Do I know you?

Jennifer Collins is 16 years old, when she was 14 she had a car accident and her dad died then. Since then she doesn't remember anybody except her mum.She doesn't remember that she had an accident, and her mum doesn't want to tell her... She goes back to school 6 months after the accident and she think she recognises someone there, but who?


15. Chapter 15

" fine, I'll come back home with you.." I said looking down

" thanks God! Now let's go!"

she opened the door and waited for me there I went up to Josh and hugged him

"thanks.." I whispered in his ear and he hugged me tighter

* at my house*

my mum sat in the living room and I sat the opposite way of her

" Why didn't you tell me earlier...?" I said quietly

" I didn't... I..." She said and looked right down again

" Tell me... please!" I said

" I didn't want you to feel guilty.."

" Guilty? Why? Was my father's death my fault!?" I started to get confused

" that was exactly what I was trying to avoid!" She said annoyed

" avoid what, mum!? Telling me the truth-"

" I AM telling you the truth, Jennifer! Don't make me shout!

I looked down

"The night before you went to that party, you  and your dad got into an argument, because your dad wanted to drop you off and pick you up wherever you go. You didn't agree with that and your dad told you that he's going to drop you off and pick you up otherwise you're not going to the party. You really got mad and said that you weren't going to talk to your dad anymore, when I said that to the police they said that maybe you and your dad got into an argument whilst he was driving back home andyour dad just lost control from the car."

I just stood there and thought:

Did my dad die because of me?

Am I a murderer?

 My dad could have been alive now, but he's not because of me and my stupid behavior?

 I ran up tha stairs and locked myself into my room

 I cried myself to sleep.

* sorry for the short chapter! :) <3 *




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