The Little Daisy Diary-{Simply because it isn´t}

So why not share my life with you guys? One day someone I know is going to find my dairy, and then I can just say; It doesn´t matter, the whole internet know my story. I would really do anything to their faces. No, I don´t mean that. Truth is; I would like to share my experiences with you, and see if any of you guys, have experienced it too. So, lets get started.


1. 27. December 2014.

Dear Daisy.


Today has been fantastic, I have had so much fun, but you know what? Today wasn´t fantastic and I didn´t have fun. Today was terrible! I thought it was a good idea to take chances and do something just because it was what I wanted, but you know what? You get judged by everyone, the ones you thought was your friends, people you don´t even know and people you don´t even care about. You should be feeling powerful when you do something nobody expected you to do. You should be feeling proud, but life isn´t like that. People judge. Even though we talk about how we shouldn´t talk about people behind their backs, we do it anyway. Why try to teach us something, we don´t even listen to?

But even if you get judged by doing something nobody thought you would do, you also get judged when you are just being you. So I guess what I am trying so say, is that; Just do what you want to, when you get judged anyway. Be you, not because of others, but because of how and who you want to be.

Don´t let people change you. Do crazy things, that´ll make them think you are weird and stupid, and just live with it. We only have one life, so don´t waste it on other peoples opinions. Just be you!

Right now, some of you are probably thinking; Why should we be ourselves, when the one writing this probably isn´t?

Your right. I´m not. I´m not myself and more then anything else I wish that I could just forget about what others think. It´s so easy to tell others that they just have to be themselves, then it is to actually be yourself. It takes time. It´s not just something you do, but think about this; Don´t you want to shock people, show them that you are nothing like what they think. They maybe think they know you, but they don´t know the slightest about you. They don´t just get to think they know you.


Best advice for you, guys:

Shock people! Don´t just let them think they know you, and don´t let them choose who you are. It´s you who choose who you are. So, spread your wings and fly! Or don´t do that, because I don´t want you guys to get hurt. It was just a saying, I didn´t mean it literally.

Have I forgotten to tell your guys; I´m really weird, kind of a part of being myself. Don´t know if it´s a positive or negative thing, I guess you guys have to tell me.


Well, goodnight Daisy. See you tommorow!

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