A little Bit Of Your Heart

"We refuse to see how bad something is until we let it completely destroy us, and Harry that is exactly what you did to me."


4. Chapter 4

Walking into the party you could literally smell the alcohol.  I feel like an outsider here.   I notice Roxy run from my side and say hi to some boy. Per usual I was left alone to find my way.


“Hey Ricky I did not know you were coming here.”


I turn around to see the Niall.


“Look I don't think I can  really talk to you right now without taking your head off. “


“Sorry erm you just look umm.”


“My eyes are up here you ass.Yeah, you know what I’ll just leave.” I say.


“No you should stay.  Let loose a bit.” Niall says grabbing my hand.


I honestly wanted to leave.  If I did leave I would have to find Roxy first, but a part of me wanted to stay.  See what it is like to actually go to a high school party and fit in with the crowd.


“Come on, I think I saw Roxy going to talk to Zayn.” Niall says pulling my hand.


Niall and I found Roxy talking to Zayn and Harry.


“Ricky?” Harry says in a questionable way.


“Hey.” I say not really wanting to say anything else


‘Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicky.” Roxy slurs stumbling over to me.


“Roxanne, its only been about twenty minutes and you already drunk!” I scream whisper into her ear.


“Here stop being my mother, and have a beer.” Roxy says handing me a red solo cup.


I smell it and look at it in disgust.


“you came.” Harry says walking over to me.


“Uhhh  yeah.” I respond.


Harry was dressed in a white see through shirt, that showed his tattoos and his lean body.  He also wore his signature black skinny jeans.  I had no idea he had tatoos.


I quickly picked up the beer and looked at skeptically decided if  should drink it or not.


“Down it bitch.” Roxy whispers in a playful tone.


I decided to listen a bit and let loose like Niall said.


After downing the drink I felt a little tipsy but stable.


“I did not think you would come.” Harry says with a smirk on his face.


“Yeah me neither.”


“Well welcome to my party.” Harry says handing me another drink.


“Thanks.” I say drinking from the cup.  “Why are you being so nice to me.”


“Well your friend Roxanne threatened to chop my balls off if I was not nice to you.  So naturally I complied, not want my balls cut off.”


I laugh at Harry joke.


“Your funny when you’re not being a dick head.”


“I get that a lot.” Harry says with a cheeky smile.


“M’ going to look for Roxy.” I say trying to keep my balance.


The house was so big I could not find Roxy. Harry's parents much be rich to have a house like this.  Rich, cute, popular, and a total dick head.  could he be anymore cliche?


“Hey Ricky.” I hear Niall call.


‘Niall!” I yell stumbling over to him as Niall caught me.


“Are you ok?” Niall asks


“Ya just a little drunk.” I giggle.


“You should probably get home.  You look pretty drunk.”


“Awww but I was having so much fun. Alone and drunk.” I wine taking a sip of my beer.


“What do you mean alone?” Niall asks.


“Well Roxy is probably fucking someone, and I really don't know anyone else here.” I pout.


“Do you want to go home.” Niall asks.


I nod in response.


“Ok let me just get my keys.” Niall says


I follow Niall into the kitchen and a back room where I saw Zayn smoking.


“Are you a model?” I ask Zayn as my drunken mind takes over.


“Are you drunk?” Zayn says chuckling in response.


“Very, very drunk.”  I say inching closer to him and straddling him.


“Ok time to go.” Niall says grabbing my hand and leading me to the door.


I give Zayn a flirtatious wink and he wave to me in response.


“Oh well look who it is.  Did not expect to see Ms. Head up her ass here.”


Me and Niall turn around at the same time to say Hayden.


“Where is the the other whore.”


“Sick.” Hayden said while smirking


“You know never thought I would see you at a party.”


“Look are you done yet because I can barely stand on my own two feet, I can’t feel any part of my body, and my boobs feel really, really numb.” I say not really in a sarcastic tone.


Hayden gives me the weirdest look, as if I said I was raised by Baboons.


“See you around Niall.” Hayden says flirtatiously.


“See you around Niall.” I say in a high pitched voice trying to mimic Hayden.


“Hahaha Lets go.” Niall say laughing.


“Ohhhhhh you have a nice car.”


“Not mine its Harry’s.”  


“Why do you have Harry’s car.” I say stumbling to the car.


“Mine shut down.  Figured I would just tell Harry I borrowed his car when I come back to his house.  He hates it when people touch his car.”




Niall Got in the car and started driving.


“Look I wanted to apologize for beating your friend.”




“Ya errm, him. I honestly don’t know why I did it.”


“It’s ok even though you should really be apologizing to Mason not me.” I say firmly.


“Yeah.  I know.”




“This is our house right.”


“Yeah up thanks.”


“How are you going to get inside without our parents noticing?”  


“Just watch.” I say jumping on a vine that leads to my window.


I climbed steadily trying not fall.


“Bye Niall.” I say waving from my window.


I close the window and lock it after saying goodbye to Niall.


“Holy fudge cakes.” I scream as my brother pops out of nowhere.


“You were go till 1:30 in the morning I wonder what mom and would think of this.”


“You wouldn't.” I sarl back at Nickolas.


“Oh I would.”


“I tried to convince him not to.”  Mason says turning on on my lamp.


“Mason! What are you doing here.”


“Covering for you.  Your parents think you and Roxy are studying. I can’t believe they fell for that.  I have not seen Roxy study in years.”


“Ok you little twerp what do you want.” I say waving Mason off.


“Dishes for one week, or I tell mom and Dad.”


“Fine.” I huff


“Make sure the extra shiny sis.” My brother says walking out of the room.


“Ok so tell me everything.  What was it like.  Were they cook, or stuck up bitches.” Mason says.


“They were actually pretty cool.” “But I am super tired, and slightly drunk.”


“Ok come sleep.” Mason says patting the other side of my bed.  


“Goodnight Mason.”


“Good Night Ricky.”

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