Do I know you?

Jennifer Collins is 16 years old, when she was 14 she had a car accident and her dad died then. Since then she doesn't remember anybody except her mum.She doesn't remember that she had an accident, and her mum doesn't want to tell her... She goes back to school 6 months after the accident and she think she recognises someone there, but who?


14. Chapter 14

* Josh's house saturday*

I was nearly falling asleep..

i felt Josh's hands and then I fall asleep.

in the morning I woke up in his bed, I went down stairs  and saw him sleeping on the sofa.

i kissed him on the cheek and he opened his eyes slowly

" Good morning!" I said quietly 

" oh, Good morning" he said stretching 

* lunchtime *

I was on my laptop checking my Facebook when I herd a knock on the door. 

" Josh!" I shouted 

" yeah!" He said running into the living room

" someone's at the door" I whispered 

 He opened the door and I saw my mum standing there.

" Jennifer , you need to come back home..."

She stepped into Josh's house

" Not until you tell me the truth..."

" Okay, I will tell you when we get back home!" She said looking at the door.

" Whatever the truth is you can tell it in front of Josh!" I said getting


" * sigh* okay... It all happened when you and your father were coming back from that Halloween party you were invited to, you were sitting on the back seat, because you were changing your clothes whilst you were doing that your dad lost control of the car and had a car-crash you didn't get hurt much, but you hit your head and the doctors said you won't remember much from your past. I was worried that you wouldn't remember me, but you did! As for your dad he was in a coma for about a month or so and then the doctors had to release him because they said that there was only 8% chance that he would survive even if he comes back from the coma." 

I just stayed there and stared at her with my mouth nearly opened

" will you now, please, come back home. You are the only thing I have left, Jen... Please!" She said looking at me and looking right down again





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