Do I know you?

Jennifer Collins is 16 years old, when she was 14 she had a car accident and her dad died then. Since then she doesn't remember anybody except her mum.She doesn't remember that she had an accident, and her mum doesn't want to tell her... She goes back to school 6 months after the accident and she think she recognises someone there, but who?


13. Chapter 13

Me and Josh went out of my house and straight into his house ( since he lives right next to me) I don't know why but I was still quite nervous.

we went into his house,

" Why are you so nervous?" He asked but didn't look at me

" how do you know I am?"

" I know you Jen, I know you more than you remember..."

"I know..."

"Do you think it will ever come back to me?" I asked

" yes" he said confident with his answer

 I stood up and hugged him as tight as I could he kissed me so soft, I felt so... So good.

as we kissed I heard my phone ringing.

It was my mum. I didn't pick it up I just turned the sound off.

2mins later she text me:

where are you Jen? Call me back.

i text her back:

im ok but I'm not coming back home until u tell me the truth

" what's up?" Said Josh 

" mum text me asking where I am and I said that I'm not goin' back home until she tells me the truth."


He went into the kitchen for about 3 mins and came back with two cups with hot chocolate 

He sat next to me.

" I love you" he said whilst hugging me 

" I love you too..." I said

"But, why? Why do you love me? I don't deserve it... I'm such a jerk, you love me and I tell you that we could be just friends..." I said as he grabbed me and kissed me before I finished

" I love you because you are amazing and if you want to stay just friends I don't mind because that won't stop me loving you." He said looking deep into my eyes.


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