The Lucky One: Sequel to Wanted You More

High school is over, Uni is coming up, and will Harry and Bethany be able to make it through all the craziness of being adults and become the lucky ones that will be those high school sweet hearts or will they be apart?


1. Prologue

~~The Lucky One
Sequel to Wanted You More

High school was over; graduation has happened, prom was over, we were all on our last summer vacation before we all headed off to Uni or off to travel the world…anything we wanted. We were finally growing up and all the petty bullshit was over.
Life was finally getting better for Harry and I. Harry and Lex had stopped talking after our last serious fight and I was okay with that. Did I feel bad that he lost a life-long childhood friend, yeah, but Harry cut those ties on his own without me saying anything. Bottom line, we were happier than ever. This summer was our summer to do anything we wanted before our lives really started and we had every intention of doing everything possible before adult life started and we would see what it was really like to be apart from each other for long periods of time. See, he had gotten into Oxford and me on the other hand…I was accepted into college in the States. I was off to Princeton and I had already told Harry. That’s how we were doing this; no secrets. But this was our test for the next four years.
Could we be the lucky ones?

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