The Lucky One: Sequel to Wanted You More

High school is over, Uni is coming up, and will Harry and Bethany be able to make it through all the craziness of being adults and become the lucky ones that will be those high school sweet hearts or will they be apart?


2. Graduation Party

“So how would my wonderful girlfriend like to start off the most perfect summer?” Harry asked me after graduation. We were sitting in his car and I giggled. Ever since we finally made up after the whole Lex situation years back, we were so in love, it was almost annoying. We were constantly in the honeymoon phase and I know it pissed people off; not that we cared too much.
“Well we can start off my going to Niall’s graduation party. I was pretty excited for that.” I said, leaning my head on his shoulder.
“That’s how you want to spend graduation night?” Harry asked, surprised. Seeing as I was more on the shy side all through high school, even after Harry and I started dating, I still was never too much into Harry’s lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy a party every now and then but it wasn’t my style too much. So when I was the on to suggest a party, Harry still got surprised even though we had been together for a couple years now.
“Yes; one last big night before our last summer as kids starts!” I said happily. Harry laughed and kissed my nose.
“We’re already 18 babe. We aren’t kids.”
“You know what I mean!” I said, shoving his shoulder slightly.
“Yeah, I’m being a smart ass.”
“You’re always a smart ass!” I announced, making Harry smile. I kissed him one last time and he grabbed my leg.
“Okay, so do you want to run back to my house quick so we can change?” Harry asked. I nodded and Harry turned to start the car. I still lived at home, don’t go jumping to conclusions here. I just spent so much time at Harry’s place that I had my own special drawer there. And by a special drawer, I mean half his closet and a few of his drawers.
“Mom?! Did you get back okay?!” Harry called through the house.
“Yes, I just got back.” Anne said, appearing into view. “Congratulations you two! I’m so proud of you; and especially you Harry since you weren’t even supposed to graduate.” I giggled and smirked, wrapping my arms around Harry’s arm.
“You know, my girlfriend is just so amazing. She can make anything possible.” Harry said, making me blush a little.
“You know, if you would study on your own, you wouldn’t need me to make miracles happen.” I said sassily.
“You know, you could just take the compliment.”
“Yeah but what are you going to do in Uni when I’m not here to make miracles happen?” I pointed out.
“Call you and cry and beg you to come home.” Harry said, kissing me sweetly.
“And we all know that won’t happen.”
“You can’t ever say no to me.” Harry said, which was actually very true. I could barely say no to him and it was kind of bad how much I have caved for certain things just to make him happy.
“Yeah, it’s becoming a problem.” I said, smiling. Harry and Anne both laughed.
“Okay, we’re just going to change and then we’re headed to Niall’s graduation party!” Harry said, turning to Anne.
“Alright, sounds good. Don’t drive drunk now. Just because you two can legally drink now doesn’t mean you can drive under the influence.”
“Oh jeez mom; do you think we’re retarded?” Harry asked, rolling his eyes.
“Oh stop; I’m a mother. It’s my job to worry about my son and his girlfriend that’s practically family at this point.” I giggled and Harry blushed. He looked down at me and kissed my head.
“Let’s go get ready.” I nodded and we walked upstairs to his room. WE changed and I touched my makeup real quick and then we got back into his car for him to drive us to Niall’s. I had texted both my parents already letting them know where I was going for the night. If I had did any of this a year ago, my parents would kill me. But they trusted me at this point and I think it was because if Harry. My parents saw how much of a good impact on my life he had and they had let up a little bit and it was wonderful. That and I can legally drink now. So that makes them feel even better.
After we pulled up to Niall’s house, we realized this was probably going to be the biggest party ever thrown. Even people we didn’t hang out with throughout high school were here. This just goes to show how much Niall appreciated everyone.
Niall was the one person in Harry’s whole friend group that wasn’t judgmental. When Harry and I first started dating, all his friends minus Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis were not a fan of me. I wasn’t part of their original group, therefore I was unwanted there. It took them a long time to finally get over the fact that I was there to stay.
But besides Liam, because of our past, Niall was the first one to accept me into the group. He was the most accepting person of people which goes to show that not everyone in high school is a dick, but there are people out there who can talk to anyone and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger; even if it only is a graduation party. It’s like prom all over again. For one night, everyone is accepted by everyone and no one is different. We’re all the same.

“HEY GUYS! YOU MADE IT!” Niall yelled over a bunch of people and held a few beers out for us. Bethany and I both took one and Bethany gave him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.
“Congratulations on tonight! It looks amazing!”
“Yeah, I made a thing on Facebook about how everyone in the senior class plus dates and friends were invited and just added everybody so…I think it’s going to be the biggest party we’ve had yet!”
“So that means Lex will be here.” Bethany said slowly. Even though this happened a while ago, Bethany was still a little nervous when Lex was around. I understood why but I had cut Lex off because of it. It’s not like Bethany told me too, I just knew it was the right thing to do. Though being in the same room as Lex made me just as nervous as it made Bethany uncomfortable.
“Hey, just steer clear of her. I’m sure she’ll be avoiding you too.” Niall said. Bethany half smiled and shook her head.
“She fucking better.” I pulled Bethany into my arms and kissed the top of her head.
“Don’t worry babe. I think she will. And there’s nothing to worry about with me. If I’m not by your side, I’m with this knucklehead.” Bethany laughed and smiled.
“Good. Well, I’m going to try and find Bradie and Sarah, okay?” I nodded and she kissed e quick before wandering off into the crowd.
“Okay so when are you going to ask her?” Niall asked as soon as she was gone.
“Dude, seriously?!”
“Look, you’ve had the fucking ring for like a month or two now. Why won’t you ask her?” Niall asked, rolling his eyes.
“We literally graduated high school tonight. Don’t you think I should wait until like a year or so into Uni or college…whatever it actually is at this point?”
“I think you should do what your heart tells you to do. I mean, everyone here knows that you two are going to get married anyway. For god’s sake, you two got voted to be the Lucky High School Sweethearts in the yearbook!”
“Just because we got voted something for a yearbook doesn’t make it actually happen.” I pointed out.
“Yeah; you and Bethany make it happen. But you guys have been head over heels for each other for fucking years. After the whole Lex thing, you two haven’t had a single giant fight. Like you’ve had stupid couple bickers but think about it…it’s almost like you two were fucking made for each other.” Niall pointed out.
“So are you going to do it tonight, mate?” Zayn asked, walking up to us.
“Jesus Christ Niall, who else did you tell?!” I asked.
“Just Zayn, Liam, and Louis.’ Niall said, shrugging.
“Jesus Christ…so do I have to do it tonight?” I asked, frustrated.
“I mean, no one’s forcing you too.” Zayn said, shrugging. “But I think it would be pretty cool if everyone who voted for you guys saw it actually begin to happen.”
“Hope, mate.” Niall said.
“Hope?!” I was just getting more and more confused by the minute.
“That love actually can last past high school.” Niall said, finishing off his beer.
“I hate all of you.” I said, reaching into my pocket and feeling the tiny box that held the ring for Bethany.
“No you don’t.” Zayn said, smiling. “I think you should do it, but no one can force you to do anything.”
“I know that…” I said slowly, turning to look over at Bethany. She was holding a cup and laughing with Bradie and Sarah over in the kitchen with a couple other people that I don’t remember. I smiled and looked back down.
“Well…?” Zayn asked.
“I’m going to do it.” I said finally. “I’m going to ask her to marry me tonight.”      

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