Do I know you?

Jennifer Collins is 16 years old, when she was 14 she had a car accident and her dad died then. Since then she doesn't remember anybody except her mum.She doesn't remember that she had an accident, and her mum doesn't want to tell her... She goes back to school 6 months after the accident and she think she recognises someone there, but who?


8. Chapter 8

We went into my house, but my mum wasn't there ( she was at work )

we went up the stairs and to my room. 

" soo, do you have any brothers or sisters?" Asked Josh

" yeah I have an older brother"said Nic

" that's good" said Josh nervously

" hey guys wanna grab a drink?"

 " yeah"

"sure ill just use the bathroom for a minute and I'll be right back" said Nic and went out of the room.

me a and Josh went down the stairs to the kitchen,

" Did you actually ask her if she has any brothers or sisters?" I said and giggled

" I didn't know what to say" he said and laughed 

" you guys I'm back" said Nic jumping into the room

Me and Josh giggled because she has put so much make up on that you wouldn't have guessed that It was her.

"what's so funny?" She said and smiled

" umm, nothing (cough)"

"nothing at all (cough)" I said and laughed quietly


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