The Lucky One: Sequel to Wanted You More

High school is over, Uni is coming up, and will Harry and Bethany be able to make it through all the craziness of being adults and become the lucky ones that will be those high school sweet hearts or will they be apart?


3. Graduation Party Pt Two

“When do you leave for the states?” Sarah asked me as I refilled my cup of vodka.
“I leave mid-august.”
“Are you excited?!” Bradie asked.
“Yeah; more nervous though.”
“Why?” Zayn asked, walking up putting his arm around Sarah. Those two were still together…I mean, at least for now. Once we hit our senior year, they were on and off for months at a time. One minute they were together, the next they weren’t. It made my head spin hearing about their relationship but…I was their friend and I had to be there.
“It’s a totally different country, different rules, different people, and I can’t just hop on a train and come home if I get home sick. I’m stuck there until holiday.” I pointed out.
“We’re just a call away though!” Bradie pointed out.
“Yeah…but now it is out-of-country calling and that’ll murder my bank account if I keep using my phone like I do here. That’s a lot of money.”
“Well then just don’t leave.” Sarah said, half hugging Zayn. You could tell she was still slightly annoyed with him after their last argument last night.
“I already chose Princeton. It’ll be a good experience for me to travel the world and I don’t know…I think it’ll be kind of cool.”
“What about you and Haz?” Zayn asked, glancing over at him. I looked over at him and he was laughing with Adrienne and Liam. I guess he felt me watching me and he glanced over at me and gave me a small wave. I smiled and waved my fingers back at him before turning back to my friends.
“We decided we were going to do long distance.” 
“Do you think you guys can actually do it though? Like, you two are inseparable. I feel like I need to pry you two away from each other. Like this, right now, you two not attached at the hip is weird as all fucking hell.” Sarah pointed out, making me smile and giggle.
“I know we can do it. We love each other and we’ve made it through high school, why can’t we make it through University?”
“Because this time will be different.” Bradie pointed out.
“You guys won’t be a drive away from each other anymore.” Sarah added in.
“You two are being fucking depressing. Shut up; Bethany knows her and Haz can do it, so why make her have doubts? That’s just mean.” Zayn said. I smiled at him and mouthed thank you to him. He nodded in return and then excused himself to get another beer.

“So, you should totally propose before everyone gets too drunk.” Adrienne said to me.
“I can’t believe you of all people are okay with this. You used to hate her.”
“That’s because I’m Lex’s best friend and I’m supposed to but…I’ve always liked her. Well, I can’t say always. I didn’t like her until she stood up to Lex about what happened sophomore year.”
“Thanks for approving, I think?” I said slowly.
“Seriously, you should do it really soon.” Liam added in. “I’m with Adrienne here; do it before everyone gets way too hammered.” I nodded and started looking around.
“What are you looking for?” Adrienne asked.
“This needs to be the perfect proposal so I need someone videotaping this, another one taking pictures of her reaction, flowers…I didn’t come prepared at all.”
“Okay, well I can get people with cameras.” Adrienne said, smiling.
“I can grab flowers from Nialls’ mom’s garden.” Liam said. “She won’t care since they’re going to a good cause; a loving cause.” I laughed and nodded.
“Meet me back here in 15?” I asked. “I need to grab Niall and Louis to rehearse in the bathroom real quick.” They both nodded and walked away. I grabbed Louis and Niall and pulled them into the bathroom.
“Okay, what the hell is going on here?” Niall asked.
“I’m going to propose to her in a few minutes. I have no idea what to say…” I said, almost into a panic mode.
“Oka, don’t panic, Haz. We all know that won’t end well for you.” Louis pointed out, grabbing my shoulder.
“All you have to do is tell her you love her and then ask. If you want to add in anything, add in good memories you’ve had, why you love her, shit like that.” Niall said, shrugging.
“You really think I should do this?” Louis and Niall both nodded and they calmed me down for the next few minutes before I met back up with Adrienne and Liam.

This was just way beyond awkward. I had walked into Niall’s house for the graduation party and the first person I bumped into was Bethany. I mean, all she did was give me a blank stare but I still felt uncomfortable.
I grabbed a cup and filled it halfway with vodka and the rest with soda before wandering around, trying to find one of my friends just to get that situation off my mind. Losing Harry to her was bad enough, but the fact that they’re still together still kills me. I had tried to get back into Harry’s life as a friend to start off but he doesn’t even look at me anymore; it’s almost like he doesn’t even miss me.
“CAN I GET EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE?!” Everyone turned to the living room, and Harry was standing on the table. Everyone in the house went quiet and stared at him. “BETHANY, WHERE ARE YOU?!”
“Right here…” Bethany said slowly as she emerged from everyone and stepped up to the table. She didn’t climb on but she was staring at him, confused. Probably just as confused as I was right now.
“Bethany, do you remember when we first met? I literally had to chase you around to get you to talk to me? Ad every time I got two words out of you, you would storm away, angry that I was able to get two words out of you?” Bethany laughed and nodded.
“Yes, I remember. I forced you to make a deal with me that if I tutored you, you wouldn’t talk to me outside of tutoring.”
“And I broke that deal every damn day.” Harry said, smiling at her with all the love in his eyes.
“You pissed me off so fucking much.” Bethany said, laughing.
“But look where it brought us…” Harry said a little more seriously at this point.
“It put us in a relationship for almost three years now.”
“And I don’t want it to ever end…” Harry said, taking flowers out from behind his back. Liam and Louis lifted Bethany up onto the table, and she looked utterly confused, though I had a clue where this was going and I was downing alcohol like it was my job.
“What are you talking about…?” Bethany said slowly. Harry handed her the flowers and got down on one knee. Bethany’s jaw dropped and Harry pulled out a little box.
“I know this is crazy, I know we’re both still only 18 years old, and I know we haven’t even started college yet, and I know were going to be on opposite sides of the world for college…but I want you to be mine forever; no matter the distance between us.”
“Harry…” Bethany gasped when Harry opened the box.
“Bethany Joy…will you marry me?” Harry asked, looking nervous as hell and shaking like crazy. I looked at Bethany, secretly begging she would say no, and that it was too soon, but of course she started crying and nodding her head like a crazy person.
“Yes…yes…yes, a million times yes!” Bethany cried as Harry smiled and started tearing up himself as he slid the ring onto her finger. The minute he stood up, he hugged her and kissed her while everyone in the whole house was screaming, clapping, and cheering. I however, couldn’t move and I needed my best friend more than ever at this moment. I scanned the crowd looking for Adrienne and saw her on the other side with a camera, taping it or taking pictures; whatever, and she had the biggest smile on her face and was cheering along with everyone else in the room. I started crying and pushed through everyone, poured myself a full cup of straight vodka and walked outback, about to bawl my eyes out.

I was so shocked but so happy. Harry was perfect for me and I couldn’t wait to tell my parents what had happened. I knew they would be happy since they were probably more worried about what would happen to me and Harry after high school than I was.
“I love you, baby.” Harry whispered in my ear as we climbed off the table. I smiled and whispered back to him…
“I love you too Harold Edward Styles.” He smiled and kissed me once more before we were swarmed with people congratulating us.
After all the commotion had died down, I was sitting on the couch with Sarah, Bradie, and Adrienne, who I had grown oddly close to since she was Lex’s best friend, talking about what had happened while everyone else was going about their business, getting hammered, and having their own good time.
“Please let me see the ring!” Adrienne begged. I showed it to her and she squealed. “Oh my god, it’s perfect! You two are so perfect together. Fuck whatever Lex thinks.”
“Aren’t you two like best friends?” Bradie asked, confused.
“Yeah but she has this idea in her head that she can break Bethany and Haz up; like get fucking real. You guys have been together for almost three years. There’s no fucking way that she’s going to break you guys up. She’s just going fucking insane.”
“All because Harry kicked her out of his life?” Sarah asked, shocked.
“I’m telling you; all she can talk about is Harry and how much she hates you.” Adrienne said, pointing to me. “It’s annoying as hell. I don’t even know why I hang out with her anymore.”
“I never thought I’d hear you say that. Because the only reason I caught them back in high school was because of you.” I pointed out.
“Wait, forreal?” Adrienne asked, surprised.
“Yeah, I heard you in the bathroom talking to someone else.”
“Damn girl…well good thing. Or we wouldn’t be here right now. You know, I like you a lot better than Lex to be honest.”
“Thanks…” I said slowly.
“I’m serious; she’s controlling and bitchy like all the time. You’re chill as hell. We definitely have to hang out this summer!” I nodded and smiled.
“Yeah, sure. All four of us can hang out.”
“I’m so down for that.” Sarah said happily. Bradie nodded and smiled too in agreement.

I stepped out back to catch some air and the first thing I saw was Lex on the ground, knees to her chest, bawling and an empty bottle of vodka sitting next to her. I sighed and slowly walked over and sat down next to her.
“What’s wrong, Lexi?” I asked.
“You never call me Lexi; why are you calling me Lexi? All my friends call me Lex.”
“Well we aren’t friends, Lexi. So you can either tell me what’s wrong or I’m going to go back inside, away from you.”
“Why did you pick her?” Lex said without a pause.
“Because she isn’t you. She’s a hell of a lot better than you. She isn’t a bitch, she isn’t controlling, not everything has to be her way, she isn’t a damn alcoholic, and she actually appreciates what she has around her instead of taking it for granted. She also doesn’t blackmail people for what she wants.” Lex started crying even more but I didn’t even care. “I also love her a lot more than I could ever love you, she makes me happy, she makes me smile, and you on the other hand, made me miserable, did nothing for me, the list goes on, but most of all, I am madly in love with Bethany and that will never change.”
“I did too do stuff for you!”
“Name one thing, Lexi.”
“I helped fix the situation with Bethany after she caught us!”
“You didn’t do that for me; you did that for you and we both know that.” I said, standing up. “I wasn’t going to lie to you; I gave you a bluntly honest answer and I hope you liked it. Goodbye Lexi.” I said before turning around and walking back inside.

That was the most painful thing I ever had to hear. I asked for it too, which is what made it worse. I wanted him to sigh and say he did love me but he just wanted Bethany for now. I wanted him to say that one day we would be together and the engagement was just something to make her happy for right now. But no…it was all real, and I knew that. I really just didn’t want to believe it.
“Hey you.” I looked up and saw Adrienne standing over me. I half smiled and patted the ground next to me, signaling for her to sit next to me.
“Aren’t you just so happy for Harry and Bethany?!” Adrienne asked, without sitting down.
“No. I hate them together.” I demanded, suddenly angry now; no longer upset.
“That’s rude as fuck, Lex. Harry used to be your friend and Bethany never did anything to you that you didn’t deserve.”
“Deserved?! Did I deserve to get Harry taken from me or the fucking beating she gave me after she found out, or getting suspended because I covered for her?!”
“Yeah, you did deserve all that.” Adrienne said, shrugging.
“You were being a slut. And you were trying to cover your tracks with Harry and we all knew that. You don’t do stuff for other people Lex, you do it all for you and your own good. You should try being happy for someone. Bethany is a great person and I actually really like her. I’m actually kind of mad that you made me hate her for a while back in high school.”
“What the hell are you saying, Adrienne?!” I demanded, crying more all over again.
“I’m saying call me when you become an actual person.” Adrienne said before turning away and walking back inside. This sent me into another round of sobs and tears. Graduation is supposed to be the best day of your life; for me…it was the worst.

“So how is my wonderful fiancé?” Harry asked, coming to sit down next to me. I giggled and looked over at him.
“I like the way that sounds.” I whispered, kissing him.
“I do too. Do you want to get out of here? Hang out, just you and me?” I smiled and nodded.
“I thought you would never ask.” Harry smiled at me, we said our round of goodbyes and then left the party. Neither of us has taken in enough alcohol to be drunk, or even tipsy so we were good on driving.
“Any place in particular you want to go?” Harry asked me. I looked out the window, watching all the trees and houses pass.
“The beach we went to the day you got me to skip class with you for the first time.”
“So not the place were Louis got you to go to and we got arrested, the actual beach, right?” I started laughing hysterically and nodded.
“Yeah, the actual beach.” I managed to stammer out.
“Alright; let’s not get arrested for public nudity this time.” This only made me laugh even harder that I actually started to tear up at the memories.
“But we weren’t actually fully naked.” I pointed out.
“Shit is what it is!” Harry announced, turning on the radio. He went quiet as I softly sang along with the music on the radio. I would catch him staring at me a couple times, but it gave me insane butterflies every time. It’s incredible that even after these three years, he still gives me the feeling that I got when I was still trying to convince myself I hated him.
When we go to the beach, we sat down and watched the sunset over the water as we talked about how we wanted to tell our families. We wanted it to be perfect; and by perfect we mean literally just telling them because our families were basically each other’s at this point.
After the sun had set, Harry had driven us back to his house and we went right up to his room and fell asleep, tired from all the driving, excitement, and the little drinking we did do.    

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