A little Bit Of Your Heart

"We refuse to see how bad something is until we let it completely destroy us, and Harry that is exactly what you did to me."


5. chapter 5

Harry.” I moaned grabbing on to his curls.

“Ricky.” He moaned back.

“Jesus Ricky you have no idea what you're doing to me.”


“What the actual fuck.” I breathed.

“I did not just have a wet dream.” I say shooting up from my bed.u

Out of all the people Harry was part of my wet dream.

“Great way to start of the day.” Mason says.

“Fuck off.” I say pushing Mason off my bed.

“Holy shit. We overslept.” Mason says looking at my clock.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“It is--

“Rick darling are you up?” My mom says knocking on my door. “Can I come in?”

“Hold on my I am umm erm.. Naked!”

“Get the fuck out of my room Mason.” I whisper so my mom could not hear me.

“Well how the fuck do you want me to get out of here. Jump out your window.” Mason says sarcastically.

“Not exactly. There is a vine. You can climb down it.”

“You must think I have a death wish right.”

“Go, know!” I say to Mason.

“Ugh fine. You so owe me.”

“I know thanks Mason.” I say with a smile

Mason made a successful climb down my window, which was suprised me because he is the most unathletic person I know.

I was about to plop back on my bed when I heard another knock on my bedroom door.

“Coming.” I yell running to the door.

“Ricky it is 9:49 and school starts at 10 what are you still doing in your pajamas.” My mom spoke.

I turn around and look at my clock sitting on my desk.

“Crap.” I huff underneath my breath.

“Well don’t just stand there. Get dressed.” My mom says closing my door.

“Who seriously has a party on Monday.” I say grabbing my head from serious headache I have.

I walk to my vanity to get ready, when I see a note on my desk.

Thought you might need this. Take some painkillers the and brush your teeth twice. You smell like vodka and beer.


I love it how my brother does not want to admit that he care for me, but he does. I pop the pain killers in my mouth and swallow it with some water that I had sitting on my desk.

I walk to my bathroom quickly brushing my teeth trying to get the alcohol sent out my mouth.

I quickly glance at my clock. 9:59.

“Hurry up Ricky. You are going to be late for school.” My mom yells

No shit mom.

I really wanted to shower so I don't smell like alcohol, but I had no time. So I just sprayed massive amounts of perfume on. I threw on my black and white button up and a simple black pair of jeans. I topped out the outfit with a pair of my favorite black pumps with a cute hat to hide my messy unwashed hair.

I quickly ran down the stairs

“Hold on Honey let me drop you.”

“Really mom.” I huff

“Ricky, don't fight with me on this. I will be dropping you. You are already late.” My mom says in a posh tone.

“Ok fine.” I huff taking a grape from the table.

My mom loves to pretend that we are some rich family, who attends sunday brunch, and throw massive elegant parties. When really we are not that rich. My mom loves to pretend we are like the Henderson family, Roxy’s family. They are super rich, and live in a big hose. Really were just like every other fucked up family out there.

“Where’s dad.” I ask my mom as we walk to her car.

“He went to drop you brother off because he woke up on time. He also has a business meeting this morning.”

“Have you been looking for an internship?” My mom asks.

“Mom you can’t be serious school just started.”

“I know but honey it would look good on your resume, and you won't be sitting in my house all day.”

I sigh in response. To be honest I really did not want to even think about getting an internship. It would make my life ten times more harder. Its my first year of high school. Who wants a job in their first year of high school?

My mom finally pulls up to my school.

“By honey love you. Think about the internship.” She says from the car.

“Bye mom.” I say smiling.

Another day of school. Another day of nasty cafeteria food, Stuck up kids that judge you, and then finally Harry. Yep the cliche boy who I had a wet dream about.

“Who was the dream about?” I hear a familiar female voice call frm my side.

“Roxy? I errm um..”

“Oh spill. We all know you had a certain kind of dream last night.” A male voice call from my side.

“Mason?” I say confused.

“If it was about me I totally understand. I mean I am irresistible.” Roxy says from my side.

“NO! Eww Roxy why would you even think that it was about Harry!”

“Omg no way you had a dream about Harry.” Mason says.

“Yes and I'm so confused. I mean he is cute and all, but he is such a dick head.” I say while pouting.

“That is every straight guy out there for ya.” Mason says.

“Ok get to class you two. Were already late.” I reply.

“Fine but we.” Roxy says gesturing to her and Mason. "Want more details when we get back from class.” She says walking off to her next class.

I just rolled my eyes at Roxy in response.

“Shit.” I say looking at my watch. I’m so going to be late.

I make a run for it to french class. I honestly did not want to be late because getting screamed at in a different language is so much fun. Note the sarcasm.

I ended up arriving just in time, but sadly the only seat available was next to the cliche dick head Harry.

“Already trying to jump on my dick Ricky.” Harry says.

"Unfortunately I have no interest in you or your Dick."

"Fisesty eh." Harry replies cheeckly.

I rolled my eyes at Harry in response.

Our teacher came in, and greated us in French. I honestly did not want to pay at to him, but I need the credit in this class. I suck at launguages. I can barley speak English fluently what makes these people think I can speak French fluently.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a hand reach down and touch my ass.

"Harry stop touching me." I groaned pushing his hand off.

"You know you like it." Harry replied cheeckly

"How are you so Perverted."

"Baby you have no idea." Harry whispers in my ear and turning back to the teacher.

His voice was so sexy. I thing the reason I am attracted to Harry is because he is so intriguing. I think behind all the perverted thoughts and ways, there has got to be some kind of story to him and I was determined to find out.

The bell made ne snap out of my thoughts .

The rest of the peroids went by so fast. The whole day I could not stop thinking about Harry. I was walking out the front to go meet up with Casper and Mason when I saw Harry. He was with Hayden. At first things looked pretty Normal. They were talking until Harry whispered something in her ear that made her giggle. He then pushed her up against the wall, holding her lower back with one hand and opening the janitors closet with the other.

I look in disgust as they both slip into the janitors closets a moaning mess.

I could not stand looking at them anymore. Sex is supposed to meaningful. Not with some trashy whore like Hayden. I stood there thinking about it when I realized I am supposed to meet Roxy and Mason for frozen yougurt after school.


"We want to know everything. Just keep out the intament details." Mason says with a mouthful of frozen yogurt.

"There was nothing special ok. I had a dream about Harry."

"Yeah a dream where he was fucking you." Roxy says.

"I don't even know why I had it. I barley even know Harry. I just met him at his party and I barley talked to him. I mostly talked to Niall because I was ditched by you." I say pointing to Roxy.

"Well I'm sorry. You know Niall is pretty cute you know. Like I could totally see him as an Irish faternaty boy. " Rocy says smirking.

"Well your love lives seem to be intact. It's so hard to find a cute openly gay guy around here.

"You will find someone trust me." I say while dumping my frozen yougurt out

"Ok so I think it time to tell you. This guy has been flirting with me and he is cute. He definitely one night stand material. " Roxy says wiggling her eyebrows.

"Who could it be know." Mason sighs.

"His name is Zayn's."

"oh crap. Is he one of Harry"s friends." I ask Roxy.

"Yeah why."

"Well I think when I was drunk I may or may not have drunkly flirted with him." My checks turn an instant shade of pink.

"Oh my gosh no way. Look at that Mason our little nun is growing up."

"Shut up Roxy." I say shoving her while Mason explodes in laughter.

After Mason and Roxy are finished with there nun jokes. We all went into Roxy's car and drive home. On the way to my house after Roxy dropped of Mason, she talked about Zayn and how hot he is. I don't know much about Zayn, but he is pretty hot. He could be a model of he did not have all those tattoos.

"Bye. Text me later ok." Roxy says as I get out her car.

"I wil bye."

U start walking to my front door when a voice comes from behind my house.

"Nice to see you Ricky."

I turn around to see Harry.

"Harry what the hell are you doing at my house."

"Well I followed you here. You are playing hard to get and frankly getting in your pants is very, very, hard."

"Harry you need to leave my parents are probably inside."

"Don't worry your dad got held up at work and your mom took your brother to baseball practice or some shit like that." Harry says

"How do you know that?" I huff

"Let's just say your mom is not very sudle on the phone."

"Did you follow me here?" I question Harry.

"No I just asked Roxy where you live." Harry says.

Harry pushed me up against the wall of my house. He put his face close to mine so our lips barley touched.

"The fact of the matter is I've been watching you. You are different. I like different. " Harry speaks.

His breath smelled like mints. We stood there for what seem liked hours just staring at each other. God he was so sexy. I wanted to fall for him but u would not let myself do it. He was a dick. For God sakes I saw him fucking Hayden in the janitors closet.

"Bye miss Baye." Harry says walking away with a devalish smile on his face.


Ok guys I am on winter break so I got to update the 5th chapter. Please tell me what you think. I spend like 5 hours on just 1 chapter just to get it right. I have massive plans for this story and I know it seems a little cliche right know but I promise this story will take a turn




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