The Lucky One: Sequel to Wanted You More

High school is over, Uni is coming up, and will Harry and Bethany be able to make it through all the craziness of being adults and become the lucky ones that will be those high school sweet hearts or will they be apart?


4. Announcement

~~“Good morning, baby.” I heard Harry whisper softly in my ear. I moaned and rolled over towards him and sleepily kissed him, pulling him close to me.
“Shhh…sleep.” I whispered. He laughed quietly and got lose from my grip.
“No can do; I made something for you.”
“What is it?” I asked, still half asleep.
“Open your eyes, babe.” He said, rubbing his nose against mine, causing his curls to tickle my face. I slowly opened my eyes and when he saw that my eyes were open, he reached over and pulled a tray into view with flowers and breakfast and a little, tiny present.
“What is it?” I asked, slowly sitting myself up in my half asleep state.
“Open it, silly.” Harry smiled, sitting down next to me, putting his legs under the covers and against mine. I half smiled and slowly started to unwrap it. It was a tiny little jewelry box. I looked at him with a confused look. “What?”
“You gave me a ring yesterday…”
“Oh open it.” Harry said, shaking his head with a slight smile on his face. I looked down and opened it and there was a little heart necklace with diamonds on it. I smiled and took it out of the box. “Do you like it?”
“Yes I do…can you put it on for me?” Harry nodded and hooked it around my neck for me. “It’s pretty.” I said in my still half asleep state. Harry laughed and handed me a fork so I could eat the eggs and bacon he made me for breakfast.
“I made coffee but I didn’t know if you wanted any.”
“Right now, after I finish eating this, I want to go back to sleep, cuddling you. That’s how I want to start off this morning.” Harry laughed and took the tray away from me when I finished eating.
“Don’t you want to go live our last summer together up?”
“I want to spend my summer with you…and right now, that means sleeping next to you.” I said as I sunk myself back into his bed, curling back up.
“Oh alright.” Harry said, smiling and giving in. He sunk back down next to me, pulling me close and allowing me to sleep some more.

I watched her, played with her hair, and sang to her softly while she slept for the next couple hours. I was no longer tired and was just here to make her happy, which it clearly did. She was holding onto me tightly and partially smiling.
After another hour or so, she finally woke up, still clinging to me. I pushed the hair out of her face and looked down at her.
“You ready, babe?” I asked her. She looked up at me, completely confused.
“Ready for what? I just woke up.”
“To tell your family and my mom. Bethany smiled and nodded. I smiled and helped her out of bed and we both headed downstairs.
“Hey kids; have a good night last night?” My mom asked us.
“We did…” I said slowly. My mom looked up at us, wondering why we were both smiling like idiots.
“What are you two smiling about? What do you guys want?”
“We don’t really necessarily want anything…” Bethany said slowly.
“Than what is it?”
“I proposed to her mom…” My mom’s jaw dropped and slowly stood up.
“Excuse me?”
“And I said yes!” Bethany exclaimed, running up to my mom and hugging her. MY mom hugged her back, still in shock.
“And when do you kids think you’re getting married…?”
“After college.” We both said together. My mom sighed and looked suddenly more relieved.
“Thank god. You two had me nervous for a second.” Bethany and I both smiled and laughed as my mom shook her head. “Now let me see this ring…” Bethany held out her hand and my mom smiled at it and then me. “You did good, honey. Who helped you?”
“Niall.” I said, smiling.
“Well, I love it.” My mom said, making me smile.
“So…do we have your approval?” I asked slowly.
“Harry, she’s already part of this family. I don’t know why you would need me to approve of it. She practically lives her anyway.” We all laughed and said goodbye to my mom after talking a few more minutes so we could go tell her family which was going to be a bit more difficult seeing as there was four of them, and only one in my family. 

“In the kitchen!” My mom called back. Harry and I walked in, still in our pajamas and looking ridiculous.
“Well you two look like you’re ready to take on the day.” Greg pointed out. Harry and I both smirked and went quiet.
“Why are you two so quiet? That like never happens?” Jacob pointed out.
“We have something to tell you guys.” I said slowly, looking up at Harry.
“You proposed to her, didn’t you?” Jacob said bluntly. My mom and step-dad looked at him, then us.
“Is this true?” Greg asked. We both nodded and smiled.
“Eh…just wait until you kids are out of college, please.” My mom said.
“We planned on it.” I said slowly.
“Good; let’s see how good Harry is at picking out rings.” I showed her my finger and she smiled as Greg leaned over to look at it too.
“It’s a ring. I don’t get it.” Matthew said, grumpy as anything.
“It means we’re going to get married…”
“Well no shit. But I don’t get why someone needs a ring for that.”
“Matthew, stop being a downer. You’re sister and Harry are happy, so be happy for them.” Greg said.
“Thank you Greg.” Harry and I said together.
“No problem; now go have a good summer. Don’t spend it around the kids doing summer work. That’ll just bring you down. Harry and I both laughed, said goodbye, and went back to his house to cuddle in bed and talk for the rest of the day. The perfect first official day of summer if you ask me.   

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