A little Bit Of Your Heart

"We refuse to see how bad something is until we let it completely destroy us, and Harry that is exactly what you did to me."


1. Chapter 1

I never liked Stevie Wonder, which is weird because he’s one of the most influential singers in the world, but in my defense, he doesn’t sound so good when you’re waking up in the morning.

Yeah I said it, almost every single day of my life I wake to my brother’s prize possession CD, Stevie Wonder Definitive Collection album, and today just so happens to be one of those days.

“Just another morning in  Baye the  home,” I mutter to myself

And with another morning like this, comes my another morning day routine, I scramble out of my bed and  put on my another morning day slippers, walk up to my another morning day mirror, and say the same line I say any other day, “I'm beautiful"


I sleep in the basement ,it has its perks.  Number one, I get the whole basement to myself.  I can basically do whatever I want down here without anybody noticing.  Hell, I could run a meth lab factory down here, and my own mother would not even notice. Secondly, my brother’s shitty music  sounds less shitty down here.

It also has it’s disadvantages, I have to walk up two flights of stairs every morning, at least if I want to eat or brush my teeth, I thought of staying down here the whole day, but the only thing I had to eat were crickets and spiders.


I quickly changed into a simple outfit of my favorite jeans and my blue lace sweater.  Most girls on there first day of highschool would were massive amounts of foundation, eyeliner, and what not, but my mom would never by me makeup.   She won’t even let me wear leggings to school because according to her my but is to big.


I rushed down the stairs to see my brother stuffing his face with cereal, and my mom talking to my dad.


“Hey Nicholas have you seen my backpack?”


“Over in the corner.” Nicholas says pointing to the blue floral backpack in the corner of the dining room.

“Ok bye Mo-”


“Hold it. Where are you going so fast you have not even at breakfast.” My mom says in her usual motherly tone.


“I want to get to school early.”  And avoid an awkward first day of highschool talk from you. My subconcious adds.


“Don't you want to at least eat breakfast.” My dad adds.


“I am not that hungry.”


“Ok let me just talk to you come here.” My mom says.


“This is my cue to leave.” Nicholas says grabbing his bowl of cereal, and walking out the kitchen.


“Are you nervous.” My mom asks


“No mom.”


“Ok I just want you to be excited, this is your first day of highschool.  Your high school years are going to be the best years of your life. But be careful.”

I just rolled my eyes at her.

“Ok bye mom.” I say literally running towards the door before he could say wait for your brother, or let your father drop you off.


The walk was not so bad. Its better than being in a car with my family.


As soon as I arrived to school some lady at the front gave me a number to where locker should be at.


“Hey bitch, you god is here!” I heard a familiar voice say.


“Mason!” I yelled running into his arms, and jumping on him.


“I missed you so much.” I yelped in my high pitched squeaky voice.


Soon realizing that my locker was right next to Mason’s, I opened it, and quickly got my things and went to homeroom.


“How is life.” Mason says taking a seat next to me.


“Good, I guess my Mom and Dad keep pressuring me to get an internship  because it is my first year of high school.


After me and Walter gossiping for most of home room we found out that we have Science and Reading together so we parted our ways and went to our first period class.


“I walked into class and noticed two girls that I absolutely hate with all my guts. There names were Hayden and Kayla. They were your usual stuck up blonde and Brunette bitch that you would find in a movie.


“Well look the bitch is back.”


“And the two skanks are back too huh?” I replied with  glare.


I took a seat in the black of the class next to a boy with blonde hair.  He looked nice.  His blonde hair was swiftly pushed back out of his face into a cute quiff.  He was concentrating on doing something with his phone.

“Guessing your not friends with the two “skanks?” He questions me without looking up from his phone.


“Hell no.” I replied with a smile.


“The names Niall.” He says finally looking up from his phone. He has a cute accent that I immediately pick is irish.


“My name is Ricky.  Are you new here?”


“Yeah.” He says with a nervous innocent smile.


“Well welcome to Westmont high, were the classrooms are small but the parties are huge.” I say as he starts to laugh.


“Good Morning class my name is Mr.Deck.”


After this boring ass teacher hands out  syllabus for this class I totally tune him out. Its not like we were learning anything important, he was just rambling about stuff he expects or wants from us.   


After finishing all my classes I start to walk down the hallway to look for Mason.  We usually wait for each other by the cafeteria door, and then we have lunch together.   I have been waiting here for 10 minutes and I'm started to get impatient and very, very, hungry.


“Mason were the fuck are you.” I say getting up from the cafeteria door to look for Mason.


I circled the school twice to look for Mason. It is very unusual for Mason to just disappear like that.  After another look inside the school building I decided to look outside.  I highly doubt Mason would be outside because, he hates the outdoors, and it is hot. Plus, he says that sweat and him don't go together.


“We're could h-.” I stop mid sentence to see the most horrific thing I have ever seen.


These guys about five them we’re beating the absolute living hell out of him.


“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO HIM!”  I yell in tears running to Mason.


“What you know this fagget?”


I really don't know who just said it I turned round and smacked them as hard as I can.


I looked up at the boy i smacked.  He had beautiful brown curls that fell directly in front of his face. My hand print was imprinted on his face. I just stared at him and ended up getting lost in his beautiful green eyes.


He took advantage of me getting lost in his eyes and pinned me against the brick wall.


“You will pay or that bitch.” He spat at me.


“Get the fuck off of me.” I yell and push the green eyed boy off of me.


I ran to mason where he was laying on the floor.  He had a terrible black eye and he was gripping his stomach.


“Ar- are you ok?”


“No.” Mason said with a pain filled voice.


“HEY! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!”  I can here Mr.Decks voice say.


“Shit.” I hear a familiar voice say.


I look from tending to Mason to see Niall. The blonde boy that sat next to me in Mr.Decks class.  The Blonde boy that looked so innocent but hd the actual heart to beat up my best friend.


“What the hell is wrong with you!” I say getting up and shoving Niall.


“Quite it Ricky! All of you except Mason go to the principle know!” Mr.Deck yells at us.


This is exactly what I wanted to avoid in high school! Know I am stuck with these little shits.


I quickly wiped a tear from my face from crying so much as I walked to the principal's office…...



Ok so this is my first 1d fanfic on Movellas enjoy!


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