A little Bit Of Your Heart

"We refuse to see how bad something is until we let it completely destroy us, and Harry that is exactly what you did to me."


2. Chapter 2

“So this is interesting.  I have Mr.Style’s and his crew, and surprisingly Miss Baye.”  Mr.Dawn says.


I usually get don't in trouble.  If I do get in trouble its like for the most stupidest things.  Cursing out loud, screaming out of nowhere, and sometimes walking out of class when the teacher won’t let me take a piss.


“Miss Baye, I expect more out of you.  You been here for the start of middle school.”


To be honest I was not really listening to our principle, Mr.Dawn talk.  I was more paying attention to a plaque thing on his desk that said these words.


Speak softly and carry a big stick


This is gave me a great idea...


“Mr.Styles I see you're new here.”


“Please don’t call me Mr.Styles, call me Harry.  Calling me Mr.Styles makes me feel the same age as you.” Harry blurts, causing me to laugh, when I should be punching this prick in the face.


I picked up Mr.Dawn’s plaque.  I got a few sceptical stares from Harry friends, but they did not say anything.


As Mr.Dawn started talking to Harry again, I quickly dig my pinky nail into the plac changing the word sticks to dicks.


speak softly and carry a big dick.


This caused Harry friends to laugh, really loud.


“Is there something funny boys?”


Harry turns around giving his friends a weird look till he see’s the plaque in my hand and lets out a chuckle.


“No not all.” Niall replies

“This is the first day of school, I will go easy on you but you can’t get away with beating a kid.” Mr.Dawn says flipping through his papers.


“What the actually fuck. I did not do shit!” I yell as loud as I could.


“Language Miss.Baye.” Mr.Dawn says as I slump back in my seat.


“Ok Miss.Baye you were not seen beating up Mason, but you were seen shoving students.”


I let out an annoyed huff when he said that.


“You will get two days of dentition while the boys get a week of detention and a in school suspension for two days.”  Mr.Dawn says.


Surprisingly Harry, and his friends did not seem to care.  If I got suspended my parents would kill me.


“Thats all is the anything you will like to add?” Mr. Dawn says.


“Nice plac.” I say with a smile.


It was about 30 minutes till school ends, and I had no intention of going to attend biology when I first walk into this school building anyways.  So I decided I should go see how Mason is doing.


“Hey, wait up.” I hear a strong british accent call.


I turn around to see the boy I slapped in the face earlier. He was more beautiful than two seconds ago.  I took a second to him in.  He had beautiful long curly hair, he was all very lean and tall, and his eyes, damn  those eyes.


“Nice ass.” He says smacking my butt playfully.


“I am seriously not in the mood to talk to you unless you came here to apologize.”


“Hell no.  Your little friend started this shit.”


I gave him a confused stare.  


“Before you go.” Harry states as I was about to walk away from him.


“Take this.” He says pulling a piece of paper out from his pocket.  I reach out my hand to take it from him, but he quickly swats my hand way and sticks the paper between my cleavage.


Before I could even scream at him, he gave me a flirtatious wink, and walked away.


After that all I wanted to was curl up in my bed and watch a movie.  Today was the worst first day of high school.


I walked into the nurses office to find  red haired lady sitting on a spinny chair picking at her fingernails.


“Hi can I see Mason Scott please?” I say to the nurse.


“Of course.” she says giving me a weird stare.


She leads me to the back room where I see a familiar wave of pink hair.


“OMG Roxy?”



“Oh my gosh how did you get in here!”


“Well I came to see you guys, and surprise you because I just came back from London, but I saw Mr.Deck with Mason so went to go check it out.”  She says ramling with excitement on her face.


“Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are back!”


Roxy, whose real name is Roxanne, got a year of study and traveling abroad to London.  Mostly because her parents could afford it.  Plus she was not the brightest student here. So I guess her parents thought a London boarding school for a semester was good for her.


“Yeah me too.  I got tired of London, but the boys were cute” Roxy says in her diva like way.


“Still here guys.” Mason says in a tone that is just not humane.


“Omg so sorry how are you doing?” I ask in  motherly tone.


“Better then I expected.  Whats with the paper between your boobs.” Mason aks me.


“Yeah, I meant to ask you about that.” Roy adds


“Oh my God so embarrassing that is what the nurse was staring at me for.” I say while my cheeks turn a shade of pink.


Roxy grabs the paper from my boobs and reads the paper out loud.


“Big booty Ricky, come to our party.  Oh look at tht he left you an address for a party.”


“There is no way in hell I am going.” I say to Roxy.


“No, no you have to go.  It will be your first real party.”  Roxy says.


“No way are you kidding me, “Mr.Styles”, who invited me to this party beat the hell out Mason!"


“As much as I don't want you to go.” Mason says propping himself on his elbows.


“You should go, You have never even been to a party anyways.” Mason adds.


“I went to Heather party last year!” I shoot back at Mason giving him a glare.


“That was in the 8th grade, and you got kicked out for pouring soda on her head!”


“She was being a bitch.” I wined back at Mason.


“Just go ok.  I will help you get ready because what you are wearing right now at this exact moment is not going to cut it sister.”


“Wow even as a cripple you haven't lost your sass.” I say sticking my tongue at Mason.

“Ok well I got to go home, Mason, Roxy you coming.” I ask


“Well duh, I want to go to the party too!” Roxy says excitedly.


“I have no choice I want to avoid my Mom questioning me about this.” Mason says pointing to his black eye.


“Alright then it is settled! Gurl we are going to make you look like a S-L-U-T.” Mason screams.


And right when he said that. I had the most terrible feeling about all of this...

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