Do I know you?

Jennifer Collins is 16 years old, when she was 14 she had a car accident and her dad died then. Since then she doesn't remember anybody except her mum.She doesn't remember that she had an accident, and her mum doesn't want to tell her... She goes back to school 6 months after the accident and she think she recognises someone there, but who?


5. Chapter 5

The next day I was still thinking about him, my mind was so messed up.

" What are you thinking about?" Asked Nicole

" Oh, uh, nothing. Just didn't get enough sleep last night.

" Oh, yeah? Why is that?" She asked as if I did something wrong again

" Chill out, Nic. I'm just thinking"

" are you in love Jen?"

" Where did you get that from,Nic?"

" you're in love with Josh aren't you?" 

" NO, Nicole I am not in love with anybody!"

" I'm sorry Jen, I guess I'm just jealous."

As she said that I thought my heart was falling apart. 

" Are YOU in love with him?" I asked nervously

" you can say that"


"But, don't tell him... Yet."


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