once upon a Maze Runner.

WARNING: may contain lines from The Maze Runner or Once Upon A Time!

Ali helps some people make a maze game, not knowing what her brains and technology skills can do to the people "playing" the games. when she knows to much and is feverishly trying to shut down the program, she gets sent into the games her self she will have to fight..............


1. The Shutdown.

                              Ali's POV

I ran as fast as I could to shutdown the program. I cant believe I started all this. 

"Yes I want to Shutdown...............HURRY YOU STUPID COMPUTER!" I thought

"Don't worry Alison, your doing the right thing!" the chief of the brainy association, i begged them for a different name, Kendra yelled.

"almost done and.........PASSWORD?" i say/yell (the last part.......oops!) 

"we got her now go in and get her bubble brain."

"Bubble brain.....crazy but were all crazy so," i type in bubble brain, and it works! are you sure? yes.

they barge through the door.

"TOO LATE" i yell.

"do it."

"yes boss."

"what are you-"
"foolish girl we cant stop what you've done-no, but all you did was change the Grievers serum, to remember, and when someone gets stung, if they come back, they'll seem crazy, but will probably kill you!" and with that she nodded her head and injected me with a needle and i fell asleep.  

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