"Depressed Girl"

I wake up in a hotel room somebodys arms wrapped around me. I hear the shower running and somebody talking. The person with their arms wrapped around me pulls me closer. I flip around to look at him and I can't believe who I am looking at.. It wasn't a dream.


26. The first time

*Michaels POV*

Ash looks at me intently. "Have you had sex?" I shake my head.. "Why do you need to know this?" He nods. "Michael you haven't even told her you love her..." I look down. "I know I've been thinking about that..." I mess with my nail. "Well do you?" I look up at Ash. "With all my heart. Ash shes my everything. I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't here.. I'd be lost without her.. She's already changed my life too much." I hear something fall over. I turn to see Ariel with Luke pressed against her. Shes giggling uncontrollably. He's staring into her eyes. Then they kiss. I sit there hopelessly not moving. I feel myself try to get up but I can't move. "It was always you Luke." I hear her say. I shoot up ready to kill Luke. I look around Ariel is staring at me concerned. "Baby?" I look down at her. "Babe?" She says again putting her hand on me. "Babe are you okay you're starting worry me." I'm breathing really hard. I can't find the words to say. She sits up and pulls me to her. "Shh.. You can tell me when you want.. Its okay babe.. Whatever it was.. It was a dream.. Okay?" I nod. I put my head into her lap and she runs her fingers through my hair. She kisses my head. I start to calm down. It was just a dream. She bends down and kisses my head again. "Do you need anything baby?" I look up at her. "Don't ever leave me." She smiles at me. "Awe baby. Is that what you had a dream about?" She giggles. "Youu.. You left me for Luke." Her eyes widen. "Awwwwe BABY I WAS JUST KIDDING!" She pulls my face to hers and kissing me. She pulls away. "I won't leave you baby awww I feel so special.. Come on sit up here." I lay beside her and she cuddles into me. "You're so sweet ugh I can't even." she giggles. "Look at me." I turn to her. She kisses me again. "I promise take my work right now. Michael. Gordon. THATS RIGHT I SAID IT! Clifford. I will not leave you. You. Are. My. Sunshine." She kisses me again.

*Ariels POV*

Say it you idiot say it.. I don't want to say it and him feel awkward.. I rub my hand in circles around his chest. I love you... I think over and over but I can't say it.. I feel myself start to fall back asleep. I look up at Michael and he looks wide awake. "Baby?" he looks at me. "Go to sleep I'm here... Here hold my hand." I grab his hand and I put my leg over him. "I've got YOUR shirt on." Kiss him. "I've got YOUR hand in mine." I kiss him again. "I've got my leg wrapped around YOU." I kiss him another time. "And most importantly. I have you Mikey. And thats not going to change anytime soon if I have anything to say." He smiles at me and kisses me this time. When I look up again. He's asleep. "I love you Michael.." I whisper then I'm asleep.

I wake to an empty bed I jump up and start to look around. I get up and walk to the bathroom nothing I start to panic then I hear the door open. I run towards the door feeling tears in my eyes. I try to push them back but a feel slip. Michael is standing there with breakfast looking fine as hell. I run up to him and hug him. "Don't ever leave me again!" He puts the food down and hugs me. l'm sorry baby you wouldn't wake up..." I wipe the tears. "You scared me.." He smiles at me. "I'm not leaving you Ariel." He kisses me then picks me up putting me on the bed. "Okay! I have red velvet pancakes." I screech. "RED VELVET PANCAKES I'M IN HEAVEN!" He chuckles bringing them over to me. "Thanks babe by the way damn you look fucking sexy." He chuckles again coming over and pushing me back. "You look good in my close. He winks. "You look good without clothes on." He chuckles kissing me pressing his body against me. He pulls away suddenly.. "Uh Ariel.. What do you want to do today?" I look down. "Stay here all day with you.." I look back up and smiles. "How about we go for a walk to the video store. Then we can come back and watch movies or whatever all day?" I smile at him. "Sounds perfect." he leans in and kisses me. I finish eating and he picks me up kissing me he goes for the door and I pull away. "I need to get dressed!" I giggle and he groans "Can't you stay like this?." I giggle. "I mean I could but I don't people would like to see me with no pants on." He smirks. "I love to see you with no pants on." My mouth widens and he chuckles. "Perv ! I kiss him and then put pants on. "OKAY LETS GO!" He grabs my hand and we walk. "Fuck you look good in my clothes." he whispers in my ear. I bite my lip as he starts to kiss neck trying to keep a moan in. "Mmm Moan my name." He says pressing my body against him. I bite my lip and he smirks. "Come on baby.. You know you want to.." He starts to kiss my neck again then the elevator bell dinged and I jerked away just in time for the door to open. We walk out of the elevator and I feel awkward. He grabs my hand and smirks at me. "You're ass you know that right." He winks "You will moan my name." He whispers into my ear.

*At the store Aris POV still*

I pick out oculus and the woman in black. Mikey picks out breakfast club and how to train your dragon. "I've never watched any of these well other than the breakfast club it's my favorite." He looks at me shocked. "YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON?!" I shake my head. "Wow babe. Its one of

my favorite movies." We get back to the hotel and turn on how to train your dragon. I get up and fo to the bathroom. I come back and he is standing in the doorway the movie paused. He staring at me. "Ariel.." I look at him nervously. "We need to talk." I start breathing harder. "Y-you promised." He comes up to me quickly. "no baby not like that. We just need to talk." I nod slowly. "Ariel. Iloveyou." he says it really fast but I still understand. I jump into his arms and start kissing him. "I love you too mikey. I really do."

*AUTHORS NOTE* GUYYSS ITS 4:20 AM! I just wrote this c: We went out at two in the morning to hardees and was like EHH WE WANT EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! We drove up and waited a little and as soon as the lady walked off my friend drove off. I was like "Wtf dude I'm hungry!" She we went back through and just got a cookie because I don't like the type of food at hardees. XD we're dumb I know. Hope you like it though c:

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