once upon a Maze Runner.

WARNING: may contain lines from The Maze Runner or Once Upon A Time!

Ali helps some people make a maze game, not knowing what her brains and technology skills can do to the people "playing" the games. when she knows to much and is feverishly trying to shut down the program, she gets sent into the games her self she will have to fight..............


2. In the Toy Box

         Ali's POV (again)

 owwwwwwwww my head. where was i? then i must have gone out side because my 'elevator' stopped moving and my eyes filled with a bright light.

"HEY THE TOY BOX..........ITS OPENING!!!!!!!!"

"huh thought id never open......A GIRL?" some dude exclaimed.


"a girl? since when?"someone asks

"Since now Newt." he says. soon everyone was gathered and staring at me......freaks.

"Who are you? Why cant i remember anything?" I ask  as quick as i can.

"WHOA slow down..." the Newt guy says. "come on ill explain."

"okay." i say and except his waiting hand.

       ~after we walk away from everyone~

"Don't worry your name will come back in a few days." he tells me



"or Ali for short."

"Oh, do you remember anything else?"


"okay im Newt."

"so I've heard."

"yeah, well, um."

"ooh whats that?"

"no, no going in there EVER!"


"because i say and im in charge, only runners go in there." 

"whats a runner?"

"someone who goes in and try's to find a way out of this place."



"so when do i go in? today or tomorrow?"

"or never."

"so today?"

"in your dreams"

"okay, thanks!" i say and blast of running towards the gate thing.

"Alison come back the gates are starting to close!" he yells I stop when a guy steps in my path.

"No going in." he says just as the gates start closing, and a group of guys run through the opening.

"there you are." Newt.

"Yep. whats my punishment?"

"Punishment? Ha! that's funny."

"so what am i a little girl still?"

"If you make yourself."

"what's that supposed to mean?"

"just follow the rules and you wont have to find out." he says, wow he's stubborn.

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