"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


22. to new jersey

*Lukes POV*

I have to admit I'm totally fucking jealous of Michael and Ari. Right now he's carrying her around and she's hitting his back. I'm watching them from the window. I turn away pissed off but kinda happy for Michael. "Give me a Dr. Pepper!" I scream at Cal. He jumps waking up from his nap his face was priceless. "Ugh Luke what the fuck!" I laugh my ass off at him he tries to get up but fails falling to the ground. "THATS WHAT YOU GET HOWS THE HANGOVER!" I scream into his ear. "Ugh Lukeeee! Not all of us can get over a fucking hangover that quick calm the fuck down!" I tackle him to the ground. "I'm sorry buddy love me?" He pushes me off "Luke stop!" I run up to him and rip his pants down. "Ohhhhh look Little Cal is getting madddd!" He jumps on me and we start fighting (Not really though.) "GUYS!" Ari screams and jumps ontop of us. "Oi Ari get off!" She giggles. "NOPE!" Michael runs up screaming "DOG PILE!!" Ari tries to get up quickly but fails. "Oww mikeeey get off big butt!" He rolls off and pulls her on top of him. She goes in for a kiss but he tickles her before she can. We all jump in tickling her.

*Aris POV*

"YOU ASSES!" I fight and scream but can't stop having fits of laughter. "I.... C-Cant BREATHE!" "Fuck you guys!" Ash runs in. "NO SWEARING YOU FUCKS!" then he jumps in and starts to tickle me. When they finally stop I get up walking away. "DON'T TALK TO ME!" I start to walk up the stairs but Mikey follows me. "Aw come on baby." I turn around pretending to kiss him but shove him and run up the stairs I slam the door and barely get it locked before he slams into the door. I run to the bathroom locking the first door that comes through the bathroom then locking the door that leads into this room from the bathroom. I run out the patio and shut the doors climbing up on the roof and laying there. "ahhh it's cold!" I scream but remember Mikey will be looking. He should be getting the bedroom soon.

"ARIEL!" Mikey screams my name and I try to hide my laughter. He screams again and my phones start going off. "Shit shit shit." I mumble. "ohhh Arieeelll." Mikey chimes knowing where I am. My eyes widen as I hear him crawling up the house. He gets up to me and lays on top of me. "Shh I have a phone call." he gives me a glare. "Hello?" I say into the phone as Mikey kisses my neck then back up to my lips I turn around giggling. "Ariel!" My eyes widen and I sit up making Mikey roll almost falling. 'sorry'I mouth. "John! Ohmygod I haven't heard from you since.. since you left..." My eyes start to tear up. "I know Ariel I'm sorry." I smile. "I-It's okay I understand why you left. I miss you so much." I hear him sigh. "I miss you too." Mikey moves his ear so he can hear what John's saying. "So do you still sing?" Mikey glares at me then gets up and starts to climb down to the patio. "Uh... Yeah." I say trying to not sound weird. Why did Mikey get mad? "Well I want you to come sing at this place. It's nothing huge it's just.. It's like a audition I guess you can say. If the judges like you then well.. You can go on. It's not on tv or anything it's kinda like in kinder when we went to state for singing." I gasp. "Of course john where at?" I hear some papers rustle. "In New Jersey." GREAT THATS WHERE THE BOYS NEXT CONCERT IS! I compose myself. "Yes yes yes and yes again. I can't wait." I smile. "Okay see you here in two days."

I smile and climb down. Mikey is sitting on the patio. "He knew you sang and I just found out? Some random fuck knows but not me?" he raises his voice I look at him. Is that why he's mad? "Uh. I've know him for a long time. I didn't feel comfortable telling you I sang calm down." I walk into the house trying to brush his hostility off. "What ever you should have told me." I turn to Michael giving him a death stars. "LISTEN CLIFFORD!" I poke his chest. "YOU'LL GET TO HEAR ME SING IF YOU LET ME EXPLAIN!" I shove him. "SO SIT AND SHUT UP!" He sits and I explain everything.

*Michaels POV*

"Thats great Ariel!" I jump up to hug her but she turns away from me. "Nope." I grab her hand. "Ariel I'm sorry for getting mad.. I was jealous." I put my hand on her cheek. "Listen baby. I can't wait to see you sing okay?" She turns to me and nods but quickly takes off running. "YOU STILL TICKLED ME SO NOPE!" I run after her but she slams the pantry door in my face. "Arieeell come on!" She giggles then I hear a crash. "Ow shit!" I force the door open. "Ariel?" Her legs bleeding and he pants are ripped up the side I pick her up. "You're always hurting yourself. "I knowww!" she pouts. I kiss her "you have no choice this time I kiss her again. She smiles in the kiss. "You're my knight in shining red hair." She giggles at her lame joke and then raps her arms around my neck pulling my face closer. Somebody clears there throat. "Oh knight in shining red hair. Start packing we're goint to head to New jersey." Ash says. Ariels cheeks heat but she quickly recovers limping over to Ash."Ashy Ashy I have great newss !" He laughs and steadies Ariel. "Well tell me already!"

*After packing on the way to New Jersey Cals POV*

I can totally tell Michael is jealous of this "John" Guy but he's going to have to deal with it she was best friends with this guy probably still is. "Brad!" I scream running up to our 'body guard' He laughs and I jump into his arms. "Oh bradley" I fake faint making him catch me again. "It's been too long! Carry me my dear Bradley" He laughs but picks me up and carrying me bridal style back to the guys. "ah Ariel the girl Michael never shuts up about!" Aris cheeks heat up. "and you must be Brad the guy Cal never shuts up about." He smiles and they shake hands. "You are my favorite bradley!" He laughs and puts his arm around me. "Yeah, yeah. Lets go boys!" We all walk onto the plane. "Mikey I'm scared." I look back at Ariel. "Its not that bad Ar! Trust me!" She smiles at me. "Ar?" I smile. "Yeah. Ar. Now come on! I'll race you guys!" Ari slips in the plane before me and Michael get close. She giggles. "Slow pokes!" she sits down and Michael sits on top of her. "Mikeeyyy you're heavvyy" she wraps her arms around him and squeezes him. He laughs and tries to get up but she holds on to him. I laugh at the sight. Ari had a hold of Michael and Michael was trying to get away. "I'll never let you go Rose!" Ari screams and we all bust out laughing. Michael finally gets away from Ari and she puts her head on his chest. Next stop. New Jersey.

*Ariels POV*

I run my hand up Michaels shirt "I hate to tell you this but I think this would look better on me." I giggle and Michael looks down at me. All the other boys are asleep. He kisses my forehead. "I bet it would." He winks. "Take it off take it off" I chant he laughs and shakes his head. "You're amazing." My cheeks heat. He rubs my cheeks and then puts his lips on mine. I unbuckle myself and straddle him. "Mmm baby I don't this this is safe." He starts to kiss down my neck I pull his hair. I let out a soft moan. Then I go back to kissing Mikey. Pulling his hair and biting his lip making him moan. I start to rub around his dick teasing him a little by getting close to his dick but then backing away. "Baby. Not. Now." He says inbetween kisses. I don't stop though. "The boys are here stop." I pull away I don't know whats gotten into me. "Uhm. Sorry don't know where that new boost of confidence came from." He laughs "it's okay baby. Who's the perv now?" My cheeks heat but he pulls me close and soon I drift off.

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