He nods and I'm aware he's grinning, his lips purse as he comes in leaving a soft kiss my cheek.

"Come on, lets head to class." He continues and Im able to sneak from his hold as we make our way down the crowded and trashed halls .


Maths is a snore, boring as usual. But the end of the day follows up pretty quickly hitting me like a ball to the face. Jace drops me off home, the entire ride hinting he wanted to come in but I ended up making some barely believable excuse, explaining why he couldn't come in. To be perfectly honest, one, I didn't want him coming in and two, my parents aren't much big fans of him either.

I have been dating Jace for near enough an entire year now, it seams like the days have just been wasting away. Ok yes, he's the top athlete of the school, amazing body, amazing looks, amazing everything... all except actual social skills. I've come to learn he's the most boring person on the planet. The only thing he talks about is sports and I'm sick and tired of hearing about all his touch downs he's made over and over again.

I thank him for the ride before quickly pacing the steps of my front porch to my door and hurrying inside. I let out a sigh which I had been holding in all day and my eyes flutter closed for a few seconds. Who knew life could be so stressful.

"Star!" The familiar sound of my mum calls, I let out yet another heavy sigh and follow the sound of her voice into the far too big kitchen. I have quite a big house considering there's six of us living here. There's my mum, Harper, my dad, Jonathan - well John, he hates his full name - and of course my brothers. Drake who's twenty one, I'm just about waiting for him to move out, Shawn who's eleven, a complete brat and last but not least Kennedy, who's two and a little whirlwind but by far the cutest little boy ever. And of course me, who's seventeen

"Yes mum?" I respond finally making it too the kitchen, my eyes drift from hers to Kennedy sitting on one of the black, leather stools behind my mothers stance stuffing his face with chocolate biscuits. My mouth waters for a moment not realising the growing hunger that clawed at my stomach.

"Could you watch Kennedy and Shawn whilst I do a bit of shopping, I don't want to bring them considering what Kennedy did last time." She tells me cocking her head towards him and shifting one of her eye brows up. He simply giggles adorably, rocking back slightly, knowing full well what he had done. Too cut the story short, he had destroyed the store, that's all I'm going to say, like I said before, he's a little whirlwind.

"Why can't Drake watch them!" I whine not in the mood to be chasing a two year old around nor deal with the attitude of an obnoxious young teenager.

"Drake is out and your watching them whether you like it or not." She states and leaves without any further notice. I let out a frustrated sigh and guide my way over to Kennedy putting the biscuit tin away.

"That's enough for now little piggy!" I laugh and give his smaller sides a little tickle, once again he lets out one of his adorable little giggles. I help him off the counter, lifting him high into the air before placing him down onto the black marble floor and he's runs off immediately.

My dad works pretty much all day, from 10am too 10pm. Ten hours. He works a double shift, he's a chef until around 6pm, has a small break and then he becomes a bouncer later in the night, occasionally, he has to work even more hours. Chef and a bouncer. Not really the two you'd think would mix. But they do. My fathers the kindest and most caring person in the world who can cook and is relatively strong. He uses what he's good at and it seams to be working out for us.

I'm not really the wealthiest of family's, that's why my dad takes a double shift. I mean I'm not poor... We just have to be cautious with a money, having four kids can be expensive. Our house is barely big enough as it is. Its a three bedroom house for six of us. Shawn and Kennedy share one of the larger bedrooms, our parents have their own small room and so do I. Drake takes the sofa bed but it's hardly a problem for him, he's normally staying at a friends or crashed at some girl he usually meets through the adventure of his clubbing nights. He's completely irresponsible.

"Star I'm leaving now." My mum calls making her way down the slim and steep stairs. She appears in the kitchen with Kennedy clutched in her arms.

"And when I say watch him, I mean watch him.". I have to hold back rolling my eyes when she narrows her eyes towards me and simply nod taking him in my arms.

"Bye mum." I sing walking away from her, she leaves with a sigh and soon I hear the heavy front door squeeze open and slam closed. I climb the stairs still with Kennedy in my arms and make my way to my room. I place him on my large double bed and swipe the play-dough off my desk which had been left by him earlier on. That should get him occupied. He shrieks with joy taking the play-dough from me and opens the lid beginning to play stuttering a small, quiet thank you. Kennedy's only just turned two so his speech is know where near developed enough. He can talk but dosent like too often and when he dose, he stutters quite a lot. Expectable for a two year old.

After he's settled and happy I sit on the black caved chair in the centre of my room and use my feet to push off the ground, spinning at a slow pace round and round. I pull my phone from my pocket and begin to tap away, replying to some texts, answering other social medias, everything a typical eighteen year old girl would do. And that takes up about half an hour of my life. Technology these days!

After that I shift Kennedy up the bed a little and sit down myself switching on my small and crappy TV. It was too old and only had a few channels. Boring. I roll my eyes and land on the movie channel to see some old movie and from what it looks like, about cowboys and Indians. Boring. I sigh closing my eyes enjoying the piece and quite that seamed to suddenly have accrued. But of course the sweet irony of my second oldest brothers voice interrupts. I stay put hoping he'll shut up calling our mums name and realise she's not here but of course the screams get louder and louder until I'm getting annoyed. I let out a loud grumble and march my way out of my room and into the next, which he shares with Kennedy.

"Shawn mums not in, what do you what?" I mutter aggravated. He pauses the game he's playing and looks up at to me.

"Where's my mike, mum had it last." He rolls his eyes snorting. He's so impolite and rude.

"How should I know, maybe that will teach you to shut up when she tells you too and you won't have to loose your mike for the week!" I snap, rolling my eyes and leave ignoring the shouts from him behind me.

I make my way down stairs and grab a drink from the fridge before climbing the stairs back up. Once in my room again, Kennedy's in the same spot he was before, his golden hair sticking in all different potions. I smile peering at him and soon my phone begins to ring. I move from leaning against my door frame and walk over and looking to the caller ID. Unknown? I frown slightly and slide the green bar across the screen.

"Hello." I say politely, several seconds past without any answer.

"Hellooo." I repeat dragging the o. Still no answer. I roll my eyes and end the call. Sighing one last time, I decide to play with Kennedy until my mum gets home and I'm left to myself again.



Hi, this is my new story. Hope you like the first chapter, comment, like and fav please!!!! xx

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