A little Bit Of Your Heart

"We refuse to see how bad something is until we let it completely destroy us, and Harry that is exactly what you did to me."


3. Chapter 3

“Ugh I just want to finish watching spongebob!” I scream while Roxy and Mason are making a mess out of my closet.


“Spongebob is not going to help you ok!” Roxy yells back from my closet.


“Ok I found some stuff, but seriously, dress like an nun.”


“Oh shut up. Mason.”  

I sit on my bed and decide to watch Spongebob, because Roxy and Mason were taking forever in my closet. After a whole 15 minutes they finally came out my closet with things I did not even know I had.


“Here try this on.” Mason say throwing a bunch of clothes  


“Do I really have to do this.  I mean spongebob seems pretty good right about now.”


“Go try on this outfit before I bitch slap you.” Mason spoke.


I stuck my tongue out at Mason before running to my bathroom to go and try on the clothes.  I pulled a  dark blue crop top over my head.  The top had a slit in the middle so you literally see my  boobs, the boobs I did not have.  Then I slid on a black pair of ripped leggings.  I pulled my hair up in a messy bun, and put  on the jagged necklace that Mason gave me.


“God I feel like a slut.” I wine trailing out the bathroom.


“That is the point.”  Mason implies,.


“Your outfit says I might be a conservative bitch, but my boob are awesome.” Roxy states.


“Ok come here.” Mason says pulling my hand and sits me on my vanity.


“Were going to have to fix you no make-up problem.”


“Here she can use some of mine.” Roxy says.


Mason starts by adding massive amounts of foundation, and then he applies a think like of liquid eyeliner above my lips.  He finishes it off with a super metallic red lip stick.


“Ok now lets do something with the rat on top your head.” Mason says sassing me.


“Love you to.” I sassed back.


After a good ten minutes Mason decided to curl my hair burning me in the process.


“Ow what the fuck Mason!”


“Sorry don’t be such a diva.”


“Look who's talking queen diva himself.” Roxy says coming out the closet in a skimpy dress that showed off all her curves.  As revealing as the dress is I actually liked it.


“Ok you're ready to go to the party, but there i some rules.” Mason states.


“Here we go again.” Roxy says


“One you can get as drunk as you want but you need someone to get you home. I have no life so I available 24/7.  Two Roxy no pregnancy scares, you know what here take a condom.” Mason says pulling a condom out of his back pocket throwing it at Roxy.

“And for my nun. It is okay to let loose.  Don’t be a priss have fun, and maybe make-out with a couple guys you do not have to give your v card up just yet.”


“How did you know I was a virgin.” I say furrowing my eyebrows.


“Girl, you scream walking virgin, but its okay.  Plus we have been best friends for 5 years, I was the one who picked you up, and covered for you when you almost lost your virginity to Hunter ”


"Don't remind me of that douche." I say referring to miles.


“Oh and by the way you look hot girl!” Mason says spinning me around so I am facing the mirror.”


I must admit as much as I looked like a slut, I liked it.  The outfit gave me a burst of confidence, which I never knew I had.  I looked...sexy?


“What about my parents, there are going to freak if they knew I was going to a party, dressed like this.”


“Don't worry I will cover for you that what friends are for right?”


“Thank you Mason.” I say giving him a genuine hug.


“Ok lets get wasted!” Roxy screams going to her car.


Since Roxy was a year older than me she had her own car.  She drove me everywhere.  I hated it when my mom drove me places.  She is just so embarrassing.  As for me dad, I really don't hang around him much.  I mean I am not really a Daddy’s nor a Mommy’s girl. My whole life I have been pretty independent.  I hated depending on people even if it was my own family.


“Ok here we are.  Be careful ok.” Roxy warns.


“Ya I got this.” I say taking a breath


OK I am so sorry! I know I was supposed to update last weekend, and I know this chapter was shit.  I have been so busy lately.  I have dress rehearsals today at dance, and then I was preparing to for my science fair all last week, that I can't even go to because I have rehearsal.  BUT DON'T WORRY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I EVER LEAVE THIS FANFIC.  Even if no one reads this I am not one of those people who abandoned their stories.  I will try to update again I am so sorry.


Love you,

Sydni Gift




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